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Strange Paradise: Episode 41

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  • Ron Janick
    *Strange Paradise: Episode 41* * Episode 41: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/eo5hj* It s thundering and lightening on the Island as Dan enters the mansion.
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      *Strange Paradise: Episode 41*

      * Episode 41: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/eo5hj*

      It's thundering and lightening on the Island as Dan enters the mansion. In
      the Great Hall Tim and Matt are standing together near the entrance to the
      crypt. Vangie sits in a chair. Matt walks over to Vangie. Dan joins
      them. "What
      are you planning, another s�ance Vangie? Or a prayer meeting Reverend to
      save us all by communicating with the infinite." "You look as though you
      could use a little saving. Where have you been?" Matt asks. "Looking for a
      way of escape from this Island of no escape." Dan says brushing his cloths
      off with his hands. Tim walks up to them. "Like Holly?" he says. "Where is
      she?" "Down in the crypt and Jean Paul Desmond followed her there in a
      rage." Matt says. Elizabeth walks over to them. "She had no right to
      disobey his orders." "Well what are you all waiting for? Are you afraid
      Raxl will impale you on her mystic pin like some conjure doll." Dan says to
      them. "No Doctor Carr went down there. She has more influence with Jean
      Paul especially in his present state." says Vangie. "I told you Vangie I
      don't think anybody here has any influence with him." Matt says bending over
      Vangie's chair to speak to her. "Except perhaps the devil." Jean Paul
      rushes up from the crypt. He sees Dan and stops, turning from him he takes a
      few steps and again stops with his back to everybody. Everyone watches him
      silently. Dan walks over to him. "Jean Paul?" Jean Paul turns towards him.
      "Have you been on a journey Dan? Here on Maljardin they all meet the same
      end." "And some end in death." Matt says as he walks over to Matt and Jean
      Paul. Alison and Holly walk up from the crypt. "Is that a prediction or a
      predilection or perhaps a threat Reverend?" Jean Paul says to him. "A fact
      Mr. Desmond." Jean Paul walks away towards Jacques portrait. Matt turns
      around and walks over to Holly and Alison. "Are you alright Holly?" "So
      far, thanks to Doctor Carr." "How did you manage to calm him down Alison?"
      "I didn't have to, Holly wasn't in any danger as far as I could see." "It's
      the notes you showed him, that's what did it. If it hadn't been for that who
      knows." Holly tells them. "Not quite the Master here are you Jean Paul."
      Jacques tells him. Jean Paul glances back at the others. "What Jacques Eloi
      Des Mondes can do Jean Paul Desmond may not remember. Who is the Master, you
      or the devil as Raxl calls me." Jean Paul looks at the portrait in anger,
      he turns and looks at the others. "Yes, be discreet if I make you seem mad
      they will betray you and your sleeping Erica in her vulnerable cryonics
      capsule." Jean Paul gets angrier standing in front of Jacques
      portrait. Everybody
      across the room watches Jean Paul. "Look at him, it's like he's in another
      world. Just like he seemed to be another man down there in that creepy
      crypt." Holly tells Alison and Matt. Jean Paul walks away from Jacques
      portrait. "I have decided that I will do no more about this for now. All of
      you and Holly, no one unauthorized by me will ever enter that crypt. Erica
      will not be disturbed again." Jean Paul walks past everyone glancing back at
      Jacques portrait. "Poor man he's suffering so." Elizabeth says as she walks
      over to him. "Jean Paul?" "Excuse me Mrs. Marshal." Jean Paul says to her
      before entering the crypt. Elizabeth is upset as she walks away from
      everyone. She stops by the staircase. Holly walks up to her. "His moods do
      get to you sometimes!" "Frightening." Elizabeth says looking at Holly.

      "You know Dan, five minutes ago down there he was all excited about these."
      Alison says showing Dan the notes. "What are they?" "Doctor Menkin�s notes
      on his experiments on cellular reconstruction." "The missing ones?" "Except
      they aren't. They were laying right there on the lab table." "But we
      searched high and low." says Dan. "I know and they weren't there then." "Does
      this mean you can continue his experiments on cellular reconstruction? " Tim
      asks walking over to them. "Well possibly, but these aren't all the
      records. These only represents only about a week of the experiments." Alison
      tells him. "So five weeks of notes are still missing." Dan says. "Unless
      they mysteriously turn up." Matt says turning towards Alison. He then looks
      at Vangie. She's sitting at the table with the tarot deck. Vangie looks up
      as she crushes the card she has in her hand. She is staring straight ahead.
      "Look at Vangie. Another trance?" Matt asks the others. "Oh I can't stand
      what goes on around here!" Holly cries out then rushes up the
      staircase. "She's
      in such danger slipping in and out of trances like this and there's nothing
      I ca do." Alison says looking at Vangie. She walks over to her. "Vangie are
      you all right?" Vangie blinks and looks at Alison. "Why what was I doing?"
      "Crushing your tarot cards, like they were the very devil." Vangie opens
      her hand and glances at the card, then she throws it down. "Perhaps there
      are evil forces gathering to wage a deadly struggle." "Through you?" Matt
      asks standing behind Vangie�s chair. "Perhaps through all of us." Vangie
      tells them. Holly is laying across her bed when there is a knock at her
      door. It's thundering and lightening outside as Holly walks slowly towards
      the door. She reaches for the knob and opens it. "Excuse me Holly, I have
      something very important to ask you." Alison says as she enters Holly's
      room. "I don't think I can tell you anything about anybody or anything
      around here." Holly tells her as she turns away and sits on her bed. "You
      might." Alison says shutting the door. "Like the difference between fact and
      fantasy." "Meaning?" "Jean Paul Desmond." "Your Mr. Desmond's sister
      in-law and your asking me about him? What is it I'm supposed to know?" Alison
      walks around the room as she talks. "Perhaps Holly you don't know anything.
      Perhaps it just seems so." "I wish just once around here people would come
      out and say what they are talking about." Holly says as she stands and walks
      over to Alison. Alison turns to her. "When you were down in the crypt
      before I came in was he going to harm you?" Holly turns away. "He changed
      so much I couldn't tell." "Holly these are scientific notes that were
      stolen from Doctor Menkin�s laboratory." Alison says showing Holly the
      folder. "The one that was murdered?" "We don't know that Holly." "Dan
      Forrest said so." "Well he could be wrong. Now these experiments were
      leading to cellular reconstruction or recreation of a human body." "You're
      trying to do that? You mean to bring Mr. Desmond's wife back to life?" Holly
      asks. "No, but these notes even though they're incomplete would be the
      basis for a medical breakthrough. Now if we can just find the rest of the
      missing notes." Alison says sitting down. "You'd be that much closer." says
      Holly. "That's correct." "Well I still don't see what this has to do with
      Mr. Desmond? Or me for that matter." Holly says walking over to Alison. "Well
      I believe that he has found those records." "So why don't you ask him?" "I
      did but he doesn't recall." Holly looks away. "Just like he didn't remember
      looking for the secret door in the crypt with me." "Secret door, where?"
      Alison asks. Holly shakes her head. "I don't know. Maybe a way out of
      here." "There's so much that none of us knows." Alison says.

      Dan is in the Great Hall talking to Matt, Elizabeth and Tim. "I say there is
      no question that can't be answered, no matter how you muddle it up with
      witchcraft. And there's no problem that can't be solved including getting
      off this blasted Island." "You've been scrambling all over it Mr. Forrest
      and the only problem you've apparently solved is how to ruin your cloths."
      Elizabeth tells him. She is sitting in a chair. Matt, Tim and Dan are
      standing near her. Vangie walks over to them. Is it going to happen again
      Miss Abbott?" Elizabeth asks. "Who can tell, there was a powerful presence
      in here." "You are convincing you know." says Elizabeth. Vangie walks away.

      "You can't get across the treacherous channel. No one knows how to navigate
      it except Quito and Jean Paul." Matt tells Dan as he walks over to the
      staircase leaning against the post. Dan walks over to him followed by Tim.
      "There must be charts." says Dan. "I understand that it's kind of a
      heritage thing handed down but not in writing." Tim tells then. "Wrong, I
      saw something that could be the charts in a huge bound volume in Jean Paul's
      room." Dan tells them. Matt looks at Dan. "You went into his room?" "When?"
      Tim asks. "When I was looking for the missing cyanide." Dan says with a
      smile after seeing Matt and Tim�s expression. Tim follows him. "He'll have
      your life." Dan turns. "He does anyway doesn't he Tim?" "Dan even if there
      are charts to the channel which is improbable, knowing the history of
      Jacques Eloi Des Mondes it's probably false and intended to lure sailors to
      a watery grave." As Matt is speaking Jean Paul comes up from the crypt and
      listens to him. "Wisdom is the essence of a cautious man who is dealing
      with actions and words will know a long life." Jean Paul says. Dan walks
      over to Jean Paul. "I don't intend to grow old on Maljardin. I make no
      secret of that Jean Paul, take it or leave it." "The Reverend knows the
      requiem." says Jean Paul. Dan glances at Matt then looks back at Jean Paul.
      "Is that a threat?" "Dan, Dan always challenging." Jean Paul says then
      walks away. Dan shakes his head. Jean Paul walks into the Dining Room where
      Vangie and Elizabeth are sitting. "Vangie, must I wait any longer to contact
      my Erica? Will you soon be feeling well enough for another s�ance?" Jean
      Paul asks. "She almost collapsed again just a short while ago." Elizabeth
      tells Jean Paul. Jean Paul looks at Elizabeth. "I am asking the only one
      who can tell me truthfully. The medium herself." "The strength has been
      restored." Vangie says. Elizabeth stands. "If there are strange spirits
      wondering about she's at the mercy of their whims." "What do you say
      Vangie?" Jean Paul asks. "Vibrations, impulses, emanations. I feel them all
      around." Jean Paul bends down next to Vangie�s chair. "Tomorrow Vangie,
      tomorrow." "Can't you see that you can drive her insane, along with the
      rest of us." Matt says to Jean Paul. "Reverend Dawson is a true believer
      isn't he?" Elizabeth asks. "Vangie may I have your answer. The last time we
      almost made contact but that was broken by an alien impulse. We must try
      again tomorrow." Jean Paul says to her. "Evil forces contend Jean Paul. For
      whom, against whom I can not tell." says Angie. "I will help you to fight
      them, but I must hear Erica's voice again." Vangie glances at him. "Fight
      them alone Jean Paul I can only give them their will and their will may well
      be your life." Jean Paul stands. "When you are able there will be another

      Holly is talking to Alison. "Just think what if you are able to bring Mrs.
      Desmond back to life." Alison stands and walks over to Holly. "That's a big
      if Holly. Don't be deceived about research. It's a long and arduous task.
      More often than not a very frustrating one." "But say that it happens, then
      there won't be any reason for Mr. Desmond to keep any secrets from us. If
      his wife is alive then we can all go free. Oh I wish there was someway I
      could help. Oh not just for us but for him." Holly says to Alison. Alison
      takes a couple of steps away from Holly. "There is a way Holly you know
      sometimes there's just a hairline between science and religion and
      witchcraft. "If there is any line between them." "How can you say that,
      you're a doctor. A scientist." Holly says. "And a woman with normal needs
      and fears. How do I know Holly, after what I have seen? How do any of us
      know? What did you think when you were down in the crypt?" "Of what?" asks
      Holly. "Of Jean Paul Desmond?" Alison asks. Holly glances at Alison.

      Jean Paul is in the crypt speaking to Erica. "There will be no further
      disturbances here darling. My Erica sleep without fear until we are in
      contact, and until you are free from this precious machine. I call it
      precious because it preserves your loveliness, your precious loveliness. My
      love, until we can touch hands, touch lips, oh Erica." Jean Paul says as he
      kneels next to the cryonics capsule. "Oh Erica can your spirit hear my
      voice? Tomorrow my love , tomorrow we will speak together. Only this time it
      will be I Jean Paul Desmond whose call you will hear. There will be no
      devil, no evil of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. Only I the man who loves
      you." Vangie
      sits at the table reading the tarot cards. Elizabeth sits next to her. "These
      tarot cards Miss Abbott what are they telling you?" "The cards tell many
      things Mrs. Marshal." "Only to you of course." Elizabeth says to her. "To
      me, to you to anyone. The cards do not differentiate." "But I can't read
      them. What do they say, good things, bad things?" "They say nothing, the
      cards reflect good and bad." Vangie says. "Right now what do you see?" "That
      a woman who seeks love will receive what she gives." Elizabeth smiles and
      tells Vangie. "I love that anything else?" "Nothing else." "It's a very
      pleasant prediction. You know I admire this gift of yours Miss Abbott, I
      feel I have a rapport." Elizabeth stands. "Perhaps I could be useful at the
      s�ance tomorrow." "The spirits will answer that. I'm not even sure that
      there will be a s�ance." Vangie says to her. "Oh well keep me in mind. I'm
      not afraid of storms or crashing chandeliers." Matt walks in and walks up
      to the two of them. "Perhaps the Reverend has a love life Miss Abbott. Why
      don't you look." Elizabeth says. "I have already expressed anything those
      tarot cards can say." "About Holly?" asks Elizabeth. "To Holly." says
      Matt. Elizabeth walks away. "Vangie I gather you don't want to go through
      with this?" Matt asks walking up to Vangie's chair. "My wishes don't
      matter. When I inherited the mantle of my father the Conjure Man I accepted
      a responsibility, like you." "Which I have put aside for personal reasons
      as you can do." "Responsibility lightly taken bear the seed of death." "I
      felt that many times since coming to Maljardin." Matt says taking a seat.
      "But isn't that what Jean Paul Desmond is doing? Doesn't he owe you at least
      responsibility, responsibility for you?" "Jean Paul wants contact with the
      wife he loves. No more no less." Vangie says to him. "But he can't expect
      you to risk it again." "It goes beyond Jean Paul�s choice or mine. The
      struggle has already begun." Vangie says laying down tarot cards. "If I
      can't convince you I can promise that this time I will fight against it. And
      I certainly will not consent to take part in the circle this time." "What
      we say is one thing, what takes place is another." Vangie shows Matt a card.
      "The fool. The cards say you will, they can not change neither can you. The
      cards do not lie. Forces join battle, which is good which is evil . Who
      Knows. You can't change it in spite of yourself." Vangie tells him. Matt
      stares straight ahead. Alison asks Holly. "And you thought Jean Paul was
      angry because he found you in the crypt near the cryo capsule." "Thought
      it? I knew it." Holly says. She is still sitting on her bed. "And you were
      afraid of him?" "He's someone to be afraid of when he gets mad." "Is that
      all you thought?" "That's all I was able to think." says Holly. "You see
      when he went down there after you everyone thought it was to inflict some
      sort of punishment on you. Yet when I got down there he had forgotten all
      about it. What did you say or do to make him change his mind?" Holly stands
      up. "I just told him the truth. That I was afraid and looking for a way
      out." Holly says as she walks across the bedroom floor. "I suspected
      something else. Another of the strange things we find ourselves facing and
      thinking and imagining in this garden of evil." "You know what really
      confuses me though, was the first time he found me down there as he put it.
      Well he took me down there himself." Alison looks at Holly. "He took you
      down there himself?" she asks Holly. "Yes, and then later he didn't even
      remember it." Alison looks away in puzzlement.

      Vangie is laying the tarot cards upon the table staring straight ahead as
      Alison who has come down the staircase sees her. Alison rushes over to her.
      "Vangie, are you all right?" Vangie stands, cries out and turns away.
      for heavens sake this must stop." Alison says putting her arms around
      her. Vangie
      cries out as she turns towards Alison. "How can I do it? The s�ance, warring
      spirits are gathering here! Which is good, which is evil. I can't tell for
      all is savage, filled with war and anger!" Vangie lowers her hands after
      raising them to her face. Calmly she turns to Alison. "You can't stand for
      much more of this Vangie." Alison says. Vangie stars straight ahead.

      Jean Paul is in the crypt when he hears someone on the stairs. He turns
      quickly and heads for the stairs. "Who is it?" Alison walks up to him. "What
      are you doing down here? Have you forgotten my orders so soon?" "Do you
      forget Jean Paul! I love my lost sister. We both love Erica." Jean Paul
      turns towards the capsule. "Very well, I'm aware of that. But I like to be
      here alone." "You also forget Jean Paul that it was you yourself who
      brought Holly down here and you forgot some other things. You forgot that
      you were the only one in the lab when these missing records were found.
      These medical records that could help bring Erica back to life. How is it
      that you who love her so could forget?" "Well I don't want you to forget
      that I will get the rest of these records if I have to drag them burning out
      of the devil's hand! I promise you that! I promise Erica!"

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

      "God is great, beer is good,
      and people are crazy."
      ...Billy Currington

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