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  • Ron Janick
    Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7791 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2008
      Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7791 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.

      Summaries are written by Debby Graham . The collage presentation is the work of Ron Janick.


      Episode 183 Collage: http://tinyurl.com/4za54n

      Emily helps Susan to sit up and tells her she needs to get some sleep. Susan asks Emily not to read from the book and to take the document from her room. Emily gathers the document and book and leaves the room. Susan listens at the door then steps from the room.

      Raxl wakes Philip and informs him morning is almost here. Susan joins them and asks if they heard bells ringing. When they tell her no Susan questions why they would only ring for her when she did not go to the Town Square and see the execution. Susan rushes from the room and Philip sends Raxl after her.

      Jean Paul looks over the documents that Laslo signed as Emily joins him in the Drawing room. He informs her that Laslo is gone. Emily tells him about Susan fainting when she was reading a passage from a book. She warns Jean Paul that the danger is increasing for Susan the closer they get to ending the Desmond curse.

      Philip joins them telling them he doesn’t want to be alone then tells them about Susan talking about church bell ringing and then running off. Emily leaves the room to go to Susan.

      Philip warns Jean Paul that there was a new danger at Desmond Hall tonight. Jean Paul informs him about Laslo and the attempt on Ada’s life.

      Susan stands in the secret room and begs for the life of Philippe Des Mondes to be saved and cries out as flames surround him. Raxl joins her as Susan covers her ears and tells her the bells are ringing out his death. Susan begs Raxl to save him and bring his ashes to her.

      Jean Paul joins Emily in the Drawing Room and greets her with a kiss. Philip joins them and Jean Paul suggest going on a picnic. Emily volunteers to ask Susan

      Jean Paul discovers the document on the desk with the missing mark. Philip questions how it could be gone then finds the book left by Emily. He finds the passage that is marked about the execution and begins to read it. Philip hears the bells ringing and mentions it to Jean Paul. As they glance out the window Jean Paul tells him he doesn’t hear anything.

      Emily joins Susan and mentions that Susan fainted the night before. Susan tells her she doesn’t remember. Emily asks her to go with her, Jean Paul and Philip on a picnic near the cliffs.

      Philip argues that there were church bells ringing as Raxl joins them and tells Jean Paul he must believe Philip. She tells him that Susan also heard them. Jean Paul leaves the room to speak to Susan.

      Raxl stops Philip from following and tells him that Susan is leading them where they must go starting with Jacques and his brother. Philip informs her that is does not involve him or his people. Raxl tells him he must stay until the curse is ended.

      Jean Paul meets Emily in the hallway outside Susan's room and informs him that Susan agreed to go with them. Jean Paul asks about Susan hearing the church bells. She tells him that Susan fainted when she heard a passage that was read from a book. Jean Paul begins to quote the words and tells her that Philip also heard the bells when he read the passage.

      Philip sits and talks discouragingly about being led further and further from his people towards something that don’t involve him. Raxl tells him he was led to Desmond Hall to correct the evil that touches the Desmonds. Emily joins them and Raxl asks her to speak to Philip.

      Philip tells Emily he only promised to stay until Jean Paul was free from the star. Philip becomes upset as he tells her the star has now come to him with the Mark of Death and now the bells. Emily tells him the bells may mean something else beside death and because of him Irene, Laslo and the star no longer threatens them.

      Jean Paul tells Susan that they are concerned about her. He mentions the church bells and Philip hearing them. Susan begs him not to let Philip hear them and tells him she is frightened. Jean Paul takes the box of ashes from his pocket and Susan pulls away in fear. He tells her they will keep her safe and Susan reaches for them. As she holds them she drops the box on the floor and they go up in flames. Susan cries out to Philippe as church bells sound in the room.


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