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Strange Paradise: Episode 80

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 80* *Episode 80: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/yful3z* Philip: Beneath the roof of Desmond Hall two forces are engaged in battle
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 80*

      *Episode 80: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/yful3z*

      Philip: "Beneath the roof of Desmond Hall two forces are engaged in battle
      for the power over the man from Maljardin, Jean Paul Desmond. One power
      would rescue him from the curse that haunts him. The other calls upon
      witchcraft plotting his death. The battle has been joined and even the Great
      Mansion seems to whisper a dark warning of things to come."

      Laslo and Irene are in the Drawing Room. Laslo pours her a drink. Irene is
      sitting in a chair. "My dear Irene, for you." "I don't want it." Irene
      tells him. "It won't poison you. In fact it's one of your concoctions.
      However this one is to revive people not to do away with them." "You bore
      me Laslo. I'm not in the mood for your morbid humor.' Irene says angrily. "I
      should think not. Being discovered unconscious on the floor of Holly's
      bedroom. I would be very solemn too. What a pity." "I did nothing wrong.
      The girl was under my spell, then... Don't make me a fool." Irene glances at
      Laslo. "You're not a fool. I'm suggesting one more stupid failure like this
      will destroy us both. We will be discovered." Laslo walks behind Irene and
      puts his hands around her throat. "Dear Mrs. Hatter do not force me to call
      a gathering of the coven and discipline you myself." He says tightening his
      hands on her neck. "Laslo I swear it wasn't my fault!" Irene say. Laslo
      releases her. Irene puts her hands to her throat. "There was a force in the
      room. I was consumed by flames. I could feel them searing my soul like the
      fires from hell. As my spirit expired in torment I believed I sensed who it
      is we must seek out and destroy. I heard the voice of Philip Desmond." Laslo
      looks at Irene. "Philip? Philip has no power over us, not anymore." "Laslo
      I heard him speak. I heard him threaten to destroy me and then I was
      smothered by a wall of flames." "It must have been your conscious Irene
      predicting your ultimate end." "No!" Irene turns and looks at Laslo. "And
      you were frightened." "Of Philip Desmond? Hardly. I am angry yes.
      Determined, determined that no Desmond shall ever threaten me again." "Then
      we must find other ways my dear Irene. Perhaps you would like some sherry
      rather than your potion." Laslo says opening the sherry decanter. "To mock
      me is to deny." Irene says walking towards Laslo. "I do not deny. But your
      powers are limited. Oh powerful one." Laslo holds his glass up in the air.
      "We must find other means." "Holly is under my command. Weak and ready to
      obey." Irene tells Laslo. "Holly has failed as you have failed." Laslo
      walks across the room. "Roses. Amulets and roses.. Petty feminine trickery
      that gets no results. Now I think I will deal with Miss Holly myself." Laslo
      says then takes a sip from his glass.

      In her bedroom Holly is asleep. "Holly. Holly you've rested long enough. My
      girl it's well past noon and even us spirits are up and about. Holly sweet
      Holly." Philip calls out to her kneeling next to the bed. "Did someone call
      me?" Holly asks starting to wake up. "I did." Philip tells her. Holly
      opens her eyes and looks at Philip. "And about time." Philip says to
      her. "Philip
      I didn't dream you." "No. Whatever I am I am no dream. Do you see me?" Holly
      smiles. "Yes. I see you." "Then you better beware of my wrath young girl."
      "I don't believe with you I have to beware of anything.' Holly says smiling
      at him. "You don't know me very well." Philip stands. "For I have powers
      that can freeze the heart and devour the body in flames." Philip says
      walking across the bedroom. He turns and looks back at Holly. Holly climbs
      out of the bed. "I don't know you very well but I don't believe you." "Do
      you find me likable Holly?" Holly stands "Yes." "Then help me. This is no
      game we're playing. Jean Paul is in deadly danger and you're being used to
      destroy him." Holly turns away from Philip." "Holly you know what I'm
      saying is true! And you know who is using you, Irene." "No!" Holly covers
      her face with her hands. "I don't know anything. Please why don't all of you
      leave me alone." "You're the only one I can reach in Desmond Hall. You must
      help me." Holly covers her ears. "No! I just want to be left alone! I want
      my life as it was before you, before Erica, before..." "Before Irene? Irene
      is a witch Holly. She is in league with the darkest demons of earth and
      beyond." Holly turns and looks at Philip. "What are you? Who are you in
      league with? I don't know!" Holly shouts walking around the room upset. "I
      don't know who to believe. I just want to be left alone." "Holly you must
      find Jean Paul and tell him. Please for my sake and for his own. Tell him
      what I told you." Philip says walking over to Holly Holly looks at Philip
      and shakes her head. "Leave me alone!" "Holly you must listen, for through
      you I can reach Jean Paul. I need you Holly. You can save me. Without you I
      will remain in the world of shadow. You must help me." Holly shakes her
      head no. "No, I can't help you." She turns and lowers her head covering her
      face with her hands. "I'm so tired of it all. I'm confuses, I just don't
      know!" "Holly lift up your head. If you refuse I'll have to do it for you."
      Holly keeps her head down. Philip raises and opens his hand. "Lift up your
      head." Holly's hands lower as she raises her head reluctantly looking at
      Philip. "Holly you are a sweet and charming girl and it has been my
      pleasure to meet and talk with you." He lowers his hand. Holly's head
      jerks. She raises her hand under her chin and angrily turns away from
      Philip. "But you are the only way to reach my brother and if you refuse to
      cooperate then I have no choice but to use force. And believe me I will use
      force although I may dislike the method." "Out! Get out!" Holly shouts
      throwing a book at Philip. Philip disappears. Holly is looking around when
      there is a knock at her door. "Holly, Holly are you alright?" Jean Paul
      asks from the other side of the door. "Yes. I just dropped something."
      Holly answers. "It's Jean Paul? May I come in?" "No I don't want to see
      anybody." Holly says holding the pendant in her hand. The necklace is around
      her neck. "I just want to be left alone." "Are you sure nothing's
      wrong?" "No.
      Nothing's wrong." Holly holds the chain above the pendant and swings it in
      front of her face. "Nothing is wrong at all Jean Paul. Nothing is wrong."

      In the Drawing Room Irene stands in front of the fireplace. "Then you are in
      charge? Is that our decision?" Irene asks. Laslo sits in a chair holding
      his drink. "That is my decision." "Very well but I shall have to speak to
      the others. I'm sure they will be more than a little concerned." Laslo
      looks at her. "Tell them they needn't be concerned on my account. Handling a
      young girl like Holly is not an unpleasant task." "Do you know what binds
      me to you Laslo? Hate, I hate you." Irene says walking to the doors. "A
      very profitable discussion Mrs. Hatter. Thank you for giving me your time."
      Laslo says standing and looking at Irene. Irene stops and looks back at
      Laslo, she turns and walks into the foyer. "Irene?" Jean Paul calls out.
      He's walking down the staircase. "Oh hello Jean Paul." Irene stops and
      looks at him. Jean Paul walks over to her. "You seem distraught." "Just a
      rather trying session with Laslo, that's all." "Laslo can be trying." Jean
      Paul says to Irene. "Well I must be on my way." Irene says turning towards
      the door. "Irene? Raxl told me that you talked a great deal with Holly
      today." "Well I did and?" Irene asks. "Well how is she? I knocked on her
      door just a short time ago and she didn't want to see anybody." Irene looks
      at Jean Paul. "The poor child is emotionally upset. It's this house." Irene
      says then walks away from Jean Paul then glances back. "Oh if you would only
      let her stay with me for a time as I asked." "No I've been neglecting her
      too much lately. I've been preoccupied." "Jean Paul there is a feeling in
      this house, an atmosphere that is destructive. I know it. I hesitate to
      visit Desmond Hall these days." "But business matters with Laslo draws you
      in?" Jean Paul says to her. "No. Concern for all of you." Irene tells him.
      "Irene?" Jean Paul crosses his arms staring at Irene. "You're an old friend
      are you not?" "Yes of course. A good friend to all the Desmonds." "Then
      why haven't you been telling me the truth?" "The truth about what?" Irene
      says looking away from Jean Paul. "About my brother." "I know nothing
      about Philip." "I don't think you're telling the truth Irene. He was not at
      your cottage the night before he left. And he did not tell you that he
      planned to visit Maljardin." Jean Paul says to Irene. "I am hurt more than
      I am angered. I do not tell lies Jean Paul. I may be the local gossip but I
      speak the truth." "I don't believe you Irene, not about Philip." "Then I
      better go. I see I am no longer welcome here." Irene walks to the
      doors. "Irene
      I'm asking for your help." Jean Paul says following her to the doors. Irene
      turns towards him. "Perhaps you're asking for too much. Do you know that the
      very fact that I come to visit this house causes me trouble in town." Irene
      says walking away from Jean Paul. She walks through the foyer, turns and
      looks at him. "People are talking about the fact they believe that you are
      harboring an insane killer in Desmond Hall." Irene walks towards Jean Paul.
      "Two young girls have been killed, or one at least. Her body was found in
      the river. The other one is missing. People will connect this murder with
      your with your return to Desmond Hall." "Do they?" Jean Paul asks angrily.
      "Where is Quito?" "I don't know." Jean Paul says stepping away from Irene.
      "He ran off and we've looked everywhere for him." He says with his back
      towards Irene. Irene walks over to him. "There are others looking for him
      too. For his sake I hope you find him first." Jean Paul angrily turns to
      Irene. "Quito has done nothing." "Believe me Jean Paul I'd do anything in
      my power to defend anyone everyone at Desmond hall with my life. I feel my
      future is involved with all of you. But then you don't trust me. Goodbye
      Jean Paul." She walks to the door. "Ah Mrs. Hatter, Jean Paul. Your
      portfolio is in very good condition." Laslo says walking into the foyer
      caring a folder. "I have interesting plans, very profitable plans." "Perhaps
      we better discuss this the next time at my cottage." Irene says to Laslo. "As
      you wish." Laslo says. Jean Paul looks at Irene. "Irene this isn't
      necessary. Holly would miss you very much." "Then send her to me. Goodbye."
      Irene says then walks out the door. "Goodbye Mrs. Hatter." Laslo says. "An
      amazing woman isn't she?" he says to Jean Paul. "Yes amazing. And
      bewildering." Jean Paul says as he grabs his coat. "I would also like to
      know what those plans are you have in store for her." "Financial matters. I
      have only one plan. I intend to make her a very rich woman." Jean Paul puts
      on his coat. "I see. Where is Cort? I would like him to help me search for
      Quito." "My stepson does not help anyone. Although I have spent much time
      teaching him we are all our brother's keepers. Isn't that right? Well good
      luck with the hunt." Laslo says turning away. "But please don't worry about
      the bewildering Mrs. Hatter. Her heart bleeds for all the Desmond family and
      she will have her reward." Laslo says turning and looking at Jean Paul. Jean
      Paul nods his head. "You will have your reward too." Jean Paul puts his
      gloves on and leaves the house. Laslo watches as Jean Paul leaves. "Yes I
      will. As they say, over your dead body dear Jean Paul. I must remember I am
      your brothers keeper."

      In her bedroom Holly stands in front of her dressing table mirror. She picks
      up the necklace Irene gave her. It is laying on the top of the dresser. "Put
      it down." Philip's voice tells her. "No, it's mine." Philip's image
      appears in the mirror. "Remember who gave it to you." "Irene gave it to
      me." "Why?" Philip asks. "Because she likes me and it's pretty."
      "And?" "And
      it keeps me warm and safe." "I could make you feel cold and alone Holly if
      you don't obey me." "Leave me alone please!" Holly says to him. "Observe.
      The sun is dimming. The room becomes as dank as a tomb. You're in a cave
      alone. And from above your head rancid mosses drip their icy waste." The
      room darkens until there is no light. Holly stands in total darkness.
      "Philip please. I can't stand it!" Holly grips her hands together in
      fear. "And
      at your feet river rats stir, their greasy bodies ready to pounce." Philip
      tells her. Holly looks down. "No! Leave me alone! Please!" Holly glances
      up. "Where am I? In a cave, sealed in alone. And the rats, the rats are."
      She looks down and screams. "Now will you obey me?" "Yes. Please let me
      out! Anything!" Holly says sobbing. "Leave the amulet here with me and go
      to Jean Paul and tell him he must send you away." Holly shakes her head no.
      "He must send you away or he will die." "No! I can't!" Holly says to
      Philip. Philip is silent. "Yes anything! Only get me out of here!" Holly
      cries out in the darkness. "Please get me out of here!" she begs. Philip
      nods. "Go, now go." Holly is back in her room. She lays the necklace on the
      dressing table. Backing towards the door she quickly leaves. After she
      leaves Philip says. "Holly I'm sorry I must do this. The only thing I can
      say is behold, behold a spirit who is falling in love." Philip fades away.

      Holly runs down the staircase. "Jean Paul! Jean Paul!" She knocks on the
      Drawing Room door. Laslo opens the door. "Good day my dear." "Is Jean
      Paul here? I must see him." Holly says. "I assure you he's not in the
      Drawing Room. He's out searching for Quito." "I have to talk to him." Holly
      turns away. "Holly can't you tell me?" Laslo asks following her. "No. I
      must see Jean Paul right away." Holly reaches for her scarf and coat. "You're
      much to upset to be wondering about. What's upsetting you? Jean Paul,
      Irene?" Holly looks at Laslo. "Irene? No why would you ask me about Irene?"
      "I'm only searching for a reason. Now then you come with me." He takes her
      coat and hangs it up. Holly walks away from him. "I don't want to come with
      you." Laslo walks up to her. "Nonsense, a girl like you has no reason to be
      disturbed. But you are disturbed aren't you Holly?" "Yes, yes I am." "Of
      course." Laslo picks up Holly's hand. "Your hand is as cold as ice. Now you
      come with me and I'll have Ada fix you a nice warm cup of broth. And then we
      can talk." He leads her away from the door. "We have hardly had a chance to
      get acquainted at all you and I since you arrived." "Do you know where Jean
      Paul will be back?" "I have no idea but the moment he does you will see
      him. In the meantime I think I have the secret to help you feel stronger and
      warm." Laslo says holding Holly's hand and leading her through the foyer. He
      stops and looks at her, holding her hand between both of his. "Desmond Hall
      is not the chilly tomb it might seem. You are welcome here Holly. There is a
      home here for you if you will except accept it. So come with me Holly." He
      releases her hand. Holly walks in front of him.

      Emily is working at the table when Jean Paul enters. "Jean Paul?" "I've
      searched everywhere for him. I can't find him." Jean Paul says taking his
      gloves off and laying them on the table Emily is sitting at. "Every foot of
      the property. Every building on the grounds of Desmond Hall." Jean Paul says
      unbuttoning his coat. "I've been thinking about Quito." Emily says. "If
      any of the townspeople happen to get to him first I shudder to think what
      will happen to him." "Have you, have you tried the caves?" Emily asks
      standing up. Jean Paul turns to her. "The caves?" "Under the cliffs along
      the river." "Oh no. Those caves have been sealed up a long time ago. My
      father had them sealed up. They were torturous and dangerous. No my father
      had the workmen seal them up because they came to no end. They were all over
      the place." "But he didn't seal every one." Emily says to Jean Paul. "What
      do you mean?" "Jean Paul you've kept me at a distance and you've refused my
      help until now. But I think we have become friends haven't we?" Jean Paul
      nods. "Yes friends."

      "Well since I've come to Desmond Hall I've had many experiences that I can't
      explain . I don't know but I feel that somehow Philip Desmond is trying to
      contact you." Jean Paul looks away. "You talk as if my brother is dead.
      He's not dead and I refuse to believe that. He's not some sort of ghost
      reaching out from the grave." "Jean Paul not necessarily a ghost. I don't
      know but there have been signs. Books that have opened before me. Notes,
      pictures, information that someone wants me to see and read." Jean Paul
      walks to the fireplace with his back to Emily. "And the latest was about
      the river caves." Emily looks at Jean Paul. Jean Paul turns with his hands
      on his hips. "The river caves?" "Yes it was a book. I don't have it now,
      Raxl took it from me." She walks over to Jean Paul. "But I read of an
      entrance to the caves from Desmond Hall. In this house it described a
      doorway and a passage leading down to the deepest caves. Now will you listen
      to me? Will you let me try and help you?" "Help, to do what?" Jean Paul
      asks. "To find that door."

      Holly rushes down the staircase. Laslo follows her. "His coat isn't there.
      It's almost dark and Jean Paul isn't back yet." Holly says. "You mustn't
      fret Holly. I've asked you to have dinner with Ada and I in our quarters. We
      can talk some more you and I." "I don't understand you when you talk. When
      you talk about the Desmonds it's, I sense something." "What do you sense?"
      "That you dislike them." "Have I spoken anything but praise?" "It's not
      the words you say. It's how you say them. You frighten me Mr. Thaxton. You
      frighten me." Holly turns and grabs her coat. "Holly where are you going?"
      "To find Jean Paul." she says putting her coat on. "Do as you choose, but
      you are placing yourself in danger. If you pardon the use of my words,
      mortal danger." Laslo says then walks away from Holly heading up the
      staircase. Holly has her scarf and coat on when Philip calls to her.
      "Holly. Holly." Holly walks through the foyer. "Holly I'm here." Holly is
      standing near the staircase when a panel on the bottom opens. "Come to me
      Holly. Enter through the opening and descend to me." Philip calls to her.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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