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Strange Paradise: Episode 70

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 70* *Episode 70: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/yc5svr* Irene: Storm clouds thicken over Desmond Hall in the forest beyond the
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 70*

      *Episode 70: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/yc5svr*

      Irene: "Storm clouds thicken over Desmond Hall in the forest beyond the
      Great House. The night wind moans through the trees as if voices of the dead
      were trying to contact the living. Tonight death will visit Desmond Hall
      unless a man is able to resist the impulse to kill."

      In Desmond Hall Ada stands at the top of the staircase carrying a candle.
      She takes a couple of steps down the stairs. "Ada." Laslo calls from the
      dark foyer. "Laslo you frightened me. It's such a dreadful night out. I
      heard a noise." Ada says walking down the staircase. "I heard no noise."
      Laslo says. "What are you doing here in the dark alone?" Ada asks. "I
      might ask you the same question." "I told you, I thought I heard a noise."
      "Where is your cousin?" Laslo asks. "In his room." "Did you look in his
      room?" "No. I met Raxl in the corridor, she told me to go back to sleep,
      that everyone is sleeping." "Then do as she says." Laslo tells her as he
      turns away. He is putting his coat on. "Laslo don't leave me please. I'm
      frightened." Ada says running after Laslo to the front doors. "I'm sorry I
      must leave." "Where are you going?" "Holly is at Miss Hatters. She should
      be brought home." Laslo says stopping and turning towards Ada. "But let her
      stay the night Laslo. I don't like you going out. I don't like Irene." "Go
      to bed." Laslo says as he closes the door and walks away. "Laslo the lights
      are out. Please don't leave!" Ada cries out. She stands at the door and
      covers her ears as thunder crashes.

      In Irene's cottage Holly stands and looks out the window at the approaching
      storm. Irene stands next to the fireplace. "Holly dear do sit down." Holly
      looks at Irene. "I really should be going." Irene walks over to her. "In
      this vile weather? I wouldn't allow it. I know I'll make us some tea.
      There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a bitter evening. Sit down
      dear." Holly
      sits and looks at Irene. "Jean Paul might be worried about me." "When
      you're with me? Never, now don't be a ninny. Just sit and watch the fire.
      I'll be back in a flash darling." Irene walks away. Holly glances at her.
      "You're very kind." "I know. Just relax my dear." Irene says from the
      kitchen area in the cottage. "Close your eyes. Let me help you relax." Irene
      says walking back to Holly and standing behind her brushing her hand over
      Holly's temple. "Now think of nothing but the fire. Relax, relax. The fire,
      think of the fire." Holly sits and stars at the flames. "Holly, Holly? Can
      you hear me? Holly doesn't answer. "Holly close your eyes, close them. Now
      sleep. Sleep quietly, peacefully. Sleep Holly, sleep. Sleep." Holly's eyes
      are closed as Irene walks around the couch to her small alter on a side
      table. Lining four candles across from each other she places Holly's compact
      in the center. Irene has taken the compact from Holly's purse. "She is with
      us now, oh Kings of the underworld. This is her possession as it is ours
      now. Make the girl our own now."

      Annie and Jean Paul rush into the Gate house to get out of the storm. Jean
      Paul shines a flashlight around the room. He walks away from Annie shining
      the light around the room until it shines in Annie's face. "You're not
      afraid are you?" Jean Paul asks. Annie shakes her head. "No." Jean Paul
      lowers the light. "Don't be afraid Annie. We have to wait in here until the
      storm subsides. It's just a Gate House. I can't get the car started until
      the weather brakes a bit." Annie is standing clutching the front of her
      coat to ward off the cold. Jean Paul touches her face. "You mustn't be
      afraid Annie." Annie covers his hand with hers. "I'm not afraid Mr. Desmond
      because I'm with you." As Jean Paul stars at Annie he hears the heartbeat.
      Squatting he lights a candle then looks up at her. "You're a very pretty
      girl Annie. And a very sweet girl." "Am I? From somebody like you Mr.
      Desmond, to hear you say that it makes me feel pretty." "But you are Annie.
      I'm sure lots of men have told you that before." "Oh some. I didn't believe
      them." "Do you believe me?" She nods. "Yes. Why are you starring at me
      like that? Come over here and sit by me. It's very cold in here." Annie says
      to him. Jean Paul stands and sits next to her. "I think it's very cold. Do
      you think it's cold?" "We have a flame to keep us warm Annie. And your
      beauty.' "I've never heard anybody talk that way Mr. Desmond. Like poems or
      something. Your brother..." "What about my brother?" "When he stopped into
      the restaurant when he was waiting for a train or something he talked like
      that." Annie says looking away. "Nice, Oh but you're much handsomer Mr.
      Desmond." "Am I?" Jean Paul asks as he stands and walks away from Annie. "Oh
      of course, of course you are. Don't you know what an elegant man you are?
      You're much too nice to be snobbish or anything." Jean Paul turns and looks
      back at Annie. "Annie when you came back to the house you came to see me
      didn't you?" Annie nods her head. "Yes, yes I did." "Why Annie?" "You
      want the truth?" "Yes." "I don't know anybody like you Mr. Desmond. The
      people I know you see, they have no respect no respect at all. They say mean
      things to me, they do. None of the things they say about me is true." Annie
      says standing and walking over to Jean Paul. "Would you say I was bad Mr.
      Desmond? I mean do I look like I'm very bad?" Jean Paul glances down at
      her. "You're a very fine girl Annie. But you just don't know." "Don't know
      what Mr. Desmond?" Jean Paul turns away. "Annie I think I better start the
      car." he says as he opens the door to the outside. Lightening flashes as
      Jean Paul jerks back from the door. "Mr. Desmond what is it? Mr. Desmond?"
      Jean Paul fights against the influence of Jacques and the curse.

      In the cottage Holly is still asleep as Irene brings a tea tray to a table.
      "Holly? Holly dear wake up." Holly opens her eyes and touches her head. "You
      must have dozed off which indicates the kind of company I have to offer, not
      very stimulating." Irene says pouring the tea. "No really you're very
      kind." "Kind my dear. I've known so many kind people that are bores. I like
      to think that I offer something a little more stimulating.' she says taking
      a pouch and adding some of the contents into Holly's tea. "Have you found
      dear that the saintly folks among us can be dull and bleak. I do think that
      if more of us would try to be good then the good would show a happier
      example. There now a strong cup of tea. It'll see us through the night."
      Irene hands Holly a cup of tea. "And who knows we might have callers later.
      People drop in at all hours in Desmondton." "At this hour?" "And we must
      be entertaining and alert. Drink up dear." Holly raises the cup and drinks
      the tea. "Is it too strong?" Irene asks. "It has a kind of bitter taste.
      But it's very refreshing, I like it." Holly says with a smile. "I'm glad.
      My brother brought it to me from the Orient. Pungent but it touches the
      soul." Holly looks at Irene. "You know you're very nice to know." "I thank
      you, now drink up." "No really. Why are you so nice to me? You hardly know
      me." "Now lets see now. Why am I so nice to you. Well because I'm kind. So
      kind I can't bear it. And because your a friend of Jean Paul�s. He's you're
      guardian now as I understand it." "Oh no not really." "And because I once
      had a daughter very much like you. It's not common knowledge but I did have
      a child and one can never trust the generosity of the Gods. She was taken
      away from me, an accident. She died." "I'm sorry." Holly says looking at
      Irene. "Really I'm so sorry." "You mustn't be. We get over the unfairness
      of life, we forget the monstrosities of heaven or we try." Irene says
      standing and walking away from Holly. "I lost my daughter but I have you
      Holly. I have you." Laslo is outside the cottage watching Holly and Irene
      through the window.

      Jean Paul stands and stares straight ahead. "What's the matter Mr.
      Desmond?" "Nothing, I'm alright. I'm better now Annie." "I got a shock. I
      didn't know what happened to you. Your face got so pale. Did you see
      something outside in the storm?" "No. No nothing but the rain." "But you
      did look awful. I could help you Mr. Desmond if you let me. Really I could."
      she says walking closer to Jean Paul. "I'm sure you could Annie." Jean Paul
      says looking away from Annie. "Thanks." "Annie tell me, tell me about
      yourself." Jean Paul says fighting against the influence of the curse.
      "Me?" "Yes. How you live. What you think." "Think? I don't really think
      much of anything." Annie says turning away from Jean Paul. "At least as
      seldom as I can. Life in this town is pretty dreary Mr. Desmond. Through no
      fault of you of course. I used to be very happy when I was little and my
      father worked and my mother cooked and bought us cloths. What does anyone
      want when they are younger and comfortable?" "I don't know. What does
      anyone want Annie?" "Anyway things got bad, lately it's gone bad. I work in
      the restaurant and I hate it. I don't mind working but they pick on me. For
      it seems that everyone has such big problems and they've got to take it out
      on somebody else. That's me, do you understand?" "Yes, yes I understand.
      I'd like to help you, I would. But sometimes we can't help the people we
      would like to." Jean Paul says sitting down. "And if I were you Annie I
      would leave." He stands and walks away from her. "Right now! I would get out
      of this Gate House, I would go out into the storm! Run, run into the town
      before..." Jean Paul shouts. "Before what Mr. Desmond? Before what?" Annie
      asks getting upset. "Leave me! Leave me. Run!" Annie grabs him. "No I
      won't go! I won't leave you! I won't leave you." Annie whispers laying her
      cheek against Jean Paul's back.

      Laslo enters Irene's cottage as Irene opens the door for him. "She's
      sleeping." Irene tells Laslo. Holly is sitting on the couch with her eyes
      closed. "Herbs, medicine she's pliable now Laslo yours to command." Irene
      says taking Laslo's wet coat. Laslo walks over to the couch. "Holly, Holly
      you don't know me but can you hear me?" "I hear you." "You will be one of
      us Holly. Do you understand?" "One of you?" "You'll be among friends, with
      Irene." Laslo says to Holly. "Irene?" Holly asks. "Yes Holly." Irene tells
      her. "You will be a member of a circle. There is warmth, security and
      riches Holly. Riches. You will be revenged on all those who have wronged
      you. All those who despise you will suffer. All those who deprive you of all
      that is justly yours will die." Laslo says to her. "You will be happy Holly
      serene." Irene tells Holly. "I understand." "Now to achieve this you must
      be as we are. As the others are. You are very young Holly but you must learn
      to hate as we do. You will wear this around your neck." Laslo says as he
      hands the black stone necklace to Irene. "Never question, never asking why."
      "I will not ask why." Holly says as Irene slips the necklace around Holly's
      neck. "It is a gift to you. It's a seal a promise that you will be among
      us." Laslo says to Holly. "It is a seal." Holly repeats. "And through the
      seal, through you Holly Jean Paul Desmond must die." Laslo says then stands.
      "I don't understand?" Holly says. "Holly dear." Irene calls out to her. Holly
      opens her eyes. "Oh I'm sorry." she says touching her forehead. "I was a
      million miles away." Holly then notices Laslo. "Mr. Thaxton, why I didn't
      hear you come in." "Jean Paul is worried about you Holly. I came to take
      you back to Desmond Hall." Holly looks at Irene. "Yes I must go back to
      Jean Paul." Holly stands as Irene helps her with her coat. "I'm sorry so
      sorry I fell asleep." "That's nothing my dear. You'll come again. I promise
      that you will visit me again."

      Jean Paul looks away from Annie. "Mr. Desmond what is it? I didn't mean to
      be rude or anything. I just meant that I'd stay with you. I like you Mr.
      Desmond." Annie says stepping around to face Jean Paul, holding onto his
      arm. The heartbeat pounds as Jean Paul turns towards Annie. "I like you
      Mr. Desmond." Jean Paul pulls his arm away from Annie then looks at his
      hand. The Mark of Death has appeared. "Really I do. I thought you were
      going to help me Mr. Desmond?" Jean Paul raises his hands up then walks
      towards Annie. He reaches for her throat. "Please Mr. Desmond! Please don't
      Mr. Desmond!" Annie says backing away. Jean Paul puts his hands around
      Annie's throat as Annie screams.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

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