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  • Ron Janick
    Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7431 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008
      Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7431 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.

      Summaries are written by Debby Graham . The collage presentation is the work of Ron Janick.


      Episode 161 Collage: http://tinyurl.com/2bkmhn

      Emily notices the Mark of Death as Cort walks towards her. She raises the totem and calls on Orendo. Cort collapses at her feet.

      Raxl stands in front of Jacques portrait and asks for protection. The heartbeat sounds in the room and Raxl tells him she will stop the wedding and destroy Philippe. The heartbeat becomes silent.

      Emily calls to Cort as Philip enters the room. Emily tells him what happened and Philip sends her from the room.
      Philip helps Cort to his bed and informs him that Emily is dead then questions him on why he killed her. Philip tells Cort he is going to call the police.

      Raxl questions Jacques on why the heartbeat stopped then notices the star is gone. Philip stands in the doorway and asks Raxl about Emily. Raxl informs him that she has not seen her. Philip accuses her of lying and sending Emily to her death. He informs her he is calling the police because Cort has confessed.

      Raxl follows him into the foyer as Cort calls to her from the staircase. She rushes outside and Cort goes after her. Emily stands at the top of the staircase and Philip tells her to go back to her room.

      Raxl arrives at Irene’s cottage and asks for help. Irene tells her to go back to Desmond Hall. When Raxl threatens her Irene agrees that she can stay.

      Philip takes Emily to Cort’s room and informs her that Jean Paul is free of the star. Cort is now cursed and they can save him through Orendo’s protection. He tells her that Raxl and Cort both believe that she is dead.

      Raxl lights the candles and calls on the Dark spirits. The candles blow out and Irene becomes upset.
      Cort enters the cottage and blames Raxl for Emily’s death. Raxl orders Irene from the room. She tells Cort he will follow the will of her master every time the star appears or she will inform the police that he killed Emily and Agatha Pruett. . Cort threatens to kill Raxl.

      Philip calls on Orendo to protect Emily. Tears run down the face of the mask and Philip informs her she is under Orendo’s protection. He speaks to Orendo silently that he is going to confront the evil that is harming his people. The drumbeat fills the air in response.

      Raxl calls to Cort as she walks through the woods. After she walks away Cort steps forward and notices the star. He rushes away when the heartbeat starts.

      Philip enters Irene’s cottage and informs Irene that Emily has been murdered and asks about Cort. Irene mentions that Cort came to see Raxl and they both left.

      Philip finds Cort and forces him to go back to Desmond Hall as Raxl stands and watches.


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