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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 189 [Thursday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 2887 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 2887 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 189
      Episode 189a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2r8olg
      Episode 189b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2thywh

      “What do the bells mean? What are they trying to tell us?” Jean Paul asks. “Only Susan knows. Now she’s gone.” Jean Paul looks at Philip. “Didn’t she tell you?”
      “She told me that the box would protect me from evil. That was all.” Philip says as he steps away from Jean Paul. Jean Paul glances down at the box of ashes and bends down and picks them up. The bells stop. Jean Paul and Philip glance down at the box.

      Emily sits in front of the candle in the secret room. She glances up. “The bells are gone. Susan are you still there? Can you hear me?” Emily asks as she lowers her gaze. She stands and looks around. “Where are you? Tell me!” She calls out. The bells start to ring again and she walks to the table and picks up the candle.

      In the Drawing Room Raxl looks at Julian. “Is it wise to bring another Desmond into the circle? Remember what has happened in the past.” “In the past we worked in darkness. Now we are going towards the light.” “You’re taking a dangerous risk.” “It’s inevitable. Come Raxl have courage. We must step into the unknown without fear. Hesitation will only bring failure.” Raxl turns towards Julian. “But if we fail?” “We won’t fail.” Julian says as he picks up the document and holds it in front of the candle flame. He turns it over and shakes his head then walks to the portrait and lays the document on the mantel. Cort walks into the room. “You wanted to see me?” Julian turns and looks at him. “Yes, yes I did. I made you angry with me tonight.” Cort walks over to him. “Oh I’m not angry I’m just confused.” “I’m sorry it was unavoidable. You’ll understand later, I need your help Cort.” “Consider this very carefully Julian Desmond. Once we start we can not go back.” Raxl
      says to him. Julian glances at her. “Yes I know. Wait outside until I call you.” “Remember I warned you.” Raxl says then walks from the room. Cort looks at his grandfather. “What did she mean by that?” “Trust me I’m your Grandfather. We are Desmonds.” “Susan says you aren’t.” “Don’t believe what strangers tell you. The Desmonds will always recognize each other.” “What do you want with me?” “Follow my instructions tonight. Raxl and I are going to perform a ritual in which you play an important part.” “A ritual?”
      “Do not question just obey. In what we do tonight one of us must be innocent of our purpose or we won’t succeed.” Cort turns away. “Well why have you chosen me?” “You are a Desmond.” “Well so is Philip.” “Philip is still under the influence of the star.” “Well why don’t you ask Jean Paul. He is the head of the family.” Julian walks up to Cort. “Jean Paul has refused. He said he will share Philip’s fate tonight and that leaves only you. Are you willing to step into the unknown?” “I don’t know. It frightens me.” Cort says stepping away from Julian.
      “Do not hesitate; you have it in your power to help lift the curse that has followed our family for centuries. It is a task for a man not a boy.” Cort leans against the mantel of the fireplace with his back towards Julian. “Perhaps I am misjudging you.” Julian says to him. “I’ll do whatever you say.” Raxl stands in the foyer, turning she sees Emily walking down the staircase. “I told you to stay in your room Miss Blair.” Raxl says as she walks up to Emily. “Why did you tell Julian that I had the document and the book?” Emily asks Raxl. “It was wrong of me to let you keep them.” Emily turns towards the Drawing Room doors. “Don’t go in here.” Raxl tells her. Emily glances back at Raxl. “I want to see Jean Paul.” “He’s not in there.” “I don’t believe you.” Emily tells her then turns and opens the doors. She steps into the Drawing room. Julian turns. “I told you to stay out of it.” He says then notices Emily. “Oh I beg your pardon.” “I’m sorry Mr. Desmond. I
      could not stop her.” Raxl says. “It’s all right. Julian says. Raxl backs out of the room closing the doors behind her. Emily walks up to them. “What are you two doing in here?” “Cort and I have a little family business to discuss.” Emily walks over to Cort. “Where’s Jean Paul?” “He’s up in the tower room.” “Take me to him.” Cort glances at his grandfather. Julian shakes his head no. “Raxl will take you.” Julian tells Emily. “I’d prefer to have Cort go with me.” Emily says as she looks at Julian then back to Cort. “I need him here.” “Cort take me to Jean Paul.” “I can’t Emily my Grandfather wants me here.” “Very well I’ll go myself.” Emily says as she turns away from Cort and walks across the room. Julian steps in front of her. “Miss Blair why do you insist on interfering?” “I’m not interfering you are!” “That’s not true.” “Oh yes it is. Susan and I were just about to discover the secret of the trial document when you interfered.” “I did what!” Julian
      “You came in just as the document was just about to reveal its secret and...”
      “What secret?” “The Latin words were just about to turn to English.” “Did the ashes do that?” “Yes, Susan put the small box on top of the document and I read the passage from the book.” “Now she’s taken it with her.” Julian says.
      Cort turns and looks at Julian and Emily. “Philip has the ashes.” “What?” Julian asks. Cort walks over to them. “I just saw them. He had them with him in the tower room.” “But how did he get them?” “He said his father gave them to him a long time ago.” Julian turns and walks towards the doorway. “Where are you going?” Cort asks. Julian looks back at them. “I think Philip and Jean Paul should be here with us. I’m going to get them.” Julian says then turns and walks from the room into the foyer. Raxl stands outside the Drawing Room door. Julian stops next to her. “Don’t let Emily or Cort out of this room until I return.” Julian says then walks up the staircase. Raxl walks to the staircase, glances up then turns away.

      Emily glances at Cort. “You shouldn’t have told him that. Susan gave Philip the ashes.” “But they don’t belong to Philip.” “She must have had a very good reason for giving them to him. We mustn’t meddle.” Cort turns and walks away from Emily. Emily turns and walks to the fireplace. She picks up the document. “Forgive him Susan he didn’t know.” Emily places the document against Jacques portrait and lowers her hand. “Susan O’Claire hear me now. Come to my assistance once again as you did when you were alive.” Emily calls out as the writing on the document appears.

      Jean Paul looks at Philip. “Why did she give it to you?” “She told me to keep the ashes forever. To take them back to my people, that they would protect us.”
      Jean Paul steps closer to Philip. “Philip they were not hers to give. They belonged to Julian.” “She didn’t tell me that.” Jean Paul glances at the box. “He gave them to me once to save me from evil. Then I gave them to Ada for protection.” “I promised Susan I would keep them for her forever.” “I won’t let you break your promise.” Jean Paul says as he holds the box out to Philip.
      Philip takes them as there is a knock at the door. Placing them in his pocket he watches Jean Paul walk to the door. Let me in Jean Paul.” Julian calls out. Jean Paul opens the door and Julian steps into the room. He glances at Philip then Jean Paul. “Julian I thought you were...” Jean Pal starts to say as he looks behind Julian. “Where’s Cort?” “He’s down in the Drawing Room and so is Emily.” “I told you I didn’t want Emily involved with this.” Jean Paul says to Julian. “She wants to become involved. She would like both of you to come downstairs with us.” “I can’t desert Philip.” Jean Paul says as he glances at Philip. “There is no need to pretend any longer.” Julian says to Jean Paul.
      “Pretend?” Jean Paul asks as he looks at Julian then Philip. “Pretend what?” Jean Paul’s vision blurs. Jacques walks up to his Grandfather. “I can’t desert Philippe.” “You don’t have to pretend any longer.” “Pretend what?” Jacques asks. “Outside they are erecting a scaffold. Tomorrow it is over; you will live with this knowledge forever.” Jacques turns away as Philippe looks at them. “Grand pe`re Le Conde leave Jacques alone.” “If you won’t save yourself Philippe it is my duty to do it.” Philippe walks up to them. “Only my death saves me.” “Your Mother interceded with me to keep you alive.” His Grandfather says to him. “I have made a decision to free me from this life and Jacques to from the responsibility for the charges he has so recklessly made against me.” Jacques grabs Philippe’s shoulder. “Philippe I will retract it all!” “Brother do not deprive me from my passport to eternity.” Jacques releases him. “You are executing yourself! Why?” “To save you from
      infamy and the Des Mondes from scandal and disgrace.” “Poor deluded Philippe. That pact was a covenant with the devil.” says his Grandfather. “Men no longer recognize the difference of the devil and God.” Philippe says as he glances away. “Those very men who you despise have sentenced you to burn at the stake tomorrow.” “Philippe are you sure this is what you want to do? Listen I can go to the King now!” Jacques says grabbing Philippe’s arm. “It is eternal salvation that I seek. Now leave me to my fate! I’ll bless you forever.” “I want to help you!” Jacques says to him. “Go I tell you. My life is in my own hands. Take him Grand pe`re.” Philippe says as Jacques vision blurs. Philip looks at Jean Paul. “Go Jean Paul leave me to my fate.” “I want to help you.” Jean Paul says to Philip. “Go I tell you! I’ll take my life in my own hands.” Philip looks at Julian. “Take him Julian.” Philip says then walks away.
      Jean Paul walks over to Julian. “Julian just leave us. I’ll be down in just a few minutes.” “I’ll wait outside.” Julian says as he turns and walks from the room closing the door behind him. Jean Paul walks over to Philip. “Do you know what you are doing?” “Susan promised me that these ashes would protect me. I must trust her.”

      Emily picks up the document and glances at it. She looks up at Cort who is standing looking out the window. Folding the document and places it in the book. Again she glances at Cort then turns and rushes across the room and opens the door. Walking out to the foyer Raxl stops her. “Miss Blair you must remain in there until Julian comes back.” “I’d prefer not to.” “And you cannot take that book.” “It’s mine.” “Well Julian needs it.” “All right he can have it when I am finished with it.” Emily says as she turns to the staircase. Raxl rushes after her. “Do not be rash Miss Blair. The Desmonds wives must stay in the shadows or face destruction.” “I am not yet a Desmond wife.” “And you never will be if you appose us now.” “I refuse to live like Ada’s mother did in fear because she never knew the truth about her husband.” “Miss Blair you will only impede the progress we are making.” “But what progress! Susan and I got closer to the secret of the Desmond curse through
      this book then you ever did. But Julian stopped us. Now I won’t let that happen again. Those materials are mine. If you want to use them you are going to have to work with me not against me.” Emily says then turns and rushes up the staircase. Raxl walks back into the Drawing Room. Cort walks up to her. “Where did Emily go?” “That no longer matters.” “But Grandfather told me to keep her here.” “She’s a very independent young woman.” Raxl says as she glances at the door. “I’ll go get her.” Cort says then takes a step towards the door. Raxl grabs his arm. “There’s no need to.” Cort looks at her. “Where’s Grandfather?” “He is delayed but we will begin without him.” Raxl says as she steps away from Cort towards the portrait. “Do not hesitate, come here.” Cort stands at her side and looks at her. Raxl turns towards the portrait. “Jacques Eloi Des Mondes look upon the youngest of your descendants Cort. Look upon the hope and future of your line. Give him the will to
      challenge the evil that has haunted all his kinsmen. Give him the strength to save them from their fates. Make him part of our circle I beseech you.” Raxl says then lowers her head.
      “What are you doing woman?” Julian asks from the doorway. Jean Paul stands beside him. “Are you mad?” Raxl turns and rushes past them up the staircase.
      Julian steps closer to Jean Paul. “Follow her, stop her. I will deal with Cort.”
      Jean Paul looks at Julian then rushes after Raxl. Emily enters her room and leans against the door. “Susan, Susan the words are back on the document. The page is back in the book. You did as I requested.” Emily says smiling as she walks away from the door to her bed and sits down. “Now we are going to find out the truth.” She opens the book and the document as the door opens. Raxl rushes into the room. “Save Miss Blair, hide me.” Emily stands. “What have you done?” “I began the ritual without Julian Desmond.” “What ritual?” “The sacrifice of...” Raxl starts to say then stops. “Sacrifice of whom?” Raxl glances away. “I cannot tell you.” Emily grabs her by the shoulders and turns her so she faces Emily. “You will tell me or I’ll get Jean Paul to force it out of you!” “The Desmonds curse can only be ended with the sacrifice of another Desmond.”
      Emily lowers her hands. “As Susan was sacrificed?” “Susan left here because she would not take part in the sacrifice that was demanded.” “Which Desmond must be sacrificed?” Raxl turns away. “We do not decide that.” “Who does?”
      Raxl shakes her head.” “Tell me I must know!” Emily shouts. “You can never know that ever.” Raxl says as she bows her head. The door opens and Jean Paul walks into the room. Emily runs across the room and throws herself into his arms. “There’s to be a sacrifice tonight!” Emily says to Jean Paul. Jean Paul glances at Raxl. Raxl walks over to him and touches his arm. “Don’t believe her Jean Paul.” “She just told me.” “You are to go downstairs. Julian is waiting for you.” Jean Paul says to Raxl. “But he will seek his revenge upon me.” “You will not be alone Raxl. I will be down in a minute. Now please.” Raxl walks out of the room as Jean Paul holds Emily tighter. “Jean Paul please don’t go down there tonight.” Emily says to him. Jean Paul pulls away from Emily still holding her by the arms. “Emily listen to me. They are trying to save me.” “No they are not. They are trying to save the Desmonds. It’s not the same thing.” “What do you mean?” Emily steps away from
      him. “Raxl said a Desmond must be sacrificed.”
      “Did she say who it was to be?” Jean Paul asks. “She doesn’t know but I do.” Emily says as she turns towards Jean Paul. “It’s you; they need the ashes of the sacrificial victim.” Raxl stands outside the room listening at the door. “Philip has the ashes.” Jean Paul tells Emily. Raxl turns and rushes away. The door opens and Jean Paul walks out of the room. Emily runs after him and grabs him by the arm. Jean Paul stops and turns towards her. “Go to him, make him give you the ashes before they...Oh Jean Paul go to him now quickly! Persuade him!” Emily says to Jean Paul. “Darling you wait here. I won’t be long.” Jean Paul says then kisses her forehead then rushes away.

      Julian stands in front of the portrait. “Forgive us if we bring the wrong Desmond to your side. We do not know your choice. But the ashes of an innocent Desmond you will have tomorrow. His blood and flesh will turn to air.” Cort stands across the room and backs away as he hears Julian’s words. “And his bones to embers and what is yours will be restored to you again.” Cort turns and runs from the room.

      Philip sits in the tower room looking at the small box of ashes when the door opens. Raxl rushes into the room. Philip stands and turns to hide the box in his pocket. “No Mr. Philip those ashes are necessary to us.” “No they are mine.”
      “They will be your in time after they have served the Desmonds. Now they must be ours.” Raxl says as she holds out her hand. “I will not give them up.” “You do not have to give them up if you will let us use them. Come with me.” She says as she holds his arm. Philip looks at her. “Is this a trick?” “It is the only way that remains we have tried everything else and all has failed. Do not deny us the opportunity to save you and your people.” Raxl says as she turns and opens the door and walks out. Philip follows her.

      Cort rushes to Emily’s room and enters. “Where’s Jean Paul?” Cort asks.
      “What’s the matter?” Emily asks as Cort leans against the door. “They are going to sacrifice someone. They are going to use the ashes for a ritual.” Emily puts her hand on his shoulder. And lowers her head in fear. Cort and Emily hear the sound of the door being locked. Emily glances at the door. Cort tries the knob. “We’re locked in!” Emily turns and walks to the bed. She sits and picks up the book. Opening it she looks at the page.

      Jean Paul rushes into the tower room. “Philip?” The door slams shut behind him. Jean Paul rushes to the door. “Who’s there?’ He tries the knob. “Open the door!” Pounding on the door with his fist he shouts. “Let me out!”

      Julian stands in front of Jacques’ portrait. “Bring to us the one you choose. Bring his bones to turn to ashes for your use. Oh ancient one we will enact the sacrifice that you demand.” Julian says then turns as Raxl enters the room followed by Philip. “So you are the one he chose.” “Mr. Philip has brought the ashes. There’s no need to continue.” Raxl says to Julian. “But I’ve already invoked the Spirit.”
      “But he has the ashes I tell you! There’s no need of the sacrifice.” Raxl says as she walks up to Julian. Julian approaches Philip. “You impetuous fool. If you told the truth you would be safe. Now we have started what we cannot stop.” Julian says as he looks at the portrait.

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