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  • Ron Janick
    Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7778 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2008
      Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7778 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.

      Summaries are written by Debby Graham . The collage presentation is the work of Ron Janick.


      Episode 182 Collage: http://tinyurl.com/4x6x3j

      Emily enters the Drawing Room and notices that the mark is gone from the document. She questions Julian about it. Julian tells Susan to take the document to her room and let it take her to the past. He asks Emily to use her books and help Susan.

      In the secret room Cort mentions Laslo’s past as he takes newspaper clippings from his pocket that tell about Laslo’s first wife’s death. He asks if his mother would be next as he holds a gun on Laslo. He orders Laslo from the room to answer questions about his mother’s suicide attempt.

      Jean Paul hides the bottle of poison as Julian enters his room and informs him that Cort is bringing Laslo to see him. Julian hides behind the drapes as Laslo enters and Cort stands in the doorway holding the gun. Jean Paul asks for the gun then sends Cort downstairs.
      Jean Paul places the gun in his pocket and questions Laslo about Ada’s suicide attempt. Laslo denies any knowledge and places the blame on Julian. Julian steps out and confronts Laslo. Laslo tries to leave and Jean Paul takes the gun from his pocket and points it at him. Julian asks to be alone with Laslo. Laslo begs Jean Paul not to leave then grabs the gun and orders Jean Paul away from the door. Julian informs Laslo that there is no escape as he walks through the closed door. Laslo drops the gun and tells Jean Paul that Julian is not human.

      Emily tells Susan there is a book that will help with the document. Susan begs Emily to go no further with the document then glances outside to see the two stars in the sky.

      Julian joins Cort in the Drawing Room. Cort warns him to beware of Laslo. Julian promises that he and Jean Paul will send Laslo away from Desmond Hall.

      Laslo mentions the way Julian left the room. Jean Paul tells him Julian left as anyone would and insinuates that Laslo is insane. Laslo claims that Jean Paul murdered the girls and Jean Paul denies it. Emily joins them and Laslo asks her about the nights that Annie, Crystal and Agatha died. Emily tells him she remembers that he was not at Desmond Hall any of the nights. Laslo leaves the room and tells them they can’t blame him for their deaths. Emily asks Jean Paul to trust her when he reminds her that Laslo didn’t kill the girls.

      Laslo enters the foyer with his suitcases and Julian stops him and tells him he must speak to Jean Paul before he leaves. Jean Paul steps into the Drawing Room doorway and calls Laslo inside. Laslo joins Cort as Jean Paul hands him a statement to sign releasing Ada from any financial obligation. Laslo refuses and Cort reminds him of the clippings of his first wife’s death. Laslo signs the paper and Jean Paul presents him with another stating that Laslo tried to kill Ada after forging a suicide note. Julian joins them and tells Laslo if he ever returns they will contact the police. Laslo signs and as he leaves Desmond Hall Julian warns him not to tempt fate because he will be caught.

      Emily brings a book to Susan’s room telling her there is a passage about a woman named Le’ Contes Gabrielle and her two sons that involve the witchcraft trials. As Emily begins to read about an execution Susan sway as church bells sound in the room and she collapses on the bed.


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