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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 172 [Tuesday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 2393 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 2393 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 172
      Episode 172: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/2cvaab

      In her cottage Irene works at hanging pictures on the walls when there is a knock at the door. Walking to the door she opens it. Philip walks in seeming to be exhausted. “Philip what is it? What do you want?” She asks angrily. Philip walks across the room and sits down. “I don’t want you here.” She says as she walks closer to him. “Why have you come here?” “I had to leave Desmond Hall last night.” “Oh?” Irene says as she looks at him. “I had no other choice.” “Did Jean Paul turn against you too then?” Irene asks. Philip nods. “He found out I was using black magic against him. I need your help.” “Do you really expect me to help you after the lies you told me?” “Jean Paul used me against you. Now he’s turned me out.” He says then glances up at her. “Where have you been?” Irene asks. “I spent the night in the woods.” “Why didn’t you come to me here last night? Why come now?” “Well I thought you would turn me away after that story I told you about Emily’s
      death.” “I should turn you away.” “Oh please let me stay.” Philip asks as he stands and faces Irene. “I can’t do that.” She turns away. “This is a small town. I’m a woman alone.” “Well where can I go?” “You can stay in town.” “Without a penny in my pocket?” Irene turns and gets her wallet from the mantel and hands Philip money. “This should do for now.” “How can I repay you?” Philip asks as he looks at the money. “I’ll find a way.” She glances at Philip. “I always wondered why you haven’t returned to your own home.” “Well I came to Desmond Hall to find out why my people suffer so much. The secret lies within the Desmond family.” “You seem secure to me.” “Well on the surface perhaps but underneath there’s something that no one understands. “And you want me to help you?” Philip turns towards her. “I need a place that I can speak to my Gods.” “Your Gods nearly took my powers away once.” Philip walks closer to her. “That was because of Raxl. She tried to use
      the totem.” Irene looks at him. “Very well, if I help you, you will help me too. Agreed?” Philip nods. “I will agree to anything that will help to lift the curse from my people.”

      Emily is sitting at her desk working when Ada and Julian enter the Drawing Room. “Oh see everyone’s not asleep after all.” Ada says to Julian. “Cort is usually an early riser.” Ada says as she sits on the couch. “I’m afraid I kept him up late talking.” Julian tells her as he sits on the arm of the couch. “He’s a nice boy. He’s got Great Spirit and promise.” “Oh yes I do worry about him sometimes. But now that you’re here I feel much better. You have no idea of what your being here really means to me.” Ada says as she touches his hand.
      “It means a great deal to me too.” He says as he covers her hand. “Well here I go again; it’s too early in the morning to get emotional.” Ada stands. “You stay and talk to Emily and I’ll bring you some coffee.” Ada says then walks from the room. Julian stands and walks over to Emily. “Are you really as calm and cool headed as you appear to be?” “Oh it’s just a pose really. I’m a frail little creature.” “I hope I didn’t offend you with my tactless remarks about the problems of marrying a Desmond?” Emily glances at him. “As a matter of fact you did. But I got over it.” She says with a smile. “After all you have no way of judging me yet.” she says as she looks away. “I’d like to remedy that. Can we be friends?” Julian asks. Emily stands and walks across the room. “I’d like to be friends with all of Jean Paul’s relatives.” Julian turns towards her. “You’re fortunate I think that I’m the only survivor of the proceeding generation. Armand and Benjamin were hardly
      pleasant men.” “Jean Paul never mentions his father or his mother.” “I don’t suppose he would.” Julian says to her. Emily glances at Julian. “You make them sound like ogres.” Julian steps closer to her. “Brothers may not be the best of judges of each other. But the Desmond men have never inspired great admiration.” “Well Jean Paul is different.” “I hope so.” Julian says to her. “Oh I know he is. He hasn’t kept anything from me.” Julian turns away. “He’s a great deal braver than I was. I could hardly confide in my wife. It nearly destroyed her.” “How could that be? You seem like such an open man to me.”
      “Oh I’ve since passed the age of keeping secrets.” He tells her as he sits on the arm of the couch. Emily steps closer to him. “Will you tell me what your secret is?” “It wouldn’t benefit you to know.” “Well it might help me with my marriage.”
      Julian stands and steps away from Emily. “The innocent always want to know the dangerous secrets of others. Like my wife, she never stopped asking.” “She loved you.” “And I couldn’t tell her of my crime because I loved her.” He says to Emily with his back towards her. “What crime is that?” Julian turns towards her. “My dear you young woman are the envy of the world when you marry into the Desmond family but the world only sees the outside. The wealth, the position, they cannot see the terrible price we have to pay for the advantage.” “What are you saying? “As you say Jean Paul told you everything.” Ada is carrying a tray through the foyer as Susan rushes down the staircase. “Is Emily up?” Susan asks. “She’s in the Drawing Room talking to my father.” “Is she all right?” “Of course she is. Why do you ask?” “Well I had the strangest dream about her this morning. She was entangled in a rope or a net of some kind and she was being dragged under the water to her
      death.” “Well don’t go repeating that to her because you’ll only upset her.” “No, it’s a warning. She must know about it.” “A dream is just a dream and I forbid you to alarm her.” Susan turns and walks up the staircase. Ada carries the coffee tray into the Drawing room. “Here let me help you.” Emily says as she moves the books and notes on the desk. “Oh thank you.” Ada says as she sets the tray down. “Oh by the way Emily I promised Mrs. Hatter that I would take you down and see her today.” Emily looks at Ada. “I don’t want to see her.” “Please for my sake.” Ada asks. “Who is Mrs. Hatter?” Julian asks. “Oh she’s just a friend of the family.” Ada says as she pours cups of coffee. “She’s not a friend of mine.” Emily says to Ada. “You haven’t even given her a chance.” “Oh I’ve given her all the chances I’m going to give her. You seem to forget that I spent two weeks with her when I was ill and that’s enough for a lifetime.” Emily says as she walks from the room.
      “Now I’ve gone and upset her.” Ada says to Julian. Julian steps over to her. “Dear Ada if she doesn’t want to take you to see Mrs. Hatter I will.” Ada laughs. “I’m afraid she’d bore you to death.” “Oh Ada let me take the risk. I want to know your friends and to be part of your life at all levels. Mrs. Hatter sounds fascinating.”

      Philip rushes through the front door of the mansion. “Philip.” Emily calls to him from the staircase. She turns walks down the stairs to meet him. “Where is Jean Paul?” “He’s still in bed.” Emily tells him. “And Cort?” “He’s still sleeping.” “Are they alright?” “Everything’s fine.” Emily tells him. “Are you sure?” Philip asks. “Oh Philip I was wondering where you were? I missed you last night.” Julian says as he walks into the foyer. Philip walks past him and goes into the Drawing Room. Julian and Emily follow him. “Philip now where have you been? Laslo saw you walking about last night as he was coming home from work.” Ada says to him. “There are times when I would like to get away, be alone.” Philip says as he looks away. “During such a dreadful storm?” “It’s strange of how the customs of one ancestors persist isn’t it? Many is the time I envied your people their empathy in nature and space.” Julian says. “Excuse me but I have to talk to Emily.’ Philip
      says as he follows Emily into the foyer closing the door behind him.
      “What’s the matter?” Emily asks. “I have the strangest feeling that something is wrong.” “I tell you everything is all right.” “No, I started to come back here several times last night but every time I did something pulled me away. As if almost against my will.” “Orendo?” Emily asks. “No it was something else. Finally this morning I went over to Mrs. Hatters.” Philip says with a smile as he turns and looks at Emily. “You went where?” “To Mrs. Hatter’s.” “Oh you shouldn’t do that. She can’t be trusted.” Emily says as she walks closer to him.
      “Well I didn’t go there because I trust her but to make her trust me. I have to go back there right away. She doesn’t know I’m here. She thinks I’m getting a room at the Desmond Inn.” Philip says to Emily with a smile. “Are you leaving us?” Emily asks. “Only for a day or so. She thinks Jean Paul kicked me out.” “She’ll spread it all over town.” “I think she will keep this a secret.” Philip says with a smile. “And Emily, I’m going to need the totem for a while.” “I’ll go get it.” Emily turns towards the staircase. Philip grabs her arm. “No I want you to bring it to me yourself.” Emily shakes her head. “I’d rather not do that if you don’t mind.” He releases her. “You can’t find out the spell she cast on you if you don’t face her.”
      “Do you know that she did that?” “I think so but I don’t know why. My people used to use spells on people to make them act the way we wanted then to. Now there is nothing that Irene Hatter can do that is unfamiliar to me.” “Then you should also know the danger involved.” “I do and that’s why I need the totem.”
      “But must I bring it to you?” Emily asks. “If you want to stop what is going on you have to do what I tell you.” Emily nods. “All right.’ “Now face this with me. You’ll be safe I promise you.” he tells her as he holds her by the elbows.

      Julian pours a glass of brandy. “I think this afternoon I’ll take a walk through Desmondton and see how much has changed in the last forty years.” Ada laughs. “I’m afraid it hasn’t changed very much. A door in the foyer slams. Ada stands and looks at Julian. “Did you hear a door slam?” She walks to the door of the Drawing Room, opens it and glances out. She closes the door and turns towards Julian,”Now that must have been Philip. I don’t understand him.” “These young people have their own affairs Ada.” “I thought he would come in and talk to us.” “It doesn’t matter.” “And it is very rude too and not a bit like him. Something is troubling him. Haven’t you found him nervous lately?” “Ada young men don’t like to be treated as children. That’s for old men like me.” “It’s nothing to joke about Father. I’ve had the strangest feeling for the last few weeks that something strange is going on in this house. Cort has been keeping things from me. Jean Paul isn’t himself
      and Philip comes and goes like a complete stranger.”
      Julian puts his arm around her shoulders. “Come and finish your coffee. I’ll see that no harm comes to them little Ada.” Ada glances up at him.

      Emily has her jacket on and carries her purse as she walks through the hallway from her bedroom. Susan steps from her room. “Oh Emily I was just coming to look for you.” “Oh I haven’t much time. I have an errand to run.” “Look don’t go outside this morning.” “But I promised Philip I’d meet him.” “Emily I had a dream about you this morning. You were caught in a net and slowly pulled under the water by someone.” “Who was it?” “Well I can’t remember but it was a woman. I really didn’t see her face.” Emily looks at the totem. “Don’t worry about me, the totem will protect me.” She places it in her purse. “Emily where are you going with Philip?” “To Mrs. Hatter’s.” “Then I’ll go with you.” “No. No you stay here, Philip and I have business with her.” “Well don’t be alone with her whatever you do,” Susan says to Emily. Emily shakes her head and with a smile she turns and walks away. Susan glances up as she hears music. Turning she walks through the hallway.

      Ada picks up the coffee tray and carries it to the door. Julian opens the door for her. Susan walks down the staircase to the Drawing Room door. “Good morning my dear.” Julian says to her. “Oh Susan tell my father about your dream about Emily. You know she has the strangest dreams.” Ada looks at Julian. “Perhaps you can make more sense of them than I can. ‘ Ada says then walks from the Drawing Room with the tray. Susan turns away. “Don’t go. I really would like to hear about your dreams.” Susan walks through the room. ”Mrs. Thaxton gets upset when I talk about them.” “Well dreams are often a signal from another life.” “But I dream of death.” “You’re very young to dream of your death.” “No it’s not me.” She turns and faces him. “I never die in my dreams. It’s the other people.” “Those you love?” Susan turns away. “Yes no matter what I do I can never save them.” “Well perhaps you need someone to help you.”
      Susan glances at Julian. “No one ever believes me.” Susan says then her vision blurs. “I came to you Monsieur Lacombe because all else failed.” He turns away from her. “We must leave the final judgment in higher hands.” “But you cannot allow your Grandson to destroy his brother.” “The decision is in the hands of the tribunal.” Susanna grabs his arm. “But you can persuade them to free Philippe. You’re the Grand Magistrate.” “I cannot choose between two young men.” He turns towards her. “My own flesh and blood, my daughters’ sons.” “Well choose the truth then.” “Whose truth? Yours Susanna O’ Claire, Philippe’s or
      Jacques’? Who is telling the truth?” Susanna turns away. “In your heart you know Philippe is.” “I am an old man near the end of my life. You’re a girl in love in the beginning of yours. We do not find the truth in the same place.” She glances at him. “You refuse to take sides.” He turns away. “I am sworn to the King to judge only the evidence.” He turns and looks at her. “We must put our faith in that, not in our hearts.” “But the evidence lies.” “Can you testify to that?”
      Susanna turns away. “I know it to be true.” He steps up to her. “My child take the stand at the tribunal tomorrow, deny the accusations of the woman Len’Waire against my Grandson Philippe Des Mondes. Have your documents to prove her as wrong.” Susanna shakes her head. “But she forged hers.” She says with a sob as she turns towards Monsieur Lacombe. He turns away. “But Philippe has confessed.’ She turns away. “But that was only under the torture of the rack.”
      He turns and holds her by the shoulders. “You do not understand the subtle ways of the Des Mondes. You are too young.” He touches her chin. “Too pure. Shut your innocence up in a convent where the corrupt world cannot reach it. Leave the man you love to his fate. You cannot help him.” Susanna shakes her head. “I shall never leave him; I’m linked to him forever.” Susan’s vision clears. As she looks at Julian. “No one believes me.” “I believe you.” “Then come with me to Mrs. Hatters. She’s leading Emily into a trap.” “Emily will be safe as long as she doesn’t plot against the Desmonds. I’ll see to that.” Susan steps away from him and looks back at him. “You aren’t Julian Desmond after all are you?” “Julian Desmond comes in many forms. He’s had to endure fire and water to make his way back to this life.” “Just a few minutes ago when we were talking you were someone else weren't you?” He nods. “Yes that’s right.” She steps up to him. “Do you know you are the first
      person who will admit that?” “I told you I believed you. “

      Irene stands in front of her altar. The candles are lit as Philip walks into the cottage. She turns and glances at him. “I’ve been waiting for you.” “Well I had to stop again on my way from the Inn to speak to Uthco.” He says as he stands next to her. “Who is Uthco?” “Uthco is a spirit that protects my people.” “My Spirits rejected him before when Raxl used the totem.” Philip smiles. “They rejected Orendo. Now Uthco is friendly to your Spirits.” “Good let us begin.” Irene says as she walks around the room closing the drapes. Philip stands in front of the altar. He rubs his hands together closing his eyes. Opening them he looks at Irene as she walks to the altar. “Demons of the Dark... Join hands with us.” She raises her hand to Philip. He reaches out and grasps her hand. “Spirits of the Night come back and work your spell on Jean Paul Desmond. Bring him evil, give him no rest, no peace until you grant me my wish.” She glances at Philip. “Now speak to your
      Spirits.” She says to Philip. “Uthco Spirit of my tribe, hear my voice, hear my plea for help. Lend me your strength.” Philip stops and glances at the door.
      “Don’t stop.” Irene says to him. “There’s someone outside.” “We mustn’t be heard.” Irene says to him. There is a knock at the door. “No wait.” Philip tells her as he blows out the candles. “Hide in there.” Irene tells Philip as she walks over to the window and opens the drapes. Philip walks to the corner of the room and stands against a hallway wall leading out of the room. Irene opens the door. “Oh Emily what a surprise.” She says as Emily steps into the cottage. “Jean Paul said you wanted to see me.” “You should have called first. I might have been out.” Irene says as she closes the door. “Oh well you didn’t call when you came to see me at Desmond Hall.” Emily says as she glances around the room. “Ada took me then.” Irene tells her. “Well perhaps someone brought me here to.” Emily says as she walks around the room. “What?” Irene says as she steps closer to Emily. “The spirit of goodwill.” Emily says with a smile. “Irene I want to end the misunderstanding
      that came between us when I left here. Emily says as she glances around the room. “You seem nervous.” “You know it’s strange but I couldn’t remember this room.” Emily says as she turns towards Irene. She stands with her back against the wall near where Philip is hiding. “I don’t seem to remember anything that took place here.” “Not much took place. You weren’t feeling to well. We hardly talked.” Irene says as she walks closer to Emily. “I remember those candles though. And a game we used to play.” “You were delirious I think. We never played any game.” “Light the candles for me will you. I really love the sight of lighted candles.” “If that’s what you want of course I will.” Irene says then turns to get the matches. Emily takes out the totem and slides it into Philip’s hand. She reaches into her purse and takes out a tissue and holds it up to her nose then smiles at Irene. “That’s better. I’m beginning to remember now.” She says as she stops smiling.

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