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Strange Paradise: Episode 56

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 56* * Episode 56: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/yg3zpy* *Matt:* On the lonely Island of Maljardin an evil mist arises around
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 56*

      * Episode 56: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/yg3zpy*

      *Matt:* "On the lonely Island of Maljardin an evil mist arises around the
      mansion cursed for centuries. Another unwilling guest of Jean Paul Desmond�s
      has met with death. Drowned by mysterious forces and the tides that surround
      the Island. To the servant Raxl this force is the lovely Erica returned from
      the grave."

      Quito and Raxl are standing in the doorway looking outside. "They have
      buried him Quito beneath the cliffs and she has recited the burial prayers
      along with the others." Raxl turns and walks into the Great Hall. "It is a
      sacrilege to their God. She is evil! She has used the powers of the dead to
      kill, and she will kill again. We must summon the forces of the Great
      Serpent. That woman must be destroyed." Raxl tells Quito who is standing
      next to her. Erica walks through the door from outside, into the Great
      Hall. "Madam I know what you have done. And with all my power you will not
      kill again!" Raxl says to Erica. "I know the evil that you are Madam. And I
      will destroy you!" Erica just stands and looks at Raxl. "Erica?" Matt
      calls from the staircase. He walks quickly down the stairs to Erica�s side.
      Erica puts her hand to her head. "What's the matter?" Matt asks. Erica
      collapses into a chair as Matt grabs her and helps her sit. "Raxl, help your
      Mistress. Water." Raxl leaves the room as Matt kneels next to Erica. "What
      is it? Can I help?" "No, that woman is... I am hated. So hated." Erica
      tells him as she faints. "Erica!" Matt calls to her holding her hand. Jean
      Paul enters the Great hall closing the outside door. He turns and sees
      Erica. "Erica? Darling." He looks at Matt "What's happened to her?" "I
      don't know, she suddenly became faint." "It's the burial. All the
      excitement. Erica my love." Jean Paul talks to her. "Jean Paul?" Erica says
      stirring. "Yes I'm here darling." He says picking up her hand. "The sorrow
      was to much for you. You'll be all right. It's all over now." "No." Erica
      says faintly. "Tell her Matt." Jean Paul says glancing at the Reverend. "Dan
      has had a proper burial. He's at rest." "Yes, yes." Erica says to him. "You
      see my darling." "I have brought you some rose water." Raxl tells them
      carrying in Erica's gold bowl. Erica looks at it. "No, no go away." "I
      though if we bathed your wrists." Raxl says to Erica. "Take that back to my
      room. You are not to touch that again." Erica says as she turns away from
      Raxl. "Do as your Mistress says Raxl." Jean Paul says to Raxl. "I am
      trying to help Master." "Make her go." says Erica. "I'm sorry if I'm
      upsetting Madam." Raxl says then she walks out of the room taking the bowl
      with her. "I do not want that woman around here." Erica says as she tries
      to stand. Weakness has her collapsing back down. "Erica darling. Darling
      please." Jean Paul says helping her back into her chair. "You're upset." "You
      should have heard the things she accused me of. Didn't you hear her
      Reverend?" Erica looks at Matt. Matt takes a step away from her. "Yes." he
      says then walks away. Jean Paul watches Matt in puzzlement. "What did she
      say? What did she say to you?" he asks Erica. "I can't repeat them. She
      hates me so. I can't stand people who hate. Jean Paul let her go. You must
      send her away." "I can't." "You must. She will destroy me." Erica says to
      him crying out. "She will destroy me!" Jean Paul stands and stares at

      Raxl is in the Sacred Temple. She stands in front of the altar and the
      Serpent's staff. Quito stands next to her. "Great Serpent, hear me. The
      woman must die. Upon her witchcraft the devil's work. And hear my petition.
      Help me God of my ancestors to defeat this woman and doom her to eternal

      Holly and Elizabeth come in from the outdoors. Holly sees Erica. "Is she all
      right?" she asks walking over to Erica and Jean Paul. "She's been upset
      over Dan's burial. She'll be all right." says Jean Paul. "Oh Erica please."
      Holly says to her kneeling on the other side of Erica's chair. "Oh Holly
      you're so dear." Erica says weakly. "And kind. Hold my hand." Holly grasps
      Erica's hand "You're not to worry darling. You're far to young and innocent
      to worry." "I don't like to see you cry." Holly says to her. "Erica
      everyone loves you." Jean Paul says to her. "It's been a trying morning
      Holly for all of us. I think you should go to your room and rest.' Elizabeth
      tells her. "I'm not tired." Holly tells her mother. "Holly you heard me!"
      "Holly do as your mother says." Erica tells her. "You can come to my room
      later and we will talk." "Are you sure you'll be all right?" "I'm fine
      darling. I have Jean Paul." "Oh yes, I'm glad you have him." She says
      standing. "Don't let her cry." Holly tells Jean Paul. "I won't." Jean Paul
      says looking up at Holly. "Holly!" Elizabeth calls her. "I didn't think I
      needed to rest." Holy says to her mother as she walks up to her. "We need
      many things you and I." Elizabeth says then walks away from Holly. Holly
      stares at her mother then follows her.

      Raxl and Quito are looking through Erica's dresser in Erica's room. "Hurry
      Quito, look carefully. We must find her magic." Quito walks to the bookcase.
      "When we are finished here we will look in Miss Holly's room. Miss Holly is
      in danger Quito." Raxl says as she closes the drawer. She turns towards
      Quito. "You like her don't you? " Quito nods his head. "Then you would want
      to help her." Quito again nods his head. "The Mistress is trying to harm her
      Quito. She wants to take her soul to hell!"

      Holly is in her room sleeping. Elizabeth is standing next to her bed when
      there is a knock at the door. Elizabeth walks across the room to the door.
      "Who is it?" she asks quietly. "Matt." the Reverend says to her. Elizabeth
      opens the door to let him in. She shushes him and tells him that Holly is
      sleeping. Elizabeth point across the room so they can talk without
      disturbing Holly. "Thank you for coming. We haven't always shared the same
      idea you and I." "Yes I know." Matt tells her. "Now I want to join with
      you. You've talked with Erica, you've studied her. And your a minister. Matt
      I'm convinced that whatever Erica is, she's possessed of the devil." Matt
      looks at her then glances over at Holly. "Before she corrupts my daughter I
      want you to rid Erica of the devils. I want you to exorcise her." Holly's
      eyes are open listening to her mother and Matt. Elizabeth walks over to
      check on her. Holly closes her eyes pretending to be asleep. Elizabeth walks
      back to Matt. "Do you understand? I want you to use your faith to fight
      evil." "And you believe that evil is Erica Desmond?" "What do you
      believe?" Elizabeth asks him. "I don't know. I haven't practiced my
      ministry for a long time." "You did this morning. You led the prayers for
      Dan." "Yes." Matt answers. "You must help me. You must help Holly." "I
      have never performed the rites of exorcism. I've never challenged the devil
      hand to hand." Matt tells her. "Then you must now. Read! There are books
      here on the demon. Study Reverend. If you can't help, no one can." "Mother."
      Holly calls out to Elizabeth. "For my daughter." Elizabeth tells Matt as
      she walks to Holly�s side. "Sleep darling." Elizabeth tells her brushing her
      hand over Holly's hair comforting her.

      Alison enters the mansion. Tim is with her. "Well did the walk help?" Tim
      asks. Alison nods her head. "I find it so hard to believe that Dan is dead.
      Yesterday he was trying to leave the Island to get us some help and
      now." "Alison.
      Alison I wish I had gone instead of him." "Tim, don't say that. At least
      he's free of this place. Tim, I don't think we will ever be able to leave
      this place." Alison cries out to him. Tim takes Alison by the arms. "Of
      course we will. Erica's your sister. Just tell her, she'll listen." Tim says
      to her. "I don't know." Alison says pulling away. "She's not the sister I
      knew. Tim tell me how can a person return from the dead?" Alison asks
      turning towards Tim. "I can't answer you. But everyone's suspicious of
      Erica. You know that, in spite of her charm and winning ways. but she is
      your sister, so just talk to her. Tell her what you feel." "Tim?" Jean Paul
      calls from the top of the staircase. "Erica and I would like a word with you
      in our room about Erica's portrait." "Be right up." Tim tells him. He turns
      to Alison. "I'll talk to her, don't worry." Tim says holding Alison's hand.
      Alison sits down with thoughts of Dan. 'Dan, I know you're gone. And we
      thank you for what you tried to do. But if you had to die I wish you were
      resting anyplace but Maljardin.'

      Matt is reading the books on demons and devils, taking notes. Raxl is in the
      room with him. "These books are filled with evil." Raxl tells him. "I
      know." Matt says as he writes in a notebook. "I did not know you men of God
      dealt in evil." Matt stops writing. "Sometimes to conquer it we must
      understand it." "I do not agree. I would pray Reverend to your God. To know
      evil is to let it touch you." "It is better to know your enemy than be
      surprised. Raxl, a while ago you said you would help us get to the Mainland.
      That Quito would take us in the boat. Can you help us now?" "I cannot. I
      cannot, I must obey my Master as I've obeyed Masters in the past on
      Maljardin. He says you must stay." "And Quito. Can he help?" "He is
      obedient to me." Raxl tells him. "Then I have no choice Raxl. I must
      consort with demons." Matt says as he turns back to the books on the table.
      "You will regret it until the day you die." Raxl says to him. Matt raises
      his head and stares straight ahead.

      Erica is sitting in a chair in her room. Jean Paul and Tim are standing near
      her. "Tim, do you see how beautiful she is? Oh Darling you must sit just
      like that, it's a perfect pose we must capture." say Jean Paul standing next
      to Erica. "Oh Jean Paul I don't want to pose." "Darling I know your
      tired." Jean Paul looks at Tim, then walks towards him. "Tim, you have
      plenty of time don't you?" "All the time in the world. But if Erica doesn't
      want her portrait painted." "That's why you came to this Island, to paint
      my wife." Jean Paul says to him. "I originally came to Maljardin to paint
      the features of a dead woman." Tim tells him. "Well now she is alive, and
      lovelier than ever before." Jean Paul says with a smile. He turns to Erica.
      "Oh darling to please me won't you agree to pose for the picture." he asks
      holding the back edge of Erica's chair bending down to talk to her. "I
      don't want it at all. I'm tired Jean Paul.' "Look it would only be short
      sittings at your convenience." He looks at Tim. "Tim, when can you begin
      sketching?" "When Erica agrees." says Tim. "And I refuse. I really must,
      after all everything everyone�s been through. A portrait, really my darling.
      You must consider the feelings of your guests." "Yes, but no one needs to
      know my love. We can have the sittings right here in this room. And then the
      portrait would be unveiled. A Mona Lisa that would compete with all the
      beauties of history." Jean Paul says smiling. Erica stands as Jean Paul
      takes her hand. "I think he's far too trusting in the subject don't you
      think Tim?" Erica says with a smile. "I think you're very beautiful." Tim
      tells her. "Now not another word from either of you. There will be no
      portrait." "Darling I beg you. For me." Jean Paul pleads with her.' "No,
      you'll make me vain. You want to enshrine me in canvas. My darling you don't
      need my portrait. You have me here in your arms." she says putting her arms
      around Jean Paul. "Can I leave then?" Tim asks. "I mean can I go? Can I
      leave the Island?" Erica turns to Tim. "I might change my mind." Tim nods.
      "I see." "No he doesn't see does he darling. He can't imagine what
      happiness is in store for us on the Island. I've brought you sunshine and
      there are flowers growing all over the Island." Erica says walking to the
      window. She turns towards Tim. "Oh Tim you can't imagine how I love
      beautiful things. I will help you, inspire you to paint them. But not a
      portrait of me. You see I shall grow old someday and I would be forced to
      look at myself in a frozen canvas, seeing me as I was when I was young." Jean
      Paul walks up behind Erica and puts his arms around her. "Darling you'll
      always be young." "No, sorry no. Now leave me both of you. You've exhausted
      me with your begging." "I consider myself the most fortunate of beggars."
      Jean Paul says as he kisses Erica. "Tim." Erica says holding out her hand
      to him. "You are very beautiful." Tim says then kisses her hand. "Thank
      you. Now go. Jean Paul you must talk to Raxl about the household and the
      menu. I refuse to speak to her again." Tim looks at Erica. "You saw the
      dreadful woman Tim. The way she brought down my golden bowl and waved that
      paper boat about. Accusing me of goodness knows what dreadful things. You
      must never listen to her again Jean Paul. Never again." "Until later my
      darling." Jean Paul tells Erica clasping her hands between his own. "Until
      later." Erica says to him as Tim and Jean Paul leave the room. Jean Paul
      turns back and kisses Erica. Erica walks across the room thinking silently.
      'Raxl it doesn't matter what you try to do to me. I shall win, you see he
      loves me.' "He loves me." she says out loud.

      Holly walks to Erica's bedroom door. Erica is sitting at her dressing table
      brushing her hair. "Come in Holly." Holly opens the door and peers around
      it. "How did you know I was here?" "I heard your little footsteps. The same
      sound a child makes when he's trying to play secret games." Erica says
      turning in her chair to look at Holly. "Well come in. Shut the door." Holly
      closes the door and walks towards Erica. "Erica I'm not a child. And I'm not
      playing games. I know something that is very important to you." Erica
      stands and walks a couple of steps towards Holly. "Then come and sit down
      and tell me." "No I can't sit down." "Darling there's nothing to be
      nervous about. Are you afraid of me?" "No I'm afraid for you." says Holly.
      "Why should you be?" Erica asks. "Because of something I've heard." "Well
      what did you hear?" "My mother and Matt." "Oh the good Reverend Matt."
      says Erica. "He and my mother were talking about you. And they said you
      were wicked." "Wicked? You know darling I think perhaps your mothers a
      little jealous because we are so fond of each other. And we are aren't we?
      If I had a daughter I'd wish her to be just like you. And if I were to live
      again I'd be just like you. Same silken hair, deep eyes and youthful.
      Youthful just as you are." "Erica you've got to listen to me. They said you
      were possessed by demons! The devil!" Holly say getting upset. "Oh how
      ugly. Do you believe that?" "No." "Well then I don't want to hear
      anymore." Erica turns away from Holly. "But you've got to listen! They want
      to perform a ritual to drive the demons away. They want to perform an
      exorcism." Erica stares straight ahead.

      Jean Paul is speaking to Raxl in the Great Hall. "You are not to speak to
      Mrs. Desmond. Do you understand? Never again Raxl!" Jean Paul says angrily
      standing behind Raxl. "Any order you give me I will obey but not this one."
      Raxl says to Jean Paul looking back at him. "You are my servant!" Raxl
      turns around to face Jean Paul. "I have been a faithful servant to the
      Desmond�s for so many years you cannot count. My loyalty is to your family
      and its survival. And if you do not listen to me now you will not survive."
      "You are filled with foolish witchcraft and incantations. Now you can stick
      to those Raxl but you must leave me alone." "This woman came to this Island
      to destroy you as she destroyed the Conjure Woman and your friend who now
      lies beneath the cliffs in a grave!" "I order you to be quiet!" Jean Paul
      shouts at her. "There are no grounds for what you are saying." "I watched
      her. I know the spell she used." "Raxl!" "I saw her push your friend under
      the waves!" "That is a lie!" "I do not lie!" "I don't believe you!" Jean
      Paul says angrily then walks away from Raxl. "Dan died trying to leave this
      Island. He drowned in the whirlpool as many others have drowned before him."
      "He was murdered!" Raxl shouts at him walking up to him. "I will not listen
      to you! I love her, she has returned to me! Nothing, not even you will take
      her away. Therefore I command you by the spirits of my ancestors that never
      again are you to speak to anyone of this! Do you understand?" "I
      understand." Raxl answers him, then bows before she starts to leave the
      room. "Raxl." Jean Paul calls to her. Raxl stops near the doorway and
      turns. Jean Paul walks up to her. "You will not take action against my
      wife." Raxl bows then leaves the room. Jean Paul stands staring straight
      ahead. "Erica, my Erica." he says.

      Holly is asleep in her room when chimes sound in her room. Holly grows
      restless. "Yes, yes I hear you. I will obey."

      Erica walks down the staircase to the Great Hall. She walks to Jacques
      portrait. "Jacques speak to me. It is Erica and I need you. You've helped me
      to come back to Maljardin. You whispered in my ear and told me what I must
      do. But now I need you. Speak to me. Jacques the Reverend, the priest he is
      going to try to free me of you and your powers and I don't want to be free
      of you. I love you. But you must tell me what to do. You must speak." "Erica."
      Jacques voice calls out to her in a loud whisper. "Yes, yes I hear you." "The
      man of God must die. The man of God must die." Jacques tells her.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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