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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 173 [Wednesday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 2393 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 2393 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 173
      Episode 173: Slideshow 173a: http://tinyurl.com/ypp5f5
      Slideshow 173b: http://tinyurl.com/2fw3yn

      Irene turns towards Emily after she lights the candles. “Why don’t you sit down over here?” Irene points then sits on the couch. “There is so much I want to ask you now that you are going to marry Jean Paul.” Emily walks across the room and sits next to Irene. “I’d rather not talk about the wedding until...” Emily says then looks away. “Until what my dear?” “Until things are more settled at Desmond Hall. Have you seen Philip?” Emily asks as she turns towards Irene.
      “Philip? No should I have?” “He disappeared last night.” “Disappeared, how strange.” Philip stands against the wall watching Irene and Emily. Emily stands and walks over to the fireplace. “He and Jean Paul had a vicious quarrel.” She says with her back towards Irene. “What did they quarrel about?” “I don’t know.”
      “Surely Jean Paul told you. Or you overheard something they were saying.” “No, all I heard was this shouting coming from Jean Paul’s room.” She turns facing Irene. “And when I got up this morning Philip was gone. And no one knows where.” “Why would you think that he would come here?” “Well he came to visit you the other night. Jean Paul told me that.” Irene stands and steps closer to Emily. “Do you know why he did?” “Well I thought it was just a social call.” Emily says to her. Irene glances at Philip. He nods to her. “He came here to tell me that Cort had killed you.” “I don’t believe you.” “Don’t be upset. That’s why I wanted Ada Thaxton to take me to Desmond Hall. I wanted to see if you were all right. I was worried about you. Jean Paul wouldn’t let me see you.” “I just don’t understand what is going on.” Emily says to Irene. “I’m glad you came to see me. We do have a great deal to talk about after all.” “There’s nobody to talk to there.” “What about the
      girl Susan?” Irene asks. “She’s hardly more than a child. She doesn’t understand.” “Then tell me. It’s good to get things out in the open.”
      Emily steps away. “Well you’ve known the Desmond family for years. I’m very confused about them. Jean Paul is so reticent, he won’t discuss his parents or his childhood and it frightens me.” “Of course I didn’t know his parents. The Desmond boys came here after their father died.” “Julian Desmond said the brothers never got along.” Irene steps closer to her. “Who is Julian Desmond?”
      Emily looks at her. “He’s Ada’s father.” “How do you know him?” Irene asks.
      “Well he is staying at Desmond Hall. Didn’t you know?” “How could I know that?”
      Emily turns away. “Of course you couldn’t. He just came the other day. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you.” “Is it a secret?” Irene asks. “I don’t know what is a secret and what isn’t.” “Has Philip’s disagreement with Jean Paul anything to do with Mr. Desmond?” “That’s what I wanted to ask Philip.” “I’m wish he were here, I’m sorry he isn’t. I’d like to know something myself.” Philip stands with a smile on his face.

      Raxl stands in the Drawing Room watching the doors as Jean Paul walks in. He looks at her then closes the doors. Turning he walks towards her. “What are you doing here?” “I was waiting to see you.” “I have nothing further to say to you.” “I throw myself on your mercy.” Raxl says with her head bowed. “It’s too late for that.” he says as he walks away from her. “No one knows the dreadful secret I carry. No one else can save me from eternal damnation.” She says as she steps up behind him. “Why don’t you plead to Jacques Eloi Des Mondes? He’s your true Master.” Jean Paul says as he glances at her. “He has deserted me.” Jean Paul nods. “Well you must make your way the best you can.” Raxl looks at him. “Do not abandon me I beg you. I will do anything you ask.” Jean Paul turns towards her. “Will you discard your power? Will you destroy the star that has haunted all the Desmonds.” “The star is eternal. It cannot be destroyed.” Raxl says to him. “You brought it to me.
      You and Jacques Eloi Des Mondes.” he says as he walks to the portrait looking at it. He glances back at Raxl. “Find a way to remove it from me now!” “Together Master we will defeat it.” Raxl says rushing over to him. Jean Paul shakes his head. “No Raxl, I don’t need you. Cort and I have already defeated it.” “No you delayed it temporarily. Who know what will happen tonight? Or tomorrow night.” “We will take each night as it comes and you will leave the house.” “Oh no please give me a chance to redeem myself with you.” Raxl says with a sob. “I served you well once. I will again.” She bows her head and clasps her hands. “Raxl you tried to make me kill Laslo last night.”
      “He did not die.” “You sent Cort to kill me.” “He failed.” “We saved each other!” Jean Paul says to her. “No! If a death had intended to take place nothing would have stopped it.” Jean Paul nods and turns away. “And if I trust you again everything will be happier for me.” He says as he turns and looks at her. “But you are setting all of us against each other.” “What ever I have done it was only to frighten your enemies into submission.” Jean Paul gives a sarcastic laugh. “Through attempted murder. Through plotting one against the other.” “You are surrounded by enemies. The Desmonds have always plotted against each other. I have kept them alive century after century.” “To serve your own purposes. You have lied to me and used your powers against me.” “Only to save you.” “Save me?” Jean Paul laughs. “Oh Raxl you don’t understand, not any longer can you save me. I can save myself.” “We are bound together you and I through the blood of others.” “No more Raxl! You
      will find yourself another Master from now on. You will protect yourself without me!” Raxl walks towards him. “Do not turn me out into the world. I am helpless without a Master.” She says with her head bowed. “Emily and I are going to be married and when I come back to Desmond Hall I want to see you gone. I don’t care where and I don’t care how but I never want to see you again. Is that understood?” Jean Paul says to her then turns and walks out of the room, in misery, Raxl watches him leave. Jean Paul walks to the staircase as Susan is coming down the stairs. “Is Emily up yet?” He asks. “No she went out.” “Where?” “Well she said she was going to Irene Hatter’s.”
      “Are you sure?” Jean Paul asks. Susan nods. “That’s what she told me.” Jean Paul turns towards the door. Susan rushes after him. “No don’t follow her. She said she wanted to be alone with her.” Jean Paul turns and looks at Susan. “But she told me that she would never see Irene Hatter again. I don’t understand this.”
      “Well Philip asked her to meet him there.” Jean Paul gives a sigh of relief... “Oh then she will be safe. Why didn’t you tell me that before.” “It’s not Irene who is dangerous to her.” Susan tells him. “Listen Susan would you do me a favor.” She nods. “Don’t let Raxl out of your sight. Not until Emily comes back. Raxl is in there now.” He says nodding towards the Drawing Room. “Would you stay with her?” Susan smiles and with a nod she walks into the Drawing Room. Raxl faces Jacques portrait. “I am near the end of my time on earth. But if I go I will take them with me. Every one of them. They will join you Jacques Eloi Des Mondes and you will have to face them finally.” Susan walks up behind Raxl. “Is that what you want? I warn you the Desmonds will be no more.” Raxl says to the portrait. “Murderess.” Susan says to Raxl. Raxl turns around and faces Susan. “You’re the one that’s been interfering with me. Your’s is the fate that is locked and linked to mine.”
      “It’s taken a long time for you to recognize me Raxl.” “Oh your disguise deceived me but a slip of a girl is no match for me. Not so now or in the past.” Raxl tells Susan as she walks away from her. “I know much more now than I did then.” Susan says as she turns towards Raxl. Raxl turns and looks at her. “What do you mean?” “I’ve waited a long time for this moment Raxl. You have finally played into our hands.” “Our hands? What do you mean?” Raxl ask as she steps towards Susan. “There’s many of us and few of you. Surely you have not forgotten that?” “You have never interfered with me before.” Raxl says as she glances away. “You have never chosen the pure of heart as your victim before. From now on wherever you go we will be right behind you.” Raxl steps away. “I’m not afraid of you.” “Our weapon is not fear. Its love and faith. Words you rejected from the very beginning.” Raxl looks at Jacques’ portrait. “He won’t help you. From now on you’re alone Raxl. Without
      your powers and without your star.” Raxl turns towards her. “I cannot live without my star!” “Then you will die at long last.” “No!” Raxl cries out. “Don’t be afraid of death Raxl. It’s not as fearful as you think.” “Is that what you learned?” Raxl asks. “If you had died when the whole world thought you did you would have learned that too?” “Oh leave me!” Raxl cries out and looks away. “Oh no it has taken me to long to find you.” Raxl glances at Susan then rushes from the room. Susan follows her into the foyer.

      Irene looks at Emily. “Does Jean Paul know that you are here?” “No one knows.”
      “You will be missed.” “Yes you’re right. I should be getting back.” Emily says to Irene. Irene stands. “Well we will talk another time. It’s been such a pleasant visit.” “Before I go would you mind making me a cup of tea?” Emily asks. “Yes but don’t you think you should be getting back?” “But it’s a long walk and tea would really be refreshing.” Emily says to her. “Why don’t you come into the kitchen with me? We can talk there.” “Oh I’d rather stay here.” Emily says then stands and walks to the altar. “It’s so peaceful here with the candles burning. Do you mind?” Irene glances at Philip who gives her a nod. “I’ll put the kettle on and be right back.” Irene says as she walks from the room. Philip steps out and walks to Emily. “Good I thought you would never get rid of her.” He whispers and he touches her arms and turns her towards him. “Now go before she comes back. The totem will do the rest of the work.” “Are you sure you’re all right?” Emily asks. “Yes I’m
      alright. Don’t worry about me. Tell Jean Paul that I’m here and that he must pretend that we are angry at each other.” “All right.” Emily says then walks out of the door of the cottage. Philip blows out the candles then hides back against the wall. Irene comes back into the room. “The tea will be ready in a minute. Emily?” She calls out and glances around. Philip steps out. “Oh she left.” “Did she see you?” “No.” Irene glances at the candles. ‘Who put the candles out?” “They just went out, one after the other when she left the room.” “What does that mean?” Irene asks looking at the candles then looks at Philip. “I don’t know. Perhaps she brought an alien spirit with her.” “To me?” Irene asks. “Or perhaps to me.” “But she didn’t know that you were here.” “I wonder? She looked at the candles then smiled, then left the room.” “Why did she come?” “Well maybe Jean Paul sent her. He’s afraid of my magic.” “But she said she didn’t know what you quarreled about.”
      “She’s lying.” Philip says then turns and walks away from Irene. “She was right there in the room with us when Jean Paul accused me of bringing evil spirits into his home.” Philip says as he looks at her. “Did he say why he suspected you?” Irene asks. “Something about wanting his part of his fortune.” “Laslo said all the estate would go to Cort when Jean Paul died.” “Of course Laslo knows the terms of the estate I don’t.” Philip says as he walks towards Irene. “He said it’s entailed and must go to the eldest son.” “Or the closest male Desmond.” “You’re a distant relative. You would have no claim upon it.” Irene says to him. “But he suspects everybody, Laslo, Cort, myself. He thinks we are all plotting together to rob him of his heritage. And with Julian Desmonds sudden appearance his fears are only intensified.” “Of course.” Irene says as she turns away and stands next to the fireplace. “Mr. Desmond’s appearance will change things.” “Well he is the oldest
      surviving Desmond. It would all be his I suppose if he really wanted it.” “Does Laslo know this?” Irene asks. “Well it’s in the legal family documents I’m sure.” “So that’s why Jean Paul is so eager to be married. To have an heir of course.” Philip steps closer to her. “He suspects I’m keeping him from marrying Emily because I want part of his estate.” He says with a smile. “Is that true?” “Oh he can marry anyone he wants.” “No I mean about the estate.” “Well of course I am a Desmond too. Now why should my family suffer just because my Grandfather married someone that Jean Paul’s Grandfather didn’t approve of.” “Then you do want something from him?” “Of course I do. That’s why I came here.” Irene walks to the altar. “We will see how we can help you get what you want.” She says as she lights the candles. Emily knocks on Jean Paul’s room. He lets her in closing the door behind her. “I thought you refused to see Irene Hatter.” He says as he walks across the room
      to her. “Well Philip asked me to take the totem to him.” “What’s he doing there?” “He told Irene that you threw him out because you found him using witchcraft.” Emily says to Jean Paul. “Does she believe that?” “She wants to believe him. Philip asked me to tell you that you are supposed to be enemies.”
      “What’s Irene Hatter got to do with this?” Emily steps away from him. “While I was there looking at her candles I began to remember. She uses magic, charms and spells.” Jean Paul steps closer to her. “Are you sure?” “I remember the candles and the smell of sweet powder. And Laslo trying to talk me into joining them in a plot against you.” She says as she looks up at Jean Paul. “What plot?”
      “It had to do with Agatha Pruett and Helena Raleigh.” “Did you join them?” “Jean Paul I don’t know. All I can remember is coming back here and not being able to recall anything. Agatha was dead and Helena had gone.” Jean Paul glances away. “Helena was terrified. She was possessed by...” “Tell me I must know.” “She thought she heard the voice of my dead wife Erica.” “They did that with their spell and their incantations I’m sure of it.” “But why would they want Helena out of the way?” He asks as he looks at her. “So there would be no more Desmonds.” “They could do the same thing to you.” Jean Paul says to her. “They were trying to use her against you to get to you. But you found an ally”
      Jean Paul nods. “Yes Philip arrived when you were there.” “But now they need an ally to use against you.” “Well then Philip is playing right into their hands.”
      “No he’s not, he’s playing against them. That’s why it is so important for you to help him. You’ve got to convince Irene that you are enemies. You’ve got to make her trust him because she wants to use him against you. Oh please Jean Paul I want you free of them, of the curse and everything that changes you to evil. Please do it for me.”

      Raxl enters Philip’s secret room carrying a candelabra. She sets it down and turns towards the skeleton. “Oh Ancient One protect me. Keep that girl from my path. Send her back to the region from whence she came. Blind her to the past. Hear me oh Ancient One in this my hour of desperation.” Susan materializes in front of the skeleton. Raxl glances up. “No! Go back to your own world!” Susan walks towards her. “I told you I’d follow you. You will not be free of me until you are safe.” “You know my danger?” Raxl asks. “I have my instructions as you have yours.” “You came to destroy me.” Raxl says to her looking away. “It is your powers I came to destroy.” “Without them I am sentenced to eternal fire.”
      “Not if you undo the evil that you have done.” “It can not be undone.” Raxl says to her. “What has been done can always be undone if we will it so.” “Then you can save me?” Raxl asks. “We must end what began so long ago.” “No I cannot join forces with you. One of us would defeat the other.” “Or both of us will defeat the evil that has made you a wanderer through out time. Linked to the flames you lit under an innocent man.” Susan says as she walks towards the skeleton and disappears.

      Jean Paul uncovers the mask. “Orendo listen to me. Listen to the voice of your kinsman. Send me a signal that I may proceed. Send me your tears so that I may know that you are protecting me.” The mask disappears. “It’s gone!” He turns away. “I’m lost.” There is a knock on the door. “Come in.” Jean Paul calls out.
      Susan walks in and closes the door behind her. “What’s the matter?” She asks walking around to face him. “The mask it’s gone.” He says and turns away from Susan. “Well who took it?” “It just disappeared in front of my eyes.” He says as he points at his dresser. “Well get the totem.” Susan says to him. “No Emily gave it back to Philip.” “Is she back?” “Yes she’s in her room. Where’s Raxl?”
      “Raxl is in the secret room. I made a bargain with her.” Jean Paul turns away. “She never keeps her bargains.” “She’ll keep this one. She has no other choice.” Susan says as she walks up behind Jean Paul. Jean Paul turns and looks at her. “What have you done?” “I’ve done what I am here to do. You will have no more threats from Raxl.” Jean Paul glances away. “We have worse threats now.”
      “But you can deal with them. My star is watching you now.”

      Philip holds the totem above the candles. “Uthco Spirit of the Demon world send me your face so I can speak without fear. So that I can stop the suffering that inflicts my people. Destroy the curse that follows my people through Jean Paul Desmond.” The mask appears on a table across from Philip. “Look.” Irene says pointing at the mask. Philip turns towards it. “Uthco you have answered me.” “What is that?” Irene asks. “It is the face of a Spirit that protects my people.”
      “Make it go away. I don’t want it here.” Philip turns towards Irene and grabs her arm. “Speak to it” “No! It will drive my powers away.” “Trust it.” He walks with Irene over to the mask. “It’s here to help us both. Now repeat after me. “Uthco Master of mystery.” “Master of mystery.” Irene says. “Bring to us the one who works us harm.” “Who works us harm.” Irene repeats. “Set us free to pursue what we most desire.” “What we most desire.” says Irene. “Forgive me Orendo. You know my heart.” Philip whispers. “What did you say? I didn’t hear it.” “I spoke my private prayer to appease Uthco’s wrath for bringing another stranger in the circle.” There is a knock upon the door. “Who is it?” Irene calls out.
      “Irene its Jean Paul. May I speak to you?” Philip hides the mask as Irene blows out the candles then opens the drapes. Philip puts the totem in his pocket. Irene turns and opens the door as Philip turns away from her. Jean Paul steps in. “I, What are you doing here?” Jean Paul says to Philip. “I had no other place to go.” Philip says with his back towards Jean Paul. “Listen you’ll be sorry you didn’t leave Desmondton believe me.” Irene walks over to Jean Paul and faces him. “Why Jean Paul what is the matter?” “Irene I thought you were my friend.” “I am you know that.” “Then why are you harboring my enemy. Are you plotting against me as well?”

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