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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode 27, Tuesday

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  • Ron Janick
    Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 3918 votes. Go : http://tinyurl.com/ywknfn and vote every hour. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2007
      Today Strange Paradise has received a total of 3918 votes. Go : http://tinyurl.com/ywknfn and vote every hour.

      Summaries are written by Debby Graham . The collage presentation is the work of Ron Janick.

      Episode 27 Collage: http://tinyurl.com/ytpgt2

      Holly is seated at the dining table as Quito pours her coffee. He tries to touch her and frightens her. Jean Paul rushes into the room after Holly cries out. After he calms her he joins her at the table and they discuss Holly’s father.
      Quito enters the crypt and checks the gauges. Kneeling next to Erica’s capsule he starts to cry.
      Elizabeth joins Jean Paul and Holly at the table. Jacques warns Jean Paul to watch out for Elizabeth Marshal..
      Jean Paul rings for Quito and asks about the cryonic’s gauges then asks him to go to the Mainland to collect the mail. Holly and Elizabeth begin to argue.
      Jean Paul leaves the table and enters his room. He lies on his bed as Jacques torments him about Erica and tells him to have some fun with Elizabeth. When Jean Paul angrily refuses Jacques mentions Alison. Jacques takes possession of Jean Paul and enters the secret room.
      Holly knocks on Jean Paul’s room and enters. Not finding him she walks out of the room. Tim walks up to her and grabs her frightening her. Holly tells him of Jean Paul’s disappearance from his room.
      Tim joins Elizabeth for breakfast, then questions her about Jean Paul as Jacques watches them from the secret room.
      Jacques records a message to Jean Paul about the women on the Island wanting to get closer to him.
      Jacques turns the monitor to the crypt and tells Erica that Jean Paul will soon be joining her.
      Tim stands on the side of the painting of Erica and complains to Elizabeth that he can’t get the portrait to come out like he wants it too. Then tells her that she is not quite the monster Holly says she is.
      As he watches them Jacques releases Jean Paul. Holly walks by Jean Paul’s room as Jean Paul steps out startling Holly.
      Jean Paul tells Jacques if Erica is not returned to him he will join her. Jacques tells him that will only happen when he (Jacques) wishes it. Jean Paul threatens Jacques with finding the doll and pin. Jacques forces him to lie on the bed then asks who is in charge.


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