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Strange Paradise: Episode 62

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 62* *Episode 62: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/v6jwo* Raxl: Maljardin a place of growing terror. And one by one it s unwilling
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 62*

      *Episode 62: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/v6jwo*

      Raxl: " Maljardin a place of growing terror. And one by one it's unwilling
      guests are murdered through Erica Desmond. Returned from the dead to only
      bring evil and destruction to the Island and her accursed husband Jean

      Jean Paul is standing facing Holly, Elizabeth and Alison in the Great Hall.
      The three women are sitting on the couch. "It is difficult for me to speak
      to you. We have suffered through so much." Jean Paul says to them pacing the
      floor in front of them. He stops and looks at them. "There's been another
      accident on the Island." "Accident?" Alison asks. "Tim is dead." "No!"
      Alison cries out and lowers her head. "You mean murdered." Elizabeth says
      to him. Jean Paul nods. "Of all those who came to this Island you are the
      three survivors." Jean Paul tells them. "Jean Paul you have got to stop
      this. No matter who the guilty person is." Alison says to him. "I think we
      all know who she is." Elizabeth says to them. Holly looks up. "It can't be
      Erica" Holly jumps to her feet then walks over to Jean Paul. "Jean Paul we
      know her better than the others. Mother it can't be." she says looking at
      Elizabeth. "Does it matter now. I want you all to leave Maljardin now! Go
      away, the three of you before it's too late." Jean Paul tells them. "I
      won't go." Holly says to Jean Paul. "Holly!" Elizabeth calls to her. "I
      won't leave you and Erica to face whatever inhuman thing it is that takes
      lives one after the other." "Holly I want you to go." Jean Paul says to
      her. "Why? I thought you cared for me. You and Erica, you were like a
      father and mother to me. If I were your daughter I'd stay with you." Elizabeth
      looks at Holly, pain shows in her face from Holly's words. "Not if I
      ordered you to go." Jean Paul tells Holly. Alison walks over to Holly.
      "Holly, Jean Paul is right. You mustn't stay. You must leave with your
      mother. And thank God you're free to leave." "What about you?" Holly asks
      Alison. "Erica is my sister. Jean Paul you can't ask me to go without her.
      She's sick, she needs help. You and I can take her to the Mainland. We can
      get her to a hospital where she can get treatment." "Erica will not leave
      this Island." "Well we can force her. Sedate her." Alison says to Jean
      Paul. "I will not allow her to leave." "What are you saying? She's ill. I
      thought you said you loved her." Jean Paul nods his head. "I love her. She
      will be with me here always on Maljardin. Now I want you to leave. All of
      you! And don't ask anymore questions! Just get packed and go!" Jean Paul
      tells them then walks out of the room. Alison turns to Holly. "Now you do
      as he says. Elizabeth you're her mother see that she leaves." Alison says to
      Elizabeth then walks up the staircase. Elizabeth walks over to Holly. "She
      said I'm your mother. After what you said I wonder." Holly lowers her head.
      "I didn't mean to hurt you. We've both been trying to make up for treating
      each other in the past. But I'll tell you this mother, if you make me leave
      Erica and Jean Paul I'll never forgive you. Never!" Holly says looking at
      Elizabeth and rushing away. Elizabeth stands and watches Holly leave as
      Raxl walks into the room. "Quito will have the boat ready as soon as the
      tide is right tonight. Do as the Master tells you. Leave this island before
      you and your daughter join the dead." Raxl tells Elizabeth.

      Jean Paul and Erica are together in their bedroom. "You should never have
      said that. You have no right." Erica says to Jean Paul. With his back to
      her he answers. "Haven't I my darling." Erica takes a few steps away from
      him then looks back at Jean Paul. "And don't pretend to love me. Not after
      what you have done." "I've given up pretending." Erica walks up to Jean
      Paul and grips him by the shoulders to turn him towards her. "I don't
      understand. How could you tell them they are free to go? You know if anyone
      leaves Maljardin I'll be gone too. Back into darkness. To my death." Erica
      says looking away from Jean Paul. "Perhaps that's why I asked them to leave
      my darling." Jean Paul says. "Oh no Jean Paul you could never be that
      cruel. No matter what I am, you love me. You're to good." Jean Paul pulls
      away from Erica. "Perhaps it's time I played the devils game." he says
      walking away from Erica. Erica walks up to Jean Paul. "Are you Jacques?
      Tell me because you're not the Jean Paul I know. Tell me, are you Jacques?"
      "I am myself Erica. Jean Paul the man you said you loved." Erica puts her
      arms around his shoulders. "And I do love you. Why can't you believe that?
      I've always loved you. I love you no matter what the ghost of the devil
      makes me do. I need you Jean Paul." "But not the others." Jean Paul says as
      he turns away from Erica. Turning back he looks at Erica. "I chose you. I
      loved you. I brought you back from the dead because I wanted you so
      much." Erica
      walks up to him. "And I came to you." "As the devil�s whore." "Don't say
      that Jean Paul." Erica says turning away. "My dear wife. An evil imitation
      of my dear departed wife!" Jean Paul says angrily. "No, no!" Erica cries
      out. "Do what you want with me now. We are commanded by an evil. So it
      doesn't matter what becomes of either of us. But leave those people alone!"
      Jean Paul says to her. In fear Erica pulls away from Jean Paul. "But I need
      the soul of that girl or else. Or else I die." Erica says sitting down. Jean
      Paul leans over her. "My dear should I really care." Erica lowers her head.

      In the boat house Quito and Raxl are working to get the boat ready. "Check
      everything carefully Quito. You leave with the tide tonight. Nothing must
      interfere this time Quito. Do you hear me, nothing. By what ever power is
      left in me I swear that we shall set the others free. And we shall remain
      here until that woman is back in hell!"

      Erica is in the Great Hall standing in front of Jacques portrait. "Jacques
      we haven't much time. You've got to help me." "My dear should I really
      care." Jacques laughs. "Don't you understand they are leaving. The three
      woman, and I have no control over Jean Paul anymore. He hates me." "How
      strange. What a strange reaction to a desirable woman." "If I'm to live. If
      you're to keep your bargain you've got to stop them. They are leaving in the
      boat at sundown. You must help me. You must!" "I will help. I will help
      you." Jacques laughs. Erica looks away in fear.

      In the lab Jean Paul is packing the equipment into boxes. He picks up Doctor
      Menkin�s notes when Alison walks in. "You should read those." Alison says to
      him. "I don't want to." Jean Paul says putting the folder down. "Bring life
      back from the dead is in the past for us isn't it?" Jean Paul says as he
      turns away and continues packing. "What are you doing?" Alison asks. "Packing
      your things. You won't be here to use them will you?" "I can't leave. Not
      yet." Alison tells him. "I'm sorry Alison." "Jean Paul please listen to
      me." Alison turns the notes towards him as he stops and looks at her. "These
      notes on the experiment, this method of restoring life contains a warning."
      "Alison I need no further warning. I should have never brought her back. The
      past is buried, but I did love her Alison." "I know you did and that's why
      I want to help you and Erica." Jean Paul turns away from Alison. "Jean Paul
      please listen. These notes about restoring life say that sometimes certain
      biochemical changes can occur. That upsets the personality. Well if this is
      true then Erica can be helped." Alison says as she walks up to him. Jean
      Paul stands with his back to her. "Erica can never be helped." "Well I
      believe she can." Angrily Jean Paul turns towards Alison. "She was not
      restored to life through biochemistry. She was brought back to me by the
      devil." "You really believe that?" Alison asks him. "Yes. Now you have no
      choice Alison. Leave this Island. I won't desert her I promise you that. She
      was my Erica once. And she and I will live on Maljardin the rest of our
      lives. No matter what happens, I will be with her." "Oh Jean Paul." Alison
      says. "Our fate is our own Alison. I will not have anyone else suffer." "I
      don't believe in your fates. We control our own lives. I want to help you
      and Erica." "Someday maybe you'll learn Alison. Fate pursues us everywhere.
      If one is to die one dies. No one can change that. Just as love lasts only
      as long as it is fated to last. Now prepare yourself to leave. Pack what you
      want to pack. And go! But for heavens sake leave because your fate may be
      changed as well." "I don't believe Erica will harm me ." Alison says to
      him. "Erica is not in control here! Evil is!"

      Erica walks down to the crypt when Raxl speaks to her. "What is Madam doing
      down here?" "I'm in search of a wine. A toast for our departing friends."
      says Erica. "Would Madam like a candle to light her way?" Raxl says raising
      a candle towards Erica. Erica backs herself into a wall. "No, no! Put it
      out! Take it away!" "So long as I know the source of your fears. Do not
      underestimate my power." "Take it away Raxl! Please!" Erica begs as the
      candle goes out. "I'll be your friend. Anything." "No, I do not make
      friends with Satan." Erica looks at Raxl as she notices the candle is not
      lit. "If you threaten me again you crone you'll find yourself with your
      slimy crawling Gods in hell!" Erica says pulling away from the wall then
      rushes up the staircase. "Quito, Quito!" Raxl shouts. Quito walks up to
      Raxl. "You must guard the girl Holly. Every moment, for she is in danger
      until the moment she leaves this Island."

      Alison is in the lab looking through Doctor Menkin�s notes. She's crying as
      Erica walks in. "Crying my sister.' Erica says touching Alison's shoulder.
      "Erica?" "Yes darling." They hold each others� arms. Alison looks at
      Erica. "You are my sister and I love you so. You do believe that don't you?"
      "Of course I believe it. Oh don't be sad. Things will work out for you and
      me. You can help." Erica says brushing the tears from Alison's face. "I
      want to help you." Erica pulls away. "Then you shall. Holly must not leave
      the Island." "But why?" Alison asks Erica. "Do you want me to live?" "Of
      course I do. I want you to live and get well." Alison says to her. "Then
      that is my need, Holly." "I don't understand.' Alison says walking up to
      Erica. "Holly is a young girl. She has to leave the Island. She has her own
      life." "But I must live too. If Holly leaves Maljardin I die." "Oh Erica
      you're talking nonsense." Alison says touching Erica's arm. Erica walks
      away. "I'm not talking nonsense. I'm speaking of facts. If Holly leaves then
      I will return to darkness. I'll be nothing." Alison walks up to her.
      "You're haunted by things that don't exist. By demons and darkness. Like a
      little frightened child. Erica these research notes..." Alison reaches for
      the file. "I don't want your notes or your science or your medicine! I am
      talking about things that are real!" "Erica please." Alison tries to talk
      to her. "Let me tell you what I have to do in order to take possession of
      Holly." "No." Alison says stepping back away from the lab table. Erica
      stands on the other side of the table. "Her youth, her spirit." Alison
      turns away from Erica. "No, I don't want to hear." "In order to protect my
      life I've had to kill. Dan drowned. Matt pushed off the roof of Maljardin.
      And Tim who wanted to live so badly because he loved I had to have him
      murdered by a compatriot." Alison looks at Erica. "No Erica, don't say any
      more." Alison says. "You're ill, can't you see that?" "And Vangie whom I
      strangled when I was a spirit. Evolving, struggling to get back to my body.
      Have you ever been trapped in the body of an animal? A black rabbit." Alison
      turns away from Erica. "Look at me. If these things aren't true then how do
      I know about them. Look at me my sister and realize I am not insane. I am
      totally, helplessly evil." "It can't, it can't be true." Alison turns away
      from Erica. "This is all a nightmare, all of it. Nothing here is real!"
      Alison cries out pushing test tubes and equipment on the floor from the lab
      table. She lowers her head to her hands leaning on the table. Erica walks
      around her and puts her hands on Alison's shoulders. "Now will you help me?
      If I could know I was to live . If I could guarantee my life perhaps I could
      find my way back to goodness. With Jean Paul together we might escape our
      fate." Alison straightens up. "Jean Paul says you can't escape your fate."
      "Jean Paul is a cantankerous child. He's believed everything I've told him
      since I've come back." "I thought you loved him?" Alison asks her. "He can
      help me. As you can help me." "There is only one way I can help you. By
      reading these notes and getting you to the Mainland to a hospital." "If I
      do go to the Mainland I'll die." Erica says taking the notes from Alison.
      "Forget these notes, tear them up! Destroy them! " Erica shouts as she
      starts ripping shredding and throwing them across the room. "Stop. Stop!"
      Alison tries to stop Erica. "Throw them away! I don't care! Leave with the
      others. Let me remember you always as a dear devoted sister who wouldn't
      help me cease to murder! I hate you! I hate you Alison! But I can't hurt
      you, ever." Erica says then quickly leaves the room. Alison stands with her
      back against the lab table almost in tears.

      Quito and Holly enter the mansion. "Quito thank you for being with me to
      take one more look at the Island before I left. Flowers are all gone. Why?
      Can you tell me why Quito?" Holly asks walking slowly through the Great
      Hall. In her hand is a dead rose. She stops and looks at Quito. "It's time
      to leave." She touches his cheek. "I'll miss you." Elizabeth walks down the
      staircase carrying a suitcase. "I've packed everything. Quito the rest of
      the luggage is in my room. Could you get it for me." she asks walking to
      Holly and Quito. Quito stands still and looks at her. "Quito?" Elizabeth
      calls to him. "He won't leave my side. He stays by me every second." Holly
      says to her mother. "Then will you go with him darling. You are going with
      me?" "Jean Paul says I must." Holly says. "That's what he says." Elizabeth
      tells her as Holly and Quito walk over to the staircase. After they walk up
      the staircase Elizabeth opens the front door and looks out. "It's almost
      sunset." Jean Paul say standing behind her. Elizabeth turns towards him.
      "Yes it is. It's almost time to go. Jean Paul I want to thank you for... For
      releasing us." Jean Paul nods and closes the door. "Yes. You know Elizabeth
      I never intended any harm to anyone." he says walking with Elizabeth through
      the Great Hall. He stops and looks down at her. "I do care for Holly. You
      know that. "So do I. Do you believe me? I know that I've been difficult in
      the past." Jean Paul takes her hand. "The past is over." Elizabeth smiles.
      "Yes." Alison walks down the staircase. "Alison you're not ready."
      Elizabeth says looking up at her. Jean Paul turns and looks at Alison. Walking
      down the stairs Alison goes over to them. "I know. Jean Paul I want to stay
      if you want me to." Elizabeth looks at her. "Why that's ridiculous." "Were
      you talking to Erica?" Jean Paul asks her. "Yes." "And?" "And she said if
      any of us leave she'll die." "There are things that happen here that are
      more mysterious than any of you realize." says Jean Paul. "Well what are
      they? Tell me so I can do something!" Alison says to Jean Paul. "There is
      nothing you can do about it." "She's my sister!" "Are you sure or is she
      just a shadow nothing more.' "Really Jean Paul." Erica says walking into
      the room and touches Alison's arm. "Now look at me everyone. Do I seem to
      you like a shadow?" she walks to Jean Paul and puts her hand on his
      shoulder. "I'm here darling and I'm very real." she says reaching up to kiss
      him. Jean Paul turns his face away from her. Erica turns to Alison. "You see
      the kind of man you're leaving me with. Moody, loving me one minute and the
      next? Come with me. I've just prepared a farewell dinner." Erica says
      turning towards the Dining Room. "I don't think I want to." Elizabeth says.
      Erica turns back to her. " A glass of wine. A farewell toast. Oh really
      Elizabeth I know I haven't been the best of hostesses always but I've
      tried.' Erica turns away. "Where's Holly? She must have a drink with
      us." "Holly
      is..." Elizabeth starts to say. "Here I am." Holly says from the staircase.
      Quito is behind her carrying the luggage. "Erica, I don't want to leave you.
      You know that." Holly says rushing over to give Erica a hug. "But Jean Paul
      says I must." "Shall we drink a farewell toast?" says Jean Paul. He leads
      the way to the Dining Room. Erica looks at Quito. "Quito you may go." Quito
      doesn't move. Raxl walks towards them from the Dining room. "I have asked
      Quito to stay with Miss Holly." Raxl says. "Very well then. You may stay."
      Erica says then turns and walks to Jean Paul's side. "Now we will drink
      happiness to each one of you." says Erica. Jean Paul reaches for the wine
      bottle. "I'll pour the wine." "No my darling. I'll pour the wine.' Erica
      says picking up the bottle. "Elizabeth for you. Jean Paul for you." she says
      passing out glasses of wine. "Ladies first." Jean Paul says handing the
      glass to Holly. "Oh no, you are the Master." Erica says taking the glass
      and giving it back to Jean Paul. "For the host." As she pours the next
      glass she tips her ring on its side and powder pours into the wine. "And
      this is for Holly, our little angel." Holly sets her glass down. "And for
      Alison." says Erica. Alison takes the glass placing it next to Holly�s
      drink. She switches glasses. "And for me." Erica says. Jean Paul raises his
      glass. "To your happiness." "And to our fate." Alison says then drinks the
      wine. "No Alison!" Erica shouts as Alison drops her glass.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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