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The ending to my story The Curse

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  • Debby Graham
    I finished my story The Curse. I hope you enjoy it. Debby Part 4 Chapter 3 Conjure Man Raxl strikes a match and applies it to the bowl. Flames erupt and as
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      I finished my story The Curse. I hope you enjoy it.


      Part 4

      Chapter 3 Conjure Man

      Raxl strikes a match and applies it to the bowl. Flames erupt and
      as they die down Quito begins to beat the drum.
      "I call upon the Prince of Light. Let the quickening fire burn out
      the darkness. Oh Priest of the Serpent free us from the curse of the
      demon. Free us before the binds that hold us together tighten and
      destroy the will to resist. I Raxl one of your Priestess of the
      Serpent look for a miracle that is only in the power of those that are
      greater than I." Raxl calls out as she raises her arms.

      On the Mainland in a small house the Conjure Man hears Raxl's call
      for help and crosses his arms. "If the Great Serpent wills it may I
      be lifted to the Island of evil to help my Priestess fight against the
      evil that has come upon us." The Conjure man is surrounded by light
      then he fades from sight.

      Quito stops beating the drum as he watches a column of light appear
      next to the altar. The Conjure man appears and Raxl drops to her
      knees and bows her head. The Conjure man touches her shoulder and
      Raxl raises her head.

      "Stand Priestess."

      Raxl comes to her feet as the Conjure man looks at Quito.

      "The devil has made my friend his slave." Raxl says to the Conjure Man.

      "Come with me I will take you both to a place where our people have
      worshipped for many, many years." The Conjure Man tells them then
      walks to a solid wall of stone. "Quito push on the wall at this
      spot." The Conjure Man says as he touches the wall.

      Quito touches the wall then turns and uses his back to push against
      the hidden doorway.

      "This is the passage to our Sacred Temple."The Conjure man tells
      them as he lifts a torch from the wall. They follow him through a
      passage to another door. The Conjure man pushes it open then steps
      inside. He bows towards a golden staff engraved with a winding snake.
      Raxl also bows then the Conjure Man hands the torch to Raxl then
      raises his arms in front of Quito.

      "I give you back awareness but I cannot restore your life to you."
      The Conjure Man says as a white shimmering light surround Quito's body.

      Quito falls to his knees as his body becomes engulfed in pain.

      "I am sorry faithful follower but there is no other way." The
      Conjure Man tells him.

      Quito raises his head then stands and looks at Raxl.

      "Quito you are no longer under the control of that demon." Raxl
      says to him.

      Quito nods and they both face the Conjure Man.

      "Conjure Man the devil has entered the Master. He has come back
      from the dead after being punished for killing his wife."

      "Priestess an image must be made of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes in the
      form of a doll. Once that is done a silver rod must be driven through
      the temple of the doll. Through the power of the Serpent God Jacques
      Eloi Des Mondes spirit will be trapped forever. Then you must find a
      place to hide the doll where it can never be found so he can never be
      released again." A faint glow surrounds the Conjure Man. "I grow
      weak; it is time for me to go."

      Raxl bows and Quito drops to his knees as the Conjure Man crosses
      his arms as the white light surrounds him and he disappears.

      Raxl glances around as Quito stands, she walks to the sacrificial
      table and touches it. "Quito we must collect cloth and hair from the
      Master's clothing but first I must contact Monsieur D'Anton's ship and
      have Mademoiselle Raua and Monsieur D"Anton's bodies collected to take
      back to France for a proper burial."

      Quito nods and follows Raxl from the Temple. Quito closes the door
      as Raxl places the torch back in a holder in the crypt. "Place
      Monsieur D'Anton's body on the marble table next to Mademoiselle Raua."

      Quito nods and steps towards D"Anton as Raxl walks form the crypt.

      Entering the Great Hall Raxl finds Jacques sitting in front of his
      portrait. "Raxl we shall have a funeral feast in honor of
      Mademoiselle Raua and my friend D'Anton."

      "Master this is not right."

      "Right Raxl, what is not right?"

      "For you to be celebrating the deaths of your best friend and the
      Mistress's sister."

      "Their deaths have given me life Raxl .so why shouldn't I celebrate?
      Now go to the kitchen and prepare dinner."

      Raxl walks towards the kitchen as Jacques turns away. Raxl stops
      and glances at him then quickly rushes up the staircase.

      Raxl stops in front of Jacques bedroom door and uses her key to
      unlock it. Entering she picks up his brush and pulls hair from it.
      Next she walks to his wardrobe and tears the lining from Jacques
      cloths then gathers other personal items from his room. Wrapping the
      items in the cloth she steps to the door and glances out into the
      hallway. Stepping out she rushes to the servant's quarters where she
      hides the items in her room. Raxl steps from her room and uses the
      back staircase to enter the kitchen.

      That evening after Jacques retires for the night Raxl enters her
      room. She takes the items she took from Jacques room and forms a
      doll. Next she sews a costume to match the one that Jacques had wore
      in his portrait. Once it is done she hides the doll in the bottom of
      her wardrobe.

      As the sun begins to rise Raxl wakes and leaves her room. She knocks
      on Quito's door. The door opens and Quito stands in the doorway.

      "Quito are you ready?" She asks.

      Quito nods when he sees the doll in her hand. He steps into the
      hallway and closes the door behind him. They quietly walk down the
      staircase. As they walk towards the crypt the sunlight disappears and
      the house grows dark. Thunder shakes the mansion as lightening flashes
      through the windows.

      "Quickly Quito we must hurry and do it now before that demon wakes
      and tries to stop us."

      Quito nods and they rush to the crypt. Raxl stops at the place that
      D'Anton's body had been. The body no longer was on the marble slab.
      "Quito the Master has taken the body. We must call for the Conjure
      Man before that demon`s power grows stronger.

      Quito walks to the wall where the door to the Temple is hidden. He
      pushes it open as Raxl collects a torch. She steps inside as Quito
      closes the door. Once in the Temple she hands the torch to Quito.
      They steps forward and bow in front of the staff of the Serpent God,

      As Jacques sleeps a voice calls out to him. "Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes you must awaken. The witch is going to destroy you if she is
      not stopped."

      Jacques opens his eyes and climbs from the bed and grabs his sword.
      "Where do I go Master?"

      "Go to the crypt. The witch must be stopped."

      As Jacques rushes to the crypt Quito closes the door to the temple.
      Jacques glances around then shouts. "Raxl I command that you come
      here before me now!"

      "Jacques call Quito to you." The devil tells him.

      Jacques raises his hand. "Quito I call you to come to me." A dark
      shadow of light is released from Jacques hand.

      In the Temple Quito stiffens.

      "No Quito do not listen to him. The Conjure Man gave you back your
      spirit of free will. You must fight against the demon's influence."

      A shiver shakes his body then Quito walks to his drum. He sits on a
      barrel and begins to beat the drum.

      Raxl collect a bowl and fills it with liquid. As she lights the
      liquid flames shoot up towards the ceiling. As the flame dies down
      she raises the Conjure Doll above the bowl. "I call upon the Conjure
      Man to help me destroy the evil that lives on Maljardin."

      As she looks upon the altar a silver pin appears. "Priestess Raxl
      you must push the pin through the temple and call to the Great Serpent
      to stop Jacques Eloi Des Mondes." The voice of the Conjure Man echoes
      around the room.

      Raxl holds the doll in one hand and raises the pin in her other
      hand. "I Raxl call upon my Serpent God to trap the demon that is
      Master of Maljardin. I ask for his punishment for his crimes as a
      murderer." Raxl pushes the pin through the temple of the doll.

      Jacques screams and clutches his head in agony. He falls to the
      ground and his body fades away. All that is left upon the floor is
      salt water as his body is sent back to the sea. The storm that had
      been raging outside has stopped.

      "It is done Priestess, the evil is gone." The Conjure Man's voice
      is heard in the room.

      Raxl bows to the staff then turns to Quito. "Come we must wait for
      the ship that is to take Mademoiselle Raua's body to France."

      Quito pulls upon the secret door and enters the passage. Raxl
      follows him into the crypt. "Go to the beach and wait." Raxl tells

      Quito nods and walks from the crypt.

      As evening arrives Raxl enters the Great Hall ands stops in front of
      Jacques portrait. "Your evil has been destroyed Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes. May only goodness come to Maljardin."

      The Mark of Death appears on the portrait. "You have betrayed me
      Madame Le'Twaire. You asked for everlasting life now you shall have
      it. Look out the window." A heartbeat begins to pound through the
      room. "I command that you walk to the window!" The voice shouts.

      Raxl begins to shake as she turns to the window. She glances at the
      sky and sees a single red star that seems to be pulsating.

      "From this day on through eternity you will bring to me from each
      generation a male descendant of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes to do my

      Raxl glances at her hand as the Mark of Death appears upon it.

      THE END
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