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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 191 [Monday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 2960 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 2960 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 191
      Episode 191a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3codjr
      Episode 191b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/39sj7w

      As they walk towards Emily she raises the document. “I defy you, all of you. Which one of you dares admit his part in this covenant and name himself as the instrument of evil?” Jean Paul turns and walks away from her. Emily rushes after him. “Jean Paul?” she says as she steps in front of him. “Emily why did you come here? You know you cannot stop what must be.” “I’m prepared to take this risk for the sake of our future.” “You would have been safe in Susan’s room. Her spirit would have at least not let anything happen to you.” “It’s not my own safety I am down here to protect it’s yours.” Jean Paul turns. “Close the door Cort. Philip go to the window and make sure no one comes into the house.” Cort walks to the door and closes it. Philip walks across the room to the window.
      “What are you going to do?” Emily asks Jean Paul. “Look at my hand.’ Jean Paul says as he shows her his hand. The Mark of Death is still there. Emily glances down in horror and grasps his hand. “No! You were free from all of that!” “No one is free it seems.” Jean Paul glances away. “From the star, from the sound of the heartbeat in this room.” Emily looks at Philip. “Philip what happened?” She cries out. “I thought we vanquished it!” Philip raises his hand. “Look.” On his hand is the Mark of Death. Emily glances at Philip’s face then turns and looks up at Jean Paul. She releases his hand and runs to the door. Cort stands next to the door and raises his hand. Emily turns and puts her back against the door. “All three of you aren’t going to kill me. Which one of you is it? Which one has he named?”
      Jean Paul walks across the room towards Emily. “What do you mean by that?”
      “Which one has he chosen?” Emily asks. “What are you talking about?” Jean Paul asks. “I know tell me!” Emily glances at Cort, then Philip and holds up the document. “Listen. If I fail in this pledge I give you as hostage any male descendant you shall name in perpetuity.” Emily reads from the document.
      Philip walks towards her. “Where did you get that?” He asks as the heartbeat still pounds through the room. “Those are the words of a pact sealed with the Mark of Death and made with the devil.” Jacques begins to laugh. Jean Paul turns. “Stop it! Stop it I tell you!” Jean Paul shouts as he walks towards the portrait.
      Emily rushes past Jean Paul and holds the document in front of the portrait. “Do not mock us Jacques Eloi Des Mondes!” Jacques becomes silent as the heartbeat stops. Cort walks away from the door. “It’s stopped.” He stands next to Jean Paul. Jean Paul opens his hand as does Cort. The Mark of Death is no longer on their hands. Philip stands next to Emily and looks at his hand. It has also left his hand. Cort walks up and stands next to Emily. “How? How did you do it?” “The portrait and this document are linked together somehow.” “He signed it.” Cort says as he looks at the portrait. “There’s no signature.” Emily says. “It’s his mark!” “We don’t know that for certain.” Emily says as she turns towards Cort. “How are we to find out?” Jean Paul asks. “The book is the only possible clue we have. Come and help me Jean Paul.” Emily says as she walks to him and touches his arm. “Emily I cannot leave here until the morning.” “The morning will be too late.” “Don’t risk
      your life by staying with me tonight.” Jean Paul says holding her hand in both of his. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.” Jean Paul turns away from her. “I don’t want to kill you.” Emily steps closer to him. “Did you want to kill Agatha Pruett? Or Annie Harrigan?” Jean Paul shakes his head as he lowers his gaze. “No.” “But you did kill them?” Jean Paul raises his head but does not answer. Emily turns and looks at Cort and Philip. They are standing in front of the portrait. “Who did you kill Cort?” “No one.” he answers. “And you Philip?” “No one. I tried to kill Irene.” “But you didn’t, did you?” Emily says to him. “The star never really reached you or Cort. The pact only bound one person to it.” She turns and looks at Jean Paul. “Jean Paul.” She says. “It has driven me to kill before and it will again.” Jean Paul says as he turns towards Emily then glances at Cort. “Cort take Emily to her room and lock her inside. And stay outside her door until
      the morning.” Emily shakes her head. “That will not stop the Desmond curse.” “It will save your life!” he says as he holds her by the arm. “No. It’s not my life I want to save it’s the curse I want to stop!” Emily shouts grabbing his arm. “Emily listen to me! For the love of God!”
      “No I will not listen! I will not listen to you!” “Tomorrow in the morning darling. Only until then!” Jean Paul says. “And what about tomorrow night?” “What about it?” Jean Paul asks. “Shall we wait every night to see if your star appears? Every morning will I wonder if my husband will be a murderer that night? No I will not live that life! We must stop it tonight!” “Then you should go! Because that is what your life with me will be.” “Come with me to your room and we will fight the star with the document and whatever knowledge we can find.” “For your own safety take Philip, Cort or anyone else but me!” “No. You’re the only one that has responded to the stars instructions. The others have tried but they failed. Jean Paul only you can help me trace the evil to its source.” “Emily you are inviting your own death.” “I told you that’s a risk I’m prepared to take.” Emily says then walks past him and leaves the room. Jean Paul watches her then looks away.
      “She’s right Jean Paul you are the chosen one. Go ahead, Cort and I will stay here.” Philip says to Jean Paul. Turning Jean Paul walks from the room closing them door behind him. Cort walks to the window and looks at the sky. He watches the star pulsate. “The star is still there.” He tells Philip. Philip walks up behind him. “It hasn’t finished its business with us yet.” Philip turns and walks to the portrait. “So Jacques Eloi Des Mondes you have made your choice. But now we shall see if mortal man can challenge you.” Philip says as he reaches his hand into his pocket and holds the box of ashes before the portrait. Cort turns and looks around. “Where’s Grandfather?” Philip turns and glances at Cort. “I don’t know. He must have left just before Emily came in.” Philip says. “I must find her!” Cort says as he starts across the room. “No Cort stay here.” Philip says to him. Cort turns towards Philip. “My Mother is alone upstairs. She is not safe with that man
      wandering through this house!” Cort says then rushes from the room. Philip turns and looks at the portrait. “What do you want with us?” He asks as he again holds the box of ashes before the portrait. Jacques begins to laugh at him.

      In Jean Paul’s room Jean Paul and Emily sit on the bed looking at the document. “I need the book.” Emily says as she stands. “Where is it?” Jean Paul asks as he stands next her. “It’s in Susan’s room.” She says as she walks towards the door.
      “No you stay here. I’ll go get it.” “Raxl is in there.” Emily says grabbing his arm. “Don’t let her know what you’re doing.” Jean Paul glances at Emily then walks from the room. Cort rushes through the hallway, Jean Paul stops him. “Where are you going?” “I must find Julian.” Cort says to him. “Julian will not be around until all is done.” Jean Paul says as he turns away. “What do you mean?” Cort asks. Jean Paul stops and looks at Cort. “I mean he brought the sacrifice to the altar of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.” He says then walks away. Cort turns and walks into Jean Paul’s room. Emily glances up from the document. “Cort you shouldn’t be up here!” “I must find Julian.” he says as he walks over to Emily.
      “Well you won’t see Julian until he wants you to.” “What do you mean?” “He’s different from other people and so is Raxl.” Emily says as she walks away from Cort as she looks at the document. “Different?” “Well they are not the same.”
      Cort walks up behind her. “That doesn’t make sense.” “Oh Raxl told me.” “When? What did she say?” “I don’t remember Cort. Forget it.” “Where is Raxl? I want to know.” “She’s in Susan’s room.” Emily tells him as she glances back at him. Jean Paul walks into Susan’s room “Raxl? Where are you?” He calls out as he steps into the room. And sees the book open on the dressing table. The book closes by itself and falls on the floor. The chair moves out by itself. “Raxl! Are you here?” He glances around the room “Raxl? Raxl.” He glances at the book and walks to it and picks it up. He glances around the room then looks at the book. He walks towards the door. Cort rushes into the room. ”Where’s Raxl?” Jean Paul glances back at the room. “I don’t know.” “Emily told me she was in here.” Jean Paul looks away from Cort. “Look!” Cort says as he looks at the window as the drapes move. “She is in here.” Jean Paul stands behind him staring at the window. “If she is she’s
      invisible.” He says as he looks around the room. “That’s not impossible. She’s not like other people.” Cort says as he watches the window. “What makes you say that?” Jean Paul asks. Cort turns and looks at Jean Paul. “That’s what she told Emily.” “She couldn’t have. It’s a secret.” Jean Paul says as he looks away from Cort. “What kind of secret?” “Raxl has been with the Desmonds for many years. She has many secrets that she can’t reveal.”
      Cort walks closer to Jean Paul. “Her secrets are very simple. She can’t die, it’s true isn’t it? Admit it.” “I don’t know.” Jean Paul says as he looks away. Cort turns his back to Jean Paul. “The fact that you can’t deny it means it is true.”
      Jean Paul glances at Cort. “Well I’m going to find out because she’s in this room and I’m going to speak to her and I’m going to speak to Julian Desmond too! Because I am not going to continue on living at the mercy of people living in other people’s bodies!” says Cort.

      Jacques again laughs. Philip backs away from him and looks around the room. “Why do you laugh at me?” Philip turns and faces the portrait. “You know me don’t you and you mock me.” Philip walks to the portrait and stands in front of it. Jacques continues to laugh. “Who ever you are, what ever we do within this house be blind.” Philip dips his finger in the ashes and runs his finger across the eyes of the portrait “See no more of what we do.”

      Jean Paul drops the book and cries out as he covers his eyes with his hands.
      Cort rushes up to him. “What is it?” “Get Emily quickly.” Jean Paul says to him.
      “What is it?” Cort asks again. “Hurry!” Cort turns and rushes from the room.
      Jean Paul runs his hands over the side of his face. He touches his eyes with his fists. He gasps as he reaches out with his hands and feels his way across the room. He bumps into the bed.

      “Seal your lips to laughter. Keep your sound to yourself until we are free of the Desmond curse.” Philip says as he rubs ashes across the lips of the portrait.
      Jean Pal covers his mouth with his hand then clutches his throat. He holds his neck with one hand and reaches out with the other feeling his way to sit on the bed. He sits holding his throat in agony. Emily rushes into the room. “Jean Paul what’s the matter?” She asks as she sits next to him grabbing his arm. Jean Paul stares ahead as he reaches for Emily’s hand. “Jean Paul can you see me?” Emily asks as she kneels next to him on the floor. Jean Paul shakes his head no. He grabs his throat and gasps. Emily touches his face. “Oh my darling what happened?” Emily cries out as she hugs him. Jean Paul holds his throat and gasps. “Can you hear me?” She asks as she holds him by the shoulders. Jean Paul nods. “Lie down.” Emily says as she stands and helps him to lay back. “I’ll get a doctor. I’ll send Philip to you. “Emily says then rushing across the room she sees the book. She stops and picks it up. “Susan don’t let this happen to him. Stop whoever is doing this! Help
      me!” Susan glances up. “Susan help me.” She shakes her head then looks at the book and opens it. She walks back to Jean Paul. “In the crowd that morning where all the Noble men of Paris come to make sure their secrets were burned with the martyr one of them a tall elegant man watched without expression until the smoke and flames obscured the sight of the tortured saint.” She closes the book and walks to Jean Paul’s side and waves her hand in front of his face. “Can you see me?” Jean Paul turns his face away from her. Emily sets the book on the dressing table and walks to the door as Cort walks into the room. He glances at Jean Paul. Emily pushes him from the room going out with him as she closes the door behind her. “What’s the matter with Jean Paul?” Cort asks. “He’s not well.” “What is it?” “He’s blind and he can’t speak!” “Blind?” Cort says to her. Emily turns her face to the side of the door. “Cort go get Philip please.” “Well I’ll get a doctor.” “Oh it’s all
      my fault! He didn’t want to come up here, he warned me and now he is being punished! Because of me!” Emily starts to sob. “No he’s being punished for something else.” “For what! He’s done nothing!” Emily says sobbing. “For revealing a secret of Raxl’s.”
      Emily turns and looks at Cort. “What secret?” She asks as she cries. “Raxl has lived for hundreds of years. So has Julian Desmond.” “He told you that?” Emily asks. “Yes but I forced him to. I didn’t know he’s been bound to Raxl in silence. She was his servant. She was sent to guard over him.” “Why do you say was?”
      Cort glances at her. “Well she’s gone.” “No she was in Susan’s room when I went downstairs.” “She still is, she’s invisible. Jean Paul became blind when he told me the secret of Raxl.” “Go and get Philip.” She grabs his arm. “Quickly, go!” Emily tells him. Cort rushes off as Emily turns back to Susan’s room.

      Philip looks up at Jacques’ portrait. “Through these ashes bring me the truth. And with the truth we will end your evil dominance over your descendants. We will carry on the Desmond name without the taint of your corruption. And without the punishment for your sins. You will never see again and you will die. Finally die!” Philip turns and walks to the window and looks at the sky. The star is no longer in the sky. Philip turns back to the portrait. “Your star is gone and we will find a way to make it disappear forever.” Philip closes the box of ashes and places them in his shirt pocket. Cort rushes into the room. “Cort what’s the matter?” Philip asks turning towards him, “It’s Jean Paul he’s...” Well what’s wrong with him?” “He’s blind.” “Blind?” Cort looks at him. “That’s impossible! How!” Philip asks. “Emily just told me he’s blind and can’t talk.” Philip turns and looks at the portrait. “Where is he Cort?” “He’s up in Susan’s room with Emily.” Philip turns
      towards Cort. “You stay here and watch that portrait. Now don’t take your eyes off it! And let me know if anything strange happens with it.’ “I don’t understand.” “I can’t explain it to you now Cort. Just do as I say please.” Philip says then turns and rushes from the room.

      Jean Paul gasps as he touches his chest and cries out with a gurgle. Emily holds his hand and touches his shoulder. “Can you see?” Jean Paul shakes his head no. “Can you hear me?” Jean Paul grasps her hands and nods. “Do you want to go back to your room now?” Jean Paul nods. Emily pulls his feet to the edge of the bed and helps him up. Jean Paul trips and Emily holds on to him. “It’s all right. It's all right I’ll help you. We must get you a doctor.” Jean Paul shakes his head no and turns his head away. “We must, we need help. Come back to your room now and rest.” Emily says as he helps him from the room and down the hallway to his room. Philip reaches Susan’s room and rushes through the door. “Jean Paul?” He glances around the room as the bells start to ring. Susan? What is it?” Philip sees the book and walks across the room and picks it up. Opening it he starts looking through it when he hears a scream. Closing the book he carries it with him as he rushes
      from the room.

      Emily grabs Jean Paul’s arm and shakes him as he lies on the bed. “No! Jean Paul no you can’t die! You mustn't die!” She holds him. “I won’t let you die!” “Emily!” Philip calls as he enters the room. Emily jumps up releasing Jean Paul. He rolls onto his side. Emily throws herself against Philip. “Philip help him he’s dying!” Emily sobs. “He lost his sight, then his speech and now... oh I can’t let it happen!” Emily starts to cry. Philip sets her back from him and steps over to the bed. “Jean Paul? Jean Paul!” he calls out as he turns Jean Paul onto his back. “Can you hear me?” Jean Paul lies not moving. Philip reaches into his pocket and takes out the small box of ashes. Opening the box he dips his finger into them and touches the ashes to Jean Paul’s eyes then his lips. Jean Paul sits up and clutches his neck as he looks at Philip. Seeing him he grabs Philip’s arm. “Thank God. Thank God.” Jean Paul says. Emily rushes around the bed and puts her arms around Jean
      Paul as she sits next to him. Philip sits on Jean Paul’s other side. Jean Paul holds Emily tightly in his arms. “Darling.” Emily says leaning against him. Philip puts the box of ashes back into his pocket. Jean Paul glances at him. “Everything went black almost as if I had died. And I had the strangest dream.” Jean Paul says as he lowers his head against his hands. “I can’t remember what it was.” He says as he lowers his hands and raises his head. “You were watching someone burn at the stake.” Philip says as he stares straight ahead. Jean Paul looks at him. “How did you know that?” Philip looks at Jean Paul. “Who was it Jean Paul? Do you know?” Jean Paul stares ahead then gasps and looks at Philip. “It was you Philip. You were wearing some sort of smock and you were smiling.” Jean Paul says as he looks away. “Smiling! Even though the flames had totally engulfed you.” He looks back at Philip. “I tried to pray for you but I couldn’t.” Jean Paul says with a sob as he
      lowers his head and covers his face with his hands. Emily puts her arm around him.

      In the Drawing Room the portrait of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes has tears running down its cheeks. Cort stands staring at it.

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