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  • Ron Janick
    Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7137 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.
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      Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 7137 votes. Go : http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/nominations.html and vote every hour.

      Summaries are written by Debby Graham . The collage presentation is the work of Ron Janick.


      Episode 141 Collage: http://tinyurl.com/2rfbxg

      Susan explains that she came to Desmond Hall because she was needed and was led by the star.

      Jean Paul warns Philip that he is in danger of dying if he stays with him. Philip mentions the curse is also affecting his people. Then he tells Jean Paul he must submit to the rituals of his people if he wants to be helped. Jean Paul agrees and Philip calls to Orendo and explains that Orendo is the guardian of his people. He tells him the reason he came to Desmond Hall was to trace the evil that haunts his people.

      Raxl questions Jean Paul about Philip and his plans.

      Philip enters the Drawing Room and Emily asks his decision about Jean Paul. Philip asks for the totem and tells Emily to stay in her room until he returns.

      As they enter the foyer Susan joins them. Philip asks her to stay with Emily until he returns.

      Philip walks through the woods carrying the totem. Stopping he asks permission to bring the spirits of his tribe to save an outsider. An Indian mask appears in the tree near him. Kneeling he asks for Jean Paul to be added under its protection. Tears run down the masks face as permission is granted. Philip collects the mask and walks back to Desmond Hall.

      Susan tells Emily about her vision and they look through the books in the Drawing Room for information about a servant that was involved in the past.
      Philip joins them and to speak to Emily alone. He gives her the totem and tells her they will use his people beliefs and his learning at the University to trace the Desmond curse to its source.

      Raxl enters Jean Paul’s room with Susan. Jean Paul questions her about the star and asks if she fears him. Susan tells him she never said he was a murderer. Raxl warns him that Susan brings evil. Susan reminds them that there was evil here before she arrived.

      Raxl joins Emily in the Drawing Room and asks her to speak to Philip and ask him not to meddle in Jean Paul’s affairs. Emily tells Raxl Philip is only trying to help.

      Philip shows Jean Paul the mask of Orendo calling it Gagossa and asks him to place his trust in the Spirit God. He calls to Orendo and asks for Jean Paul to be included in his protection. Tears run down the face of the mask and Philip asks Jean Paul to stay in his room

      Raxl enters Susan’s room and calls her Susanne O’Claire and asks what part she had played in the Desmond curse.


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