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Terror at Desmond Caves Part 2

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  • Debby Graham
    There could be some spoilers in this part of the story. Terror At Desmond Caves Part 2 Philip s disappearance Chapter 1 Philip walks through the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2007
      There could be some spoilers in this part of the story.

      Terror At Desmond Caves Part 2

      Philip's disappearance

      Chapter 1

      Philip walks through the twisting tunnels until he comes to the end
      of the single path, it splits into two different directions.
      Sensing something behind him Philip spins around. A young blond
      woman's ghostly form materializes behind him. She signals to him to
      go back.

      "I will show you the right path to save your brother." Jacques
      voice echoes around the cavern.

      "Philip, don't listen to him." The girl tell him as her body
      becomes more solid. "He lies, don't trust him. Turn back he is
      leading you to your death."

      "Who are you?"

      "My name is Susanna. I am trapped in time, don't let that demon
      do the same to you."

      "Philip Desmond, turn around. Is this the fate you will leave for
      your brother!" Jacques voice calls to Philip.

      Philip spins around . He sees Jean Paul at Maljardin, the mansion
      is ablaze. Jean Paul holds a torch to a portrait. The man in the
      portrait is the same one that had come to him in his secret
      room. "Farewell Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. An eternity in hell is not
      good enough for you!" Jean Paul says to the portrait. Jacques
      laughter seems to be coming from the portrait. Philip watches as his
      brother falls to the floor and flames engulf him..

      "You can save him if you do as I tell you." Jacques voice seems to
      be coming from the portrait. The vision fades. "Follow the path to
      your right!" Jacques voice echoes around him.

      Philip looks back at Susanna. "I'm sorry but I must help my

      Tears stream down her face as she fades away.

      Philip follows the path until he comes to a large cavern. He sees
      human skulls and bones covering the floor. Attached to the walls
      are skeletons in chains and shackles. It looks like a scene from
      hell. Philip walks around the room shining the flashlight. Walking
      across the room he sees a large black granite table, upon it lies a
      strange looking key. It's shaped like a cross but rounded at the top.

      "Take it, this may be the only thing that can save you."
      Susanna's voice says to him.

      Philip picks it up. A rumbling starts as the passageway that
      Philip had used to enter is sealed. Everything in the room
      disappears leaving Philip standing in an empty cavern. He walks
      around touching the walls, they are solid. Walking deeper into the
      room he discovers another path leading out of the cavern.
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