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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 180 [Friday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 2565 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 2565 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 180
      Episode 180a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3dc9k3
      Episode 180b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2psnrj
      Episode 180c: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2qotnk

      Jean Paul stands at his window looking at the sky when there is a knock on the door. The door opens and Susan rushes in. “Jean Paul something happened and I don’t understand it.” Jean Paul walks over to her and touches her arm. “What is it?” “Well the star is out but Philip doesn’t see it and neither does Cort. But I see the star.” Susan says as she steps away from him. “Something must be interfering with it.” “Where are they now?” Jean Paul asks as he steps up behind her. “Well Raxl took them up to the tower room. She said she’d stay with them.”
      “And Emily?” “Emily is in her room, I just left her.” “Well she shouldn’t be alone.”
      “No I locked the door. She’s okay.” Jean Paul steps around Susan. “Go back to her.” Susan steps away. ‘No she doesn’t need anyone with her.” “What do you mean?” Jean Paul asks as he steps closer to her. “Someone else is in danger tonight. It’s not Emily.” “Have you seen Julian?” “No I don’t know where he is.” Susan says to him. “Or Laslo?” Susan glances at Jean Paul. “Oh he’s downstairs.” Susan says then she walks to the window and glances at the sky. She turns and walks back to Jean Paul. “The star is gone now.” Jean Paul walks past her. “Laslo may have something to do with this.” Jean Paul says as he steps up behind her. “Could it be he who is interfering with the star?” “No Laslo doesn’t need a star to lead him to evil.” “Why do you say that?” “Some people carry their own evil with them.”

      Laslo stands next to Jacques’ portrait and looks it over carefully. Julian enters the Drawing Room through the side passageway and walks into the room. “Good evening.” He says to Laslo. Laslo turns and looks at Julian. “Are you looking for a hidden treasure in the wall Laslo?” Julian asks as he walks over to him. “No I was just killing time before dinner.” Laslo says as he steps away. “Although there may not be dinner tonight.” “Oh really?” Julian asks. “No one is in the kitchen preparing it. Where is everyone?” “My dear fellow I don’t know. I haven’t seen a soul.” Laslo turns and walks closer to Julian. “Ada was with you the last time I saw her.” “She’s resting now.” Julian says to him. “She’s not in her room and she’s not in yours, I looked.” “I’m sure she’s perfectly safe.” Julian says as he walks away from Laslo. “Safe from what?” Julian sits down. “I think you can answer that question better than I.” Susan walks into the room. Laslo looks at her. “If
      you’ve come down to dinner I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed tonight.” “I’m not hungry thank you.” Susan says as she walks across the room.
      “Well I am and I’d like to know why nobody is bothering to prepare it.” Laslo says as he walks to the doorway. “It’s easy for grown men like us to fix a meal if you were hungry.” Julian says to him. “And of course you’re more used to be waited on than most men.” “I like my comforts.” Laslo says to him. “No matter who pays the bill?” Julian asks. Laslo glances at Julian then walks from the room closing the door behind him. Susan walks to the desk and picks up a book. “Susan do you know my son-in law very well?” “As well as I want to.” Susan says as she looks at Julian. “He seems to like his own way. “ Susan nods then turns to walk from the room. Julian touches her arm. “No don’t go. I want to show you something.” Julian says as he reaches into his pocket and takes out the watch placing it on the desk. “Well I left Emily upstairs alone. I think I better go see if she’s all right.” “No this is important. I need help.” He says as he takes the document from the
      trial out of his pocket. He opens it and sets it next to his watch.

      Laslo walks down the hallway when he hears a clock ticking. He touches his head then turns to Jean Paul’s room and knocks on the door. Jean Paul walks across the room and opens the door. Laslo walks in. “Do you know what is going on around here?” Laslo asks. “No I don’t. Suppose you tell me.” Jean Paul says as he closes the door. “The household routine seems to have come to a grinding halt.” “Oh is that all.” Jean Paul says with a smile as he walks towards Laslo. “It’s not like you to disregard the niceties of life Jean Paul.” “It’s just that there happens to be more important things to think about. And I recommend this to you.” “Why have I become the target of everyone’s derision?” Laslo asks nervously as he steps away from Jean Paul. “I didn’t know that you were.” Jean Paul says as he steps up behind him. “My father-in law is standing between myself and Ada. She won’t speak to me. You say you want to discharge me from my position at the mill. Even little Susan
      is ignoring me.” “Well Susan is a little more casual than the others.” “She wouldn’t dare be rude to me is she didn’t know it was a common attitude.” “Laslo you seem to be developing a persecution complex.” Jean Paul says as he turns away from him. “That doesn’t via for a very pleasant omen for the future.” Laslo turns and walks towards him. “I’ve been thinking perhaps I have been inviting your bad opinion of me. I will change in the future.” “Is that an offer to settle our differences?” Jean Paul asks as he turns away from Laslo. “It’s not pleasant living in a house of distrust.” “This wouldn’t possibly be because Ada has now found a more powerful weapon against you than you have against me?” Jean Paul asks as he looks at Laslo.
      “Did she say that?” Laslo asks. “She hinted at it yes.” “I see. That means you’re not going to listen to my suggestion.” Laslo says as he looks away. “Oh no I’ll listen.” “Give Ada her share of the Desmond estate now and we will go away together. You and Emily can lead your own life here at Desmond Hall.” “Does Ada want to go away?” “She’s terrified of this house. She always has been.”
      Jean Paul shakes his head and walks away from Laslo. “No Laslo it’s not this house that terrifies her. It’s not Desmond Hall that bullies her into signing papers that she doesn’t understand! “It isn’t Desmond Hall that causes her to be treated as a servant and not a wife!” Jean Paul says as he turns towards Laslo. “Has she been complaining about me?” Jean Paul steps closer to Laslo. “You know very well she has.” “And you turned her against me.” Jean Paul gives a laugh. “No one could turn a wife against a husband she trusts.” “Perhaps not but Ada is my legal wife and under the law what is hers is mine.” “Why don’t you try and get it then we will see how far the law supports you!” Laslo looks at Jean Paul then walks from the room.

      Julian is looking over the document with a magnifying glass. “Susan do you read Latin?” “No I’m afraid not.” She says as she stands holding a book. “Have you ever seen this document before?” Susan looks at it. “Where did you get that?”
      “Then you have seen it. I thought so.” “Well yes but I don’t remember where or when I say it but that paper is part of a terrible tragedy, I know that.” “You must help me trace it.” Julian says as he glances up at her. “Would you do that for me please.” Susan nods as Laslo walks into the Drawing Room. “Well, well what have we here?” Laslo asks Julian. Julian folds the document and slips it inside his jacket. “It’s a private matter between Susan and if you don’t mind.” Julian says then stands and looks at Susan. “I’ll talk to you later.” He turns and walks out of the room. Susan stands at the desk looking through a book as Laslo watches Julian then turns towards Susan. “What was that all about?” “As Mr. Desmond told you it’s a personal matter.” Laslo hears the ticking of a clock; he walks over to Jacques’ portrait and stares at it. He then turns and looks at Susan.
      Susan had been watching Laslo then she looks back at her book. She walks over to the couch and sits down. “You can hear it can’t you.” Laslo says. “Hear what?” Susan asks as she glances up then turns back to her book. “The clock ticking.” Laslo says as he walks to the table and ours himself a drink. “There’s no clock in here.” “Can’t you hear the ticking? It’s coming from the portrait.” Susan looks up at Laslo. “A portrait can’t make sounds.” “Don’t sit there and pretend you can’t heat it!” Laslo says as he walks behind the couch carrying his drink.
      “All right, all right I hear it.” Susan says as she glances back at him. “I’ll hear anything you want me to.” She turns back to her book. Laslo walks around the couch. “Look Susan I know you don’t like me.” “I hardly know you.” She says as she looks at him. “Well that could be remedied.” Susan stands and walks away from Laslo. “Mr. Thaxton I try to stay out of family arguments.” “What do you mean?” “Well I try not to take sides.” Laslo walks up to her. “I’m not suggesting you should.” “Oh I thought you were.” “You have no objection from liking everyone else at Desmond Hall.” Susan turns towards Laslo. “They don’t draw me into their argument.” “What argument?” “I don’t want to talk about it. I will not spy for you.” “But you will plot against me.” Laslo says to her. “I’m doing no such thing.” “Then why did you and Julian Desmond stop talking the minute I came into the room?” “Everything in this house doesn’t revolve around you Mr. Thaxton.” “You’re planning
      something with him.” Laslo says to her. Susan rushes to the door after grabbing her book. “Now who are you going to report to, Jean Paul?” Susan stops and looks at Laslo. “No I’m going upstairs so I can read in peace.” “Go ahead tell Jean Paul that I tried to get your assistance in my plot against him. Feed his paranoid suspicions that everyone wants to destroy him.” “Is that what you want me to tell him? Is that why you are putting on this act of ticking clocks and accusations? Well I’m not going to [play your games Mr. Thaxton. I will not be involved in your shabby little schemes.” Susan says then walks out of the room.

      Ada sits in the secret room; she has the tin of ashes in front of her on the table. She glances around then stands and walks over to the skeleton. “You don’t frighten me anymore who ever you are. I’m sure you paid dearly for life.” Ada says as she touches the skeleton. “I’m sorry for you but you do not frighten me any more!” She cries out. The sound of a ticking clock sounds in the room. Ada glances around. “What’s that?” She steps forward as the ticking continues. “Stop, don’t do that!” Ada shouts. Kneeling she touches the ashes on the table with her finger and swipes them across her lips. The ticking stops.

      Julian knocks on Jean Paul’s door and walks in. Jean Paul lies in bed reading a book. “My son-in law is upset because there is no dinner yet.” Jean Paul nods and sets the book down on a table next to the bed. “Yes I know.” Jean Paul stands. “He came up to complain about it to me.” Julian walks up to Jean Paul. “The trouble with in-laws is that they soon take over the prerogative of the family.” “Yes and some of them do much more than that.” “Laslo is much too ambitious for his own good or yours.” “He just came to tell me that he will take Ada with him and not come back” Jean Paul says. “He did? And what was his price for leaving?” “His price was that Ada take all that is due to her in the estate now.” “You didn’t agree to that did you?” Julian asks. “No I certainly wouldn’t do that until I asked Ada first. I suppose if she wants to she has the right.” “But Jean Paul...” Jean Paul grabs Julian’s arm and glances at the door. Julian also looks at the door. Jean
      Paul puts his finger to his lips hushing Julian. Julian smiles and takes out his watch. “I want to show you this watch that Benjamin gave me before he died.” Julian says as he looks at Jean Paul. Jean Paul smiles as Julian walks to the door. “It’s really quite an unusual timepiece.” Laslo stands outside the door listening. He still hears the clock ticking. The door opens and Julian steps into the hallway as Laslo backs away a couple of steps looking at the watch. “Is Jean Paul in there?” Laslo asks as he looks at the watch then at Julian. “Why don’t you knock on the door and find out instead of listening at keyholes.” Julian tells him then puts the watch in his pocket and walks away.
      Laslo touches his head as the ticking continues, then he reaches for the doorknob and opens the door, then walks into Jean Paul’s room. He leans against the wall. “What’s the matter with you?” Jean Paul asks. “Can’t you hear it ticking?” “Hear what?” “The clock ticking.” “Laslo I told you before that this is happening in your mind. You can’t expect me to hear it.” “You’re lying, all of you are lying!” He says as he rushes from the room. Jean Paul turns and sighs. Ada paces across the room then sits down lowering her head. “I can’t endure this anymore!” Ada cries out and starts to cry. She raises her head ands stands as her vision blurs. “I cannot, I will not endure this anymore.” She says to Monsieur Lacombe. “We have no choice but to endure what life brings us Gabrielle.”
      “Monsieur Lacombe tomorrow you judge my son, your grandson. You will decide if he lives or dies.” “For that I beg your forgiveness. She turns towards him. “Free him!” “Either Philippe or Jacques goes free. The choice is theirs not mine.”
      She walks up to him and touches his arm. “But Jacques is weak. He would do anything to save his own life.” “Philippe will die to save his brother.” He says to her. She looks up at him. “You’re hiding the truth from me. You know that Philippe is not guilty of witchcraft.” She says as she glances away. “Do not demand the truth from me or from your son Gabrielle.” “Is it so terrible?” She asks. “So terrible that the King will take our lands our titles and banish us to the New World as paupers.” She turns and walks away from him. “All because of Jacques’ friends. Because he was led astray by disreputable companions.” “His greed led him astray my Gabrielle. The greed that is the legacy of the Des Mondes.” “But Philippe is not greedy.” Gabrielle says with a sob. “Philippe is not a Des Mondes.” She turns towards him. “They are both my sons.” “Only one of them is my grandson. He know it and so do I.” “Can you prove that?” “His life has proved it.” he says to her.
      “And you let my husband your son believe to his grave that they were both his.” “Come, come my dear Gabrielle in this time there are a lot of families who are not certain of the purity of their line.” She turns away. “And this is how my sin is to be punished. With Philippe’s death at the stake.” “Philippe will lead the Des Mondes to salvation. We have had our sinners your Jacques and myself even but we have never had a saint before.” “You could save him if you chose.” She says glancing at him. He steps towards her. “Only by exposing the fact of his brother. By letting Jacques die instead and destroy forever my name. A name that is honored by the King and by the people. All for the sin of your careless youth. It is too large a price to pay.” “Then I accept it.” she says. Ada’s vision clears. “Daddy! Daddy are you here!” She calls out then sits down and opens the tin of ashes.

      Jean Paul walks down the staircase and enters the Drawing Room. He approaches the portrait. “Well Jacques Eloi Des Mondes why do you bedevil Laslo?” He asks with a slight smile. “He is not a Desmond. He cannot carry out your purposes.” Jean Paul?” Susan calls from the doorway. Jean Paul spins around. “Were you just speaking to that portrait?” “No I was talking to myself.”
      “Did you hear anything from it?” Susan asks as she walks closer to him. Jean Paul looks at her. “No should I?” “Laslo does.” “Did the portrait speak to him?”
      “No it didn't speak. He said he heard some ticking sound coming from it.” “Did you hear it?” Jean Paul asks. “No I didn’t. He didn’t believe me, he said I was lying.” “He said the same thing to me when he came to my room. I told him I could not hear it.” “Well he said it came from that portrait.” Susan says as she points at the portrait. Jean Paul looks away. “That’s not possible.” “But it is. Someone here has a link to that portrait.” “Raxl?” Jean Paul asks. “No Raxl is up in the tower room with Philip.” “It has to be someone who is in contact with Laslo. Someone who is leading him to something.” They both glance at the portrait.

      Laslo walks down the hallway between the bedrooms. He hears the sound of a clock ticking. He stops. “All right, all right I’m coming.” He says staring straight-ahead then walks away. Julian steps around the corner and watches Laslo.

      Ada sits at the table. She’s terrified by the sound of the clock ticking. “I won’t stay here with that sound in my ears. It’s driving me mad!” She cries out as she covers her ears with her hands and starts to sob. The door opens and Laslo enters. He has a bottle of chloroform and a cloth in his hand. Tipping the bottle he soaks the cloth and walks up behind Ada. He grabs her covering her mouth and nose and knocks her out. Taking a bottle from his pocket he opens it and sets it on the table. The bottle has the word poison written on it. Reaching inside his jacket he takes out a piece of paper and reads the words to himself silently. ‘I am taking my own life before Jean Paul Desmond kills me as he did Annie Harrigan, Holly Marshal and Agatha Pruett. Signed Ada Desmond Thaxton.’ He sets the note next to her then takes a small box from his pocket and takes a syringe from it. He fills it with poison and turns towards Ada.

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