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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 179 [Thursday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 2546 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2007
      Strange Paradise now has 2546 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 179
      Episode 179a: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2m6eks
      Episode 179b: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2tnf3k

      Laslo looks at Ada. “Who told you such nonsense?” You’re troublemaking son or your new friend Irene Hatter?” “I'm beginning to realize that there are many things about you that I should have had investigated before we were married.” Ada says as she looks away. “Sylvia Carlton died peacefully in her bed. There is no evidence to the contrary.” Ada glances at him. “Oh I’m sure there would be no evidence if I died suddenly some night either.” Ada says as she walks across the room then looks back at him. “But I don’t intend to die peacefully or otherwise.” Laslo walks after her. “I want to know how you found out about her death?” “Yes I know you do and I’m not going to tell you.” “If you value your safety you’ll keep those opinions to yourself.” “Surely if you’re innocent you have nothing to fear.” “You can’t prove anything.” “I think I can prove my suspicions easier than you can prove your accusations about Jean Paul.” She says as she steps away from him. “Should I
      hire private detectives to have you investigated? Shall I have your bank statements checked? Your insurance looked into?” Ada asks as she turns towards him. “It would cost you a great deal of money.” “Well I’m sure if I mentioned it to Jean Paul he would be very pleased to pay for it.” “All right, all right you win.” Ada steps closer to him. “Now you’re going to go to Jean Paul and you are going to tell him you’ve made a mistake, that your accusations were baseless.” “If you insist.” Laslo says as he looks away. “I do insist. And then I’m going to call my lawyer and this time Laslo you’re going to sign a paper for me.” Laslo looks at her. “What kind of paper?” “Stating that what ever happens to me you have no claim on my estate or Cort’s.” “You can’t get rid of me that easily.” “I didn’t say I wanted to.” Ada says then walks away. She stops and looks back. “Yet.” She walks from the room.

      Raxl and Emily enter the secret room. Raxl carries a candelabra and in Emily’s hand is the document from the witch trials. Emily lays it on the table in front of Raxl... Raxl looks at it then turns away. Emily touches Raxl’s arm. “What is it?”
      “That is what started the Desmond curse.” “Is that why you took it from my briefcase when I first brought it here?” “I only wanted to see if I recognized it.”
      “Did you?” Emily asks. “I couldn’t read it. But I recognized the mark on it.” “It’s written in Latin backwards.” “Well I’m not an educated woman like you. I cannot read Latin.” “The words don’t make any sense.” Emily says as she walks around the room. “I’ve tried to figure this out again and again.” Emily turns towards Raxl. “They must be written in code.” “Someone must have the key to the code.” Raxl says looking at Emily. “Perhaps that’s why Mr. Desmond asked to see it.” Raxl looks at the paper. “There doesn’t seem to be any signature on it. Nothing to signify the parties involved.” Emily walks up to her. “I know. I’ve been over it numerous times.” “It may be that the signs are the signature. Not everyone could write back in those days, not even noblemen.” “How could you know that? An uneducated woman like you?” Emily asks as she puts her hands on her hips.
      “I know because...” Raxl starts to say then turns away. “Raxl what is your connection with this document?” Emily asks as she picks up the document.
      “Don’t ask me that I beg you.” Emily grabs Raxl’s shoulder and turns around. “You’ve known the secret of the Desmond curse all along and you refused to disclose it!” “I cannot!” “Well were not leaving this room until you do!” The candles flare then go out. Emily gasps as she and Raxl turn towards the candelabra.

      Ada enters Jean Paul’s room. “Laslo promised to retract his statement about you.” Ada says to Jean Paul. “Well how did you accomplish that?” Jean Paul asks. He is in bed sitting up against the headboard. Ada walks up to the bed. “I have my little secrets too. Jean Paul if I needed money for my own personal use could you lend it to me?” “Of course I could and it wouldn’t be a loan Ada.” He says with a smile. Ada turns away. “Then I can handle Laslo.” “Ada you’re not going to buy him off?” “Oh no quite the contrary.” Jean Paul climbs from the bed and walks over to her. “Now listen I’d watch out for him. He’ll lead you to believe that you are taking the advantage over him then turn it against you.” Ada looks at him. “Not this time.” “Does he know you’re up here?” “No I didn’t tell him where I was going.” “Good, I don’t want you to leave this room.” “But I have things I have to do.” Ada says to him. “They can wait; I think the main thing is that you stay away
      from Laslo tonight.” “You’re frightening me.” “I mean to frighten you. I think you’re safe if you know the danger that surround you.” “What danger?” “Well don’t think he is going to give up so easily as that. He has a plan I'm sure of that.” Jean Paul says as he walks away from Ada. “Trying to get back everything that he wants. Now I’m going to find out what it is.” Jean Paul says then turns and faces Ada. “Will I be safe alone?” Ada asks. “I’ll send Emily up to stay with you.” Jean Paul says as he steps closer to Ada and touches her arm. “Don’t worry and in the mean time...” Jean Paul reaches into his pocket and takes out the tin of ashes, “Your father gave me this. It’s a sort of good luck charm. You keep it.” He hands it to her. “What is sit?” She asks as she takes it from Jean Paul. “There are ashes in it. It a sort of talisman against evil. Don’t let it stray away from you and I’ll take care of Laslo.”

      Julian enters into the Drawing Room and walks up to Laslo who is bent over in front of the fireplace. “Did you lose something Laslo?” Laslo turns and sets the fireplace poker back in the rack. “No I was just stoking the fire.” Laslo looks at Julian and walks past him. “Why did you give that paper to Jean Paul?” “I thought he would understand it better than I.” Julian says to him as he walks up to Laslo. “Jean Paul isn’t sufficiently involved with his business responsibilities. I must talk to him about that.” Laslo turns and looks at Julian. “He hardly knows anything about the Desmond business.” “He can learn. He shouldn’t allow outsiders to dominate his affairs.” “You consider your son-in -law an outsider?”
      “Don’t worry about the future Laslo. A man of your unusual talents can always make his way.” “I sense a hidden threat in what you’re telling me.” “Take it as a warning. I want you to stop bedeviling my daughter to sign papers.” “I will not be talked to that way.” “You’re in no position to decide how I talk to you.” Julian says as he takes out the pocket watch. Laslo looks at it. “That watch appears to be an antique.” “It has served the Desmonds well.” “Then it is an heirloom. I’d like to see it.” Laslo says as he reaches his hand for it. Julian glances at the watch then looks at Laslo. “Some other time perhaps. I have other things to do right now.” Julian says then he turns and walks out of the room. Laslo hears a loud ticking in the room. He shakes his head then touches temple. He turns and looks at Jacques’ portrait.

      In the secret room Raxl strikes the match. “Hurry light the candles.” Emily says to her. “They won’t light.” Raxl says as she keeps striking the matches. “What happened?” Emily asks her. “That document has evil powers, I knew it.” “Don’t worry about the document.” Julian says as he appears in front of the skeleton. He walks towards them and takes the matches from Raxl. Striking the match it ignites and he hands it to Raxl. “How did you get in here?” Emily asks. “The same way you did my dear.” Emily glances at the door as Raxl lights the candelabra. “I see you’ve managed to locate the document for me.” “Miss Blair had a copy of it.” Raxl says to him. “Jean Paul told me. Very clever of you my dear. Now as I remember there are books here that explain it all.” Julian says as he walks to the bookcase. “No. I’ve looked through all of them.” Emily says to him. “Well there was one here when I was a boy that dealt with the trial unless Benjamin had taken it with him.”
      “Oh no I’ve read every book look that is in this room and not one of them said anything about the trial.” Emily says as she walks over to him. “You have to know what you’re looking for.” Julian says then turns to the bookcase. “Here it is.” He says as he reaches out and takes a book and carries it to the table. Emily steps closer as Julian opens the book. Julian looks at her. “These are for my eyes only and Raxl’s. You shouldn’t involve yourself in such things.” “But I’ve got to know about the Mark of Death.” “You already know far too much for your own safety.” “But I’m trying to help.” “You can help us in other ways. Go to Jean Paul’s room Ada is there. Don’t let any harm come to her.” Emily looks at the book. “Do as I say please.” Emily turns and walks out of the room.

      Laslo is standing next to the desk in the Drawing Room reading some of the notes that Emily has left on the desk. Jean Paul enters the room and looks at Laslo. “What are you doing? Those are Miss Blair’s papers.” “They were out in the open. I was just interested in her work.” Laslo says as he lays the notebook back on the desk. “If you are interested why don’t you ask her? You know desperate men make foolish mistakes Laslo.” Jean Paul says to him. Laslo turns away. “I am not desperate.” Jean Paul walks up behind him. “What happened to the threats and the accusations you made against me yesterday?” “I decided to forget them.” “Well that’s magnanimous of you.” “I shall wait for a more propitious moment.” Jean Paul nods. “Well time may be running out for you.”
      “Time is running out for all of us. Wealth, position, safety can all go in a flash like that.” Laslo says snapping his fingers. “That’s why we must make certain that our accounts are taken into effect. Such as the loose strings that one may leave behind to trip up our survivors.” “What does that mean?” “It means my dear Laslo I’m thinking of finding another director for the Desmond factory. Among other things.” “You can’t do that!” “Yes I can and I am only just beginning.”

      Ada stands holding the box that Jean Paul gave her. She looks at it when there is a knock at the door. Walking away she glances at the door as it opens and Emily steps inside. “Oh.’ Ada says relieved. “Did I frighten you? I’m sorry.” Emily says to her. “No I was just surprised. I was day dreaming I guess.” “Your father sent me here to keep you company.” Emily says as she walks across the room. “How did he know I was here?” “Oh Jean Paul must have told him. Anyway I’m here and we can go to your room if you would prefer.” “No Jean Paul wants me to stay here until he comes back.” Emily looks at Ada. As she closes the door. Ada glances away. “Is anything the matter?” Emily asks as she walks over to Ada.
      “Oh he thinks I’m in some kind of danger.” “Your father said the same thing.” “Oh they both think I’m weak and can’t protect myself. But they are wrong. I have Laslo exactly where I want him. He’s more frightened of me than I am of him.”
      “I don’t mean to be personal Mrs. Thaxton but your husband has a habit of saying rather unpleasant things.” Emily says as she turns away. “Well you mustn’t take him seriously.” “He practically accused me of marrying Jean Paul just for his money.” “He finds it hard to credit anyone with motives that he doesn’t understand.” Emily looks at her. “You don’t seem to be disturbed by it.”
      “Well he doesn’t frighten me anymore.” “Well I’m afraid he does me.” Emily says as she walks across the room. “He made all kinds of hints of dreadful things that will happen to me because I’m marrying a Desmond.” “What did he say?” “Well it’s hard to know exactly what he was driving at but he did make it very clear that I'm going to be a very young widow.” Ada turns towards Emily. “How dare he interfere with your life! How dare he go so far...” Ada starts to say as she drops the tin of ashes. Ada and Emily look at the floor, the ashes have spilled out.

      Jean Paul glances up at Jacques’ portrait and covers his mouth with his hand.
      Laslo steps up to him. “Is something wrong with you?” “No, no.” Jean Paul says as he steps away from Laslo holding his fingers against his lips. “Between your behavior and the odd sounds coming from that picture this place is beginning to seem like an asylum.” Jean Paul turns towards Laslo. “What sounds from the portrait?” “I thought I heard a clock ticking from it when Julian Desmond left the room.” Jean Paul nods. “You’ve been working too hard. Anyone who begins to hear sounds coming from the wall is in need for a long, long vacation.” “Now don’t brush it off. You know very well this house, well I don’t want to say it’s haunted but some very peculiar things happen here at Desmond Hall.” Laslo says as he walks up to Jean Paul. “You know you’re an intelligent man Laslo, surely it must occur to you that those peculiar sounds are taking place in your mind and no place else.” Jean Paul says then walks away from Laslo.

      In the secret room Julian takes out his watch and swings it over the document from the witch trials. The name Victoire Comte Des Mondes appears on the paper. When he sees it he stops the watch and slams his hand over the signature. “What is it? Who signed it?” Raxl asks. Julian slips the watch into his pocket and quickly folds the document and slips it into the inside of his coat. He glances up at the ceiling.

      “Jean Paul will be angry with me.” Ada tells Emily. “It was just an accident.” Emily says touching Ada’s arm. “Well he gave me the ashes to protect me.”
      “Well here I’ll help you pick them up.” As they bend down the ashes burst into flames and disappears. Ada cries out. Julian walks into the room. “Daddy!” Ada cries out and rushes into his arms. “The most amazing thing just happened.” Emily says as she points at the floor. “Leave us; I’ll take care of her.” Julian says to Emily. “But you don’t understand.” “Ada will explain to me.” Emily rushes from the room. “Now suppose you tell me what happened?” Julian says to Ada.
      Ada pulls back from him. “I dropped the box on the floor and they all fell out.” Ada says as she looks at the tin. Julian bends down and picks up the box and opens it. “Are these the ashes you’re talking about?” “But when I dropped it on the floor they all fell out, flared up then disappeared. Daddy am I going mad? Is this the curse that’s on the Desmonds madness, hallucinations?” Julian grips her shoulder. “Don’t worry yourself about those legends now.” He says as he holds her. “You’ve been under a big strain. Let me take you to your room.” “But Jean Paul said I have to stay here. That’s why he gave me this box.” “Then lie down here and rest and keep the box with you.” He says as he guides her to the bed. “I’ll go down and see Jean Paul.” Ada gets on the bed and lays down on her side and closes her eyes.

      Emily walks down the staircase and meets Laslo in the foyer. “Have you seen Jean Paul?” she asks. “He’s in there.” Laslo tells her as he looks at the doorway of the Drawing Room. Emily steps forward. And Laslo steps in front of her. “If you care for your fiancé the way you say you do tell him to stop playing the games he’s playing or he will be the late Jean Paul Desmond.” “Will you stop frightening everyone in this house! Isn’t it enough that your wife is terrified! Will you just leave us alone?” Emily tells him then walks around Laslo and into the Drawing Room. Jean Paul sees Emily. “Oh Emily I was looking for you earlier. I was wondering if you would take care of Ada. She’s in my room.” Jean Paul says as he steps closer to Emily. “I just came from there.” “Well she shouldn’t be left alone.” “Her father is with her. Jean Paul what was in that box you gave her?”
      “Julian said it was the ashes of an innocent man. Why do you ask?” “The most amazing thing just happened. Ada dropped the box on the floor and the ashes fell out. Then they burst into flames and disappeared.” “So that explains it.” Jean Paul says as he touches his lips with his finger. “Explain what?” “Nothing, nothing at all.” He says as he touches her arm then turns and looks at Jacques’ portrait.

      Laslo walks down the hallway and stops in front of Jean Paul’s room. He puts his ear to the door. The door opens and Julian stands in front of Laslo. “What do you want?” Julian asks Laslo. “I might ask you the same question.” Laslo says as he tries to look into the room. Julian closes the door. “I’m under no obligation to explain myself to you.” “I will not tolerate your interferences any longer. Stop coming between me and my wife.” “She is also my daughter.” “You forgot all about that when she really needed a father. Now you turn her against the only man who has given her any happiness.” “Ada told me about her happiness as you call it.” Julian says as he walks down the hallway. He stops and looks at Laslo. “I will do anything in my power to make sure she survives you.” Julian tells him then walks away. Laslo turns to Jean Paul’s room and reaches for the doorknob. As he opens the door he sees Julian standing inside the room on the other side of the door. Julian
      smiles at Laslo. “Come in, come in my boy. I’ve been expecting you.” Laslo looks at Julian in fear and backs away from the door.
      Julian closes the door and walks over to the bed. “Ada, Ada are you awake?” He says touching her shoulder. Ada opens her eyes and looks at him. “What is it?”
      “Laslo knows you’re here. Let me take you to a much safer place. Come with me my dear.” He says as he helps her up. “Julian will stay with Ada. We’ve got to look after Philip tonight.” Jean Paul says to Emily. “Will the star appear again?” Emily asks. “We have to assume that it will.” Raxl walks into the room. “It’s getting dark, we must prepare.” “Emily will stay with Susan.” He says putting his arm around Emily and walking with her. “Raxl will stay with Philip and Cort.” He stops next to Raxl. “Where will you be?’ Emily asks. “I have to be free to look after something else.”

      Julian enters the secret room carrying a candelabra. He is followed by Ada. Julian sets the candles down and Ada looks around the room. “I don’t like this place.” “It’s the safest place at Desmond Hall.” Julian tells her. “The last time I was here the door locked itself behind me then terrible things happened.” “What sort of things?” “It was just like a nightmare. I heard voices, I thought I heard your voice.” “Well there have been times when I have tried to reach you.” Ada glances away. “Then Jean Paul came and he revived me.” She looks at him. “This room is evil.” “Not unless you bring evil to it. Do you have the small box?”
      Ada hands it to him. “Now listen to me carefully. If anything out of the ordinary happens you take the ashes and rub them on your lips like this.” Julian puts his finger into the ashes then swipes them across his lips. “Someone will be by your side.” “Those ashes what are they?” “They are the last remains of a saintly man who gave his life for another. Now remember what I told you, you must have faith that these will help you.” He sets the tin down on the desk. “Now night is upon us. We will survive it if we don’t destroy ourselves with disbelief and suspicion.” He says as he kisses her on the forehead, then walks out of the room.

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