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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 156 [Monday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 1739 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 1739 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 156
      Episode 156: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3bepn8

      Cort stands in the foyer looking into the Drawing Room when Philip walks through the front door. Cort walks up to him. “Ah the wandering brave returns.”
      Philip walks over to him after hanging up his coat. “I see your sense of humor hasn’t improved since my absence.” “Don’t worry about me. You are going to need all the humor you can manage.” Cort says with a smile. “And what does that mean?” “Your girl is getting married.” “My girl?” “Yes and don’t pretend you don’t know. I’m not blind to the singing of lovebirds.” “Who told you?” Philip asks.
      “Raxl. She was spreading the glad tidings.” “Where is she?” “Upstairs with the groom planning her nuptials.” Cort says with a grin. Philip walks to the staircase.
      “I don’t think you should do that. I think it would be awfully selfish old fellow to intrude at this time.” Philip turns and looks at Cort, then walks into the Drawing Room. Raxl stands near the desk when she sees Philip and steps towards the doors. “Don’t leave I would like to speak to you.” “Yes Mr. Philip.” Raxl says as she stops and looks at him. “You must believe that I sympathize with your position.” Philip says to her. “And I sympathize with yours.” Philip crosses his arms and looks away. “I realize your duty is to Jean Paul.” “That is true.” “And everything you do is to protect him” Philip says looking at her. “I try to.” “Than can’t you understand that I’m trying to protect him too.” “You bring strange influences to him that can’t help him.” “In what way?” “You’ve separated him from me. The only one who can help.” “And that’s you isn’t it? Philip says as he lowers his arms. “Yes.” “Now when the mark was on him and the evil star was in the sky he
      tried to kill me.” “He told me that.” “And where were you at that time?” Philip asks. “I don’t remember.” “Why weren’t you at his side?” “I locked him in the tower room where he would be safe.” “Is that the best protection you could have provided for him?” “You should not have gone there!” Raxl says to him. “I wanted to find out what was going on!” “Now you know! Are you any the better for it?” Raxl asks looking away from him. “It has brought him from your protection into mine.” “You’ve taken him from me.” “What does it matter as long as he’s safe?” “He is not safe!” “My Guardian Spirit protects him.” “Are you sure of that?” “Are you saying he isn’t?” Philip asks. “The curse that haunts my Master will stay with him until he dies.” “And if he dies Raxl what happens to you?” Raxl looks at him. “He will not die.” “Then why did you take the totem?”
      “Do you think a little piece of wood and feathers can protect my Master when all the forces of the Dark Region cannot.” “It isn’t Jean Paul my totem protects.” He says as he looks at her. Raxl looks at him. “Miss Emily will be protected by her husband from now on.” “I want that totem back.” “I don’t know where it is.”
      “Bring it to my room before dark or I’ll turn this house upside down.” “You will not find it here.” “Then I’ll turn Mrs. Hatter’s house upside down as well.” Raxl glances away. “Mrs. Hatter?” “The lady you visited this morning. I saw you going into her house.” “I had an errand to do.” She says with her back towards him.
      “Don’t start making up stories. I want that totem back or you’ll leave this house.”
      “If I leave this house it will be because I choose to, and for no other reason.”

      Emily looks at Jean Paul. “What did she say?” “She seemed very pleased with the news.” “Pleased? She came right down stairs and accused me of gossiping with Cort.” Emily says as she steps away from Jean Paul. “Were you?” Jean Paul asks with a smile. “Not really.” “But um almost.” Jean Paul says as he walks in front of her. “I was just asking him a few questions about her.” “Oh she’s very sensitive. She seems to feel she is in a difficult position here.” He says. As he touches her arm. “Jean Paul you are so kind hearted.” “Darling aren’t you being a little unreasonable?” He says as he puts his arm around her shoulder. “I don’t think so.” “Well you act as if you are jealous of her.” Emily turns away. “Perhaps you’re right. Maybe I am jealous of her.” Jean Paul laughs. “Darling don’t be ridiculous.” “But she’s known you all your life. Oh I am being foolish.” Emily says as she turns and puts her arms around Jean Paul. “Here I am delighted at the prospect of
      marrying you and I am trying to change you already.” “We’ll work it out don’t worry.” He says then kisses her.

      Raxl is standing next to Cort .in his room. “Well what do you want me to do?” Raxl asks as she walks towards Cort. “I want you to apologize to Miss Blair. Tell her you were sorry for taking the document from her briefcase.” “I can’t do that.”
      “Humble yourself. Tell her you were worried about Jean Paul.” “Why are you so anxious that I humble myself in front of Miss Blair?” “To gain time.” Cort says to her. “Time for what?” “When they get married they will be going on a honeymoon.” “And when they return?” “We’ll face that when it happens. If it ever does.” Philip stands next to the window in the Drawing Room when Emily stops in the doorway. “Philip we were worried about you.” She walks into the room. “You shouldn’t have been.” Philip says as he walks towards her. “You were gone for so long we thought something had happened to you.” “I’m sorry if I made you anxious.” “Where were you?” Emily asks. “I took a drive along the river.” “All day?” “Well I was trying to recapture something I seemed to have lost.” “What is it?” “My boyhood I suppose. When I believed that anything in the world I wanted would be mine.” He says quietly looking at her. “I’m sorry Philip.” “Don’t apologize.” he says looking
      away. “You know already?” “Cort told me.” “I wanted to tell you myself.” “Never mind it gave him enormous pleasure.” Philip says as he walks away from her. “Philip aren’t you going to wish me happiness?” Philip turns and looks at her. “Yes of course. Why can’t you wait? Jean Paul isn’t safe from his star.” “But you said he was.” “Yes as long as I’m here to protect him.” “Then stay with him.” “I can’t spend my life as Jean Paul’s protector.” “For my sake.” Emily asks. Philip shakes his head. “No not even for yours.” “If you can’t stay with us then you should return to your own people. We’ll deal with our lives as best as we can.” Emily says then walks from the room. Philip glances at Jacques portrait. “That’s right smile. You don’t have to deal with the living do you? You lucky fellow.”

      Cort lies on his bed resting when there is a knock at his door. Emily walks into his room. Cort stands. “The bride to be, an unexpected pleasure.” He says with a bow. “Why did you tell Philip?” “Well I had an irresistible urge to spread the happy news.” He says as he walks away from Emily. Emily looks at him. “We wanted to tell him ourselves.” “What a pity. Another Desmond secret has been revealed.” He says as he stands in front of the mirror combing his hair. “But there are other secrets.” “Don’t make jokes.” Cort turns towards her. “I would never do such a thing. Your life is going to be hard enough as it is.” “Oh and don’t try to frighten me either.” she says as she crosses her arms angrily. “You’ve read enough about the Desmonds to know what a strange family you are marrying into.” “I’m not marrying a family, I’m marrying Jean Paul.” Cort smiles. “Another Mrs. Desmond joins the list.” “What list?” “You haven’t been studying your books very carefully.”
      “There’s hardly any mention of the Desmond women in the books.” Emily says to him. “Don’t you find that suspicious?” “What are you implying?” “You may think the Desmond men are unfortunate but wait until you find out what happens to the women who are so unwise to marry them.” Emily looks at him with her hands on her hips. “Oh you’re making this up aren't you?”
      “Ask Jean Paul.” Cort says. “Ask him what?” Emily asks. “Begin by asking him about his first wife.” “Erica?” “Yes the beautiful, mysterious Erica. Who died at Maljardin?” Cort says as he walks across the room. Emily turns towards him. “What do you know about her?” “Very little. I wasn’t there and I didn’t marry her.” He says as he turns towards Emily. “Raxl was there. I’ll ask her.” “Oh yes but you made an enemy of Raxl. That was very foolish of you.” “She doesn’t want me to marry him.” Emily says to Cort. “Why do you think that is?” “Because she wants to keep him from the happiness that should be his.” “Perhaps.” Cort walks towards the door. “But then perhaps she doesn’t want his wife to find the sorrow that comes to all the Desmond women.” He walks from the room.

      Jean Paul talks to Raxl in his room. “It’s very important to me that you and Emily be friends.” “I’ll try, I’ll do my best.” There is a knock on the door. Philip walks in. “Philip where were you? We were worried.” Jean Paul says to him. “Oh I had some errands in the village.” “I must go.” Raxl says as she walks to the door. “No stay.” Philip says as he closes the door. “There is something I want to find out from you.” Raxl turns away. “I’ve answered all the questions I’m going to answer today.” “There is someone else who is going to ask you questions.” Philip says as he walks to the dresser and takes out the mask. Raxl becomes frightened. “Master don’t let him do this to me please.” She says as she looks at Jean Paul. “Philip does what he has to do.” Jean Paul says as he walks up to Raxl. “He will bring harm upon me and evil upon me.” “Orendo does not work evil.” Philip says as he holds up the mask. “I can’t stay here.” Raxl says grabbing for the door. “Why
      are you frightened Raxl?” Jean Paul asks. “Gagossa, Gagossa listen to me. Orendo look into this woman; look into this woman’s heart!” Raxl looks at Philip and cries out. The door opens and Cort walks into the room. “What’s going on here?” Raxl clutches his arm. “Don’t let them harm me Master Cort please! Keep them away from me!” she shouts and rushes from the room. “What were you doing to that poor woman?” Cort asks. “You stay out of this!” Philip says to him. “And what do we have here?” Cort asks as he walks towards Philip and looks at the mask. “Keep away from it.” Philip says as he covers it up. “So this is the kind of games you play in secret.” “That’s enough Cort.” Jean Paul says to him. Cort glances at Jean Paul. “Poor Emily.” “Stop it!”
      “It’s not only bad that she has to marry into the Desmond family but she also has to put up with totems and Indian masks as well.” He shakes his head and walks from the room. Philip puts the mask in the top of the dresser drawer then leans against the dresser with his hands. Jean Paul walks up to him. “You don’t seem very pleased.” “I’m not.” Philip says to him. “I’m sorry Philip, really I am. I know how much Emily means to you but she loves me.” Philip nods. “I accepted that fact long ago.” “Then what is it?” Philip turns away from him. “Cort is right; Emily is marrying into a family cursed with misfortune.” Philip says as he looks at Jean Paul. “Not any longer thanks to you.” “Don’t thank me yet.” “Listen don’t think I don’t appreciate the sacrifices that you have made.” “You don’t understand.” Philip says to him. “You have freed me from the terror that has pursued me from Maljardin.” “I’ve tried to.” Jean Paul looks away. “Because you love her.” “No Jean
      Paul I’ve done what I’ve done because she loves you.”

      Cort questions Raxl in his bedroom. “You must not ask about that.” Raxl says to him. “Answer me what was that face in Jean Paul’s bedroom?” “It is an ancient God of Mr. Philip’s people.” Raxl says as she walks across the room. “What were they forcing you to do with it?” Cort asks as he turns and looks at her. “I can’t tell you that.” Cort steps closer. “Raxl what were they doing? Why were you so terrified?” “I was not terrified!” Raxl says as she looks at him. “I will not allow myself to be subjected to the will of others! That is all!” “What power does a painted mask have?” “It brings an evil spirit that works against us.” “And why does Jean Paul have to resort to spirits for help?” “He has many secrets.” Raxl says as she turns away. “Only you know his secrets I want you to tell me them.”
      “I will not reveal the secrets of my Master.” “Not even to the man who will be the next Master of Desmond Hall?” “When you become the Master of Desmond Hall then there will be no secrets between us.” “But until that time I must remain ignorant?” Cort says turning away from Raxl. “Oh you are so impatient! Learn to wait, time will tell you what you have to know.” Cort looks at her. “If you don’t tell me I’ll ask Jean Paul myself.” “You can’t do that.” “I’ll tell him you showed me the totem and that you are hiding it somewhere.” Raxl steps towards him. “Your threats are pointless. You risk only your own future.” “You make it very difficult for me to trust you.” “You must or we will fail.” “Am I to trust Irene Hatter too?”
      Raxl turns away. “She will do as I say.” “She has betrayed everyone who has tried to take her into their confidence. Now why would she treat you any differently?” “She is in my power now.” “Be careful she’ll draw you into her net and she’ll use your powers against you.” “Let me handle her.” Raxl says as she glances at Cort. “You don’t know her. She poses as a silly society woman. She may fool Jean Paul and Laslo but she doesn’t fool me.” Raxl turns towards him. “Oh you exaggerate her importance.” “She tried to make friends with me. She tried to get me into her strange group of people that hold hands around her candles.” “What do you know about that?” “I just told you. She tried to get me into her group of people but I refused.” “Perhaps you should reconsider.” “I have other plans.” “Do not make any plans without consulting me.” Raxl says to him.
      “You have secrets that you won’t tell me. Now why should I reveal mine to you?”
      “Because you don’t know what you are doing.” “Oh yes I do. I know very well and when my plans work out I won’t be the child you treat me like. I can manage by myself!”

      Jean Paul walks away from Philip. “Am I never to marry Emily?” “Well do you wish the same fate on her that befell Erica?” Jean Paul turns towards Philip. “Don’t speak about Erica.” “I must speak about Erica. And of many other unpleasant matters.” Philip says as he walks up to Jean Paul. “It’s over and done with!” “Do you really believe that?” Jean Paul glances at Philip then sits down. “No you’re right. I try to convince myself I’m free. One step forward to freedom leads me two steps backward. The curse of that star and the Mark of Death.” “Well now that you admit that possibility lets see if we can trace it to its source.” Philip says as he sits next to Jean Paul. “Again cousin?” Asks Jean Paul. “Yes again and again and again until we find some answers.”

      Raxl has her cloak on as she walks down the staircase and walks towards the outside door. Emily walks out of the Drawing Room. “Raxl.” Emily calls out.
      Raxl turns and looks at her. Emily walks up to her. “I owe you an apology. I had no right to accuse you.” “Please Miss Blair I must go.” “If you did take the totem I understand why.” Raxl turns and looks at her. “Do you?” “You want to guard Jean Paul from evil.” “Who told you that?” Raxl asks. “No one, I want to be friends Raxl.” “Why have you changed so quickly?” Raxl asks. “You’re really the only person who has really been close to Jean Paul.” Raxl turns away. “He seems to have forgotten that lately.” “I know and that’s my fault not his. Lets be friends.” Raxl looks at her. “That is for you to say not me.” “Let’s try to bring him peace and happiness together.” “He will not find happiness with you.” “Why not most men find happiness in marriage.” “Not the Desmonds.” “Then Cort was right when he said that women that marry the Desmonds live to regret it.” “The Desmonds were not meant to share their lives with others.” “I don’t believe that.”
      Raxl looks at Emily. “You are young and trusting, you do not believe that life can damage you.” “I won’t let it happen.” Emily says to Raxl. “Ask Ada Thaxton about her mother and father. And then ask her about her Uncle Benjamin Desmond and his unhappy wife.” “I’ll do that.” “Then ask Jean Paul about his mother and his grandmother.” “I’m not afraid to find out the truth.” “Then ask him about his wife Erica.” “I’ll do that too.” “And then if you feel you still have the courage to face what life has in store for you as a wife of a Desmond go ahead and marry him.” Raxl says then turns and walks out the door

      “Where do we begin?” Jean Paul asks. “We begin where we began before.” Philip says as he stands and walks across the room and gets the mask. Jean Paul stands. “Philip will I ever be free to act upon my own?” “Orendo will lead us to the truth.” Philip says as he walks to a small table and places the mask on it. He raises his hands. “Gagossa face of Orendo hear my supplication. Show me where to go from here. Lead us from the dark into your light. Orendo lead us to the truth.” Jean Paul stands behind Philip with his head bowed and his eyes closed. As Philip raises his head Jean Paul does the same. “Send us the beat of the drum to us and the pulse of your heart. Send the wisdom of our ancestors. Give us a signal. Don’t leave your kinsmen in despair. Don’t abandon us. Don’t leave us at the mercy of our enemies. Speak Orendo by drumbeat, by teardrop by signal, by sound.” Philip calls out. He’s staring to get upset and looks at Jean Paul. “Orendo is angry with us. I
      deserted his son the totem. We’ve failed.”

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