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Re: Straight to DVD + An Alternative

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  • mimmo.briganti
    Hi John, Thanks for your comments. I m trying various ideas to get the show out. Perhaps your company can approach them? Give Jack a call at 917-592-6227.
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 31, 2007
      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments. I'm trying various ideas to get the show
      out. Perhaps your company can approach them? Give Jack a call at
      917-592-6227. Also, try their Canadian distributor, Bruce Raymond,
      at raymond dot international at rogers dot com.

      If we all work together and get organized like the DS crowd did, I'm
      sure we can get the series out.


      --- In strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com, Oldtime Radio <otrl2@...>
      > >>I spoke to Jack yesterday about DVDs. He feels that
      > >only Canadians
      > >will remember and buy the series, and that if there
      > is a >DVD issue, it would be released to the Canadian
      > market >only.
      > Well, I do believe that this ("only Canadians") would
      > be the wrong way to look at it. Since Canada is also
      > region 1 for DVD, why not market to the USA also once
      > they do a manufacturing run? That only makes sense if
      > you have an inventory of 8,000.
      > I grew up in Tennessee, and in my local market, as
      > another poster mentioned, SP aired right after DS (on
      > a competitor channel). Clearly, they wanted to snag
      > the young DS viewership. Almost all of the friends I
      > had as a youngster who watched DS also watched SP.
      > The point is that I believe that SP *WOULD be* well
      > remembered in the USA by DS fans (NOT just Canada),
      > and I agree with sprules that the key to marketing SP
      > is to tap in to the DS fandom.
      > Personally, I tend to think there's a big enough
      > market in Canada+USA to successfully sell the series,
      > provided that the ***DS fandom*** can be tapped.
      > Therefore, I would be persuing the Jim Pierson angle,
      > if I were the owner or promoter involved in this.
      > Internet download at .99cents per ep may be a good
      > idea (provided that it is DVD quality -- mpeg 2), but
      > there are still many who are on dialup and would not
      > be able to access this. Broadband certainly
      > predominates, but I'm told there are still something
      > like 20-25% of people still on dialup, so that is a
      > significant limiting factor.
      > Also, downloads do not have the "cool" factor of DVDs
      > with packaging, extras, etc. Another factor is, if
      > you offer downloads first, and then later want to
      > offer DVD, will your core constituency buy AGAIN on
      > DVD? Some would, but many, having downloaded and
      > burned for themselves, likely wouldn't.
      > An ALTERNATIVE: There IS one other alternative which
      > I have not mentioned in all of this, which might be
      > worth considering if the owner/promoter is truly
      > fearful that 8,000 units will be difficult to sell.
      > That is: strike a deal with a small video production
      > company who can professionally author discs and
      > professionally design packaging and release the series
      > on small run DVD-R. (I happen to run such a studio,
      > although I'm NOT making a sales pitch here. There are
      > many such studios.) This gives the advantage of
      > professional package design and authoring of discs,
      > with the advantage of not having to invest huge money
      > to glass-master and replicate 8,000 at a time.
      > (And the packaging design can always be done by the
      > promoter himself, if he wishes, and provided to the
      > studio).
      > The key in making this approach work is to choose the
      > RIGHT small studio where the people CARE about what
      > they are doing, where they can turn out packaging and
      > menu design that is truly professional in look and
      > functionality (not a "homemade" job), and where they
      > take a professional approach to their work and meet
      > their deadlines, etc. It would be an ongoing
      > relationship, where the small studio would manufacture
      > small runs of the series to order, as the need arises.
      > By using this "boutique studio" approach, the DVD-Rs
      > can be made to order in smaller quantities of, say,
      > 100, once a set of masters is created. Whomever is
      > selling them (like the promoter's website or other
      > websites) merely orders a shipment of, say, 50, 100 or
      > 200 as they need them for their inventory, allowing
      > the studio two or three weeks lead time for the studio
      > to make them up and ship them out.
      > So in this way, you don't have the huge
      > investment/gamble in pre-replicating 8,000 units, yet
      > you still have the advantages of professional on-face
      > DVD disc printing for the DVDs, and nice looking
      > packaging/artwork for the cases.
      > There are still a very small number of home players
      > "out there" which may not be compatible with DVD-R
      > (the experts estimate 3 to 5%), so that must be taken
      > into account, but it's very small, and usually older
      > players. If you're willing to deal with a small
      > number of returns for that reason, and IF you're
      > dealing with a professional studio who can create a
      > professional looking product, small run DVD-R can be a
      > viable alternative. We have two documentary series
      > which we provide in this way and which continue to
      > sell on an ongoing basis, bringing their owners
      > continuing returns with minimal investment.
      > Again, please know that I'm NOT hawking for business
      > here (we're busy already!), but just saying that *IF*
      > done properly and professionally, and not on a
      > "homemade" or "hobbyist" basis, DVD-R can be a very
      > profitable alternative for a producer who is reluctant
      > to invest in large replication runs.
      > Just some additional thoughts.
      > John
      > "OTRL2"
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