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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 119 [Thursday]

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  • Ron Janick
    Strange Paradise now has 493 votes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron
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      Strange Paradise now has 493 votes!

      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 119
      Episode 119: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/3xxoj2

      Cort: "Standing high above the village of Desmondton the manor house of the Desmond family broods even in daylight. For though plans are being made for a wedding ceremony within the ancient mansion other plans are being made for the destruction of Jean Paul Desmond. And flowers for the marriage ceremony are being replaced by flames."

      Laslo cries out as flames surround him. "Someone help! Someone help." Laslo calls out as he loses consciousness. Quito rushes to Jean Paul's room knocking n the door. Jean Paul opens the door. "Quito what is it? Quito reaches out and grabs Jean Paul's arm and pulls him through the hallway. Jean Paul tries to pull away. "Listen Quito, where are you taking me?" Quito signals towards the end of the hallway. Jean Paul and Quito rush to Philip's secret room. Quito pushes the door open for Jean Paul to enter. The room is in flames. "Laslo!" Jean Paul squats next t him and rolls him over to check for a pulse. "Quito we've got to get him out of here. Quito you're burning your hands!" Quito pounds at the flames with his hands. "Laslo can you hear me? We must get out of here. Stand up, stand up. Laslo lean on me!" Jean Paul tells him as he helps Laslo to his feet.
      Quito kneels on the floor hitting at the flames with his bare hands. "It's on fire Laslo, on fire! Jean Paul shouts. "I was trying to destroy the Serpent. Jean Paul for you." Jean Paul helps Laslo walk from the room.

      Helena walks down the staircase looking at the decorations. Cort walks in the front door wearily. "Fleur du Mal" Cort says as he walks into the foyer looking at Helena. "Cort what are you mumbling about?" "A title. The flowers of evil."
      "By Baudelaire. But that has nothing what so ever to do with my wedding." Helena says as she walks towards Cort. "You look strange Cort. What's the matter?"
      "Nothing." "Where have you been?" "Visiting." Cort says as he glances away.
      "With whom?" "I stopped at Irene’s." Cort answers as he walks away and enters the Drawing Room and sits on the couch. Helena follows him. "I think Irene is a very threatening person, don't you?" "Not at all." Helena sits next to him. "I wish you wouldn't go there." "Why?" Cort asks as he looks at the paper bird he has in his hands. "I don't know. Just a feeling. I've always liked you Cort. Do you know that?" Cort leans over the arm of the couch facing away from Helena. "A little."
      Helena puts her hand on his shoulder. "But it's true. Now that I'm to become a member of the Desmond family I'd like to think that you liked me. Do you?"
      "As much as I can like anyone I suppose." "You seem so withdrawn. Cort, Jean Paul and I aren't going to stay here all the time. We can't. We plan to travel and sometimes you can come with us. Oh there are so many exciting things we can show you. Venice, Paris, Monaco." Cort glances at her, he pulls away and stands. He walks over to the fireplace and leans against it looking back at Helena. "I've heard that before. Promises, promises by Philip." "But I mean it. I'd love you to come with us. There are so many exciting things to see in the world beyond Desmond Hall. And you're a very special boy, I know that." Cort looks at her and laughs as he points at her. "Are you trying to bribe me?" Helena stands. "No I'm telling you I like you." She says then turns away from him. "Look Cort I know you’re disappointed about Holly. I don't think you were wrong you know. I think she was very intrigued with you. She could have loved you." Helena says as she looks back at him. Cort
      walks up to her. "I hate the past tense Miss Raleigh!" Cort tells her angrily. "All right then perhaps she will love you. But don't despair and don't turn away from everybody especially me." "Do you remember the time I was in agony? I felt like I was being suffocated to death, choking."
      "I remember." "And you reached out your hands to me and I took them. And the fear went away." Cort says smiling. "Yes." "Well I needed you this afternoon. I mean it happened again. I felt like something was coiling itself around me and choking me." "Oh Cort, I think these things are atmosphere caused by this house. We've got to forget these things." Cort looks at her. "Do you believe in the supernatural?" "I believe it can be fought, dismissed only." Helena looks at him. "We can help each other." "But it didn't happen in this house today. It happened at Irene’s and she didn't do anything. She's kind very kind and loving." Cort says as he stares straight ahead. "Cort did she mention anything about the wedding?" "No was she invited?" "No I don't want her here. She upsets me." Helena says as she walks away from him. "I don't think she wants us to get married at all." Cort turns and looks at her. "You don't understand Helena. Irene is kind and loving." Cort says as
      he stares ahead. Helena glances at him. "You said that before." "Have you looked into her eyes?" "I have." Helena tells him.
      "She's my friend." "I'm your friend Cort. And I need a friend at Desmond Hall." Helena says as she walks up to him. "You be my friend and I'll be yours." Cort looks at her. "Ok, that would be nice. Helena would you help me to get rid of the man who calls himself Philip Desmond? Would you help me eliminate him?"
      Helena turns away from Cort. "Cort, no." "Then you're not a friend are you?" Cort tells her then walks to the doorway. "I know my friends!" Turning he walks out of the room. Helena glances around the room. "Marry me Jean Paul. Marry me and take me away from here."

      Jean Paul walks with Laslo to his room and lays him on the bed. "Laslo are you awake?" "Yes." Laslo says as he tries to clear his throat. "Do you feel better?"
      "Oh yes. Much better." "I want to know what you were doing in the secret room."
      "I went there to destroy the Serpent. I didn't want anything to interfere with your marriage." "You're showing a great devotion to my well being very suddenly."
      The bedroom door opens and Quito enters Jean Paul's room. Jean Paul rushes over to him and looks at Quito's hands. "Quito, oh your hands. They are burnt. Quito you must get some medication right away." Jean Paul looks at Laslo. "He put the fire out with his bear hands, to save you." "Thank you Quito. He's so devoted Jean Paul." Laslo says as he sits up. "He went with me to destroy the Serpent. Didn't you Quito?" Quito shakes his head no. "Quito our purpose was to protect Jean Paul. That's what I said wasn't it?" Quito looks at Laslo shaking his head as he holds his hands out. He starts walking towards Laslo. "Quito what are you doing?" Laslo asks. Quito lunges at Laslo grabbing him around the throat. "Quito! No!" Jean Paul shouts. "Quito stop!" He rushes over to Quito and tries to pull him off Laslo. Quito shoves him away. Jean Paul rushes back to Quito touching him on the back. "Quito I don't care what he's done! You mustn't kill him or you will harm me! Do you
      hear me Quito?" Quito releases Laslo and hold out his burnt hands. Laslo sits up holding his neck. "Yes keep him away from me." Laslo says as he stands and stumbles from the room. Jean Paul turns back to Quito. "Quito what ever he has done do you think he deserves to die?"
      Quito nods his head.

      Laslo leans against the wall in the hallway holding his neck when Cort walks around the corner coming towards him. "Well stepfather. Suffering? How very unfortunate. I warn you Laslo don't ever touch Irene again. And don't ever kiss her like I saw you do or Mother will know about it. I'd hate to see Mother suffer but then I'd love to see you leave this house." Laslo walks past Cort heading down the hallway. Cort steps across the hallway and knocks on Jean Paul's door.
      "Yes." Jean Paul calls out. "Jean Paul its Cort." "Come in." Cort enters and Jean Paul looks at Quito. "Quito go and find Raxl. Show her your hands and she'll help you." Quito nods and leaves the room. "Well Cort?" "Well I wanted to congratulate you. The wedding is going to be tomorrow as I understand." Jean Paul glances away. "Yes." "Yet you don't seem very happy." Jean Paul walks away from him. I'm very happy." "Strange the people at Desmond Hall don't seem to be very adept at happiness." "Why do you want to see me?" "As I said I wanted to congratulate you. I also wanted to know who's going to be the best man?" Cort asks as he walks across the room and leans on the back of the bed. "Is it going to be the ghost of your brother or that false lying man who calls himself Philip Desmond?" "He's never been false to me. He's always told the truth and people have not believed him." "Oh and you believe him. Fine, Fine! And yet I wouldn't plan on his participation
      in your nuptials. You see he's not going to be available." Cort says as he walks to the door. "He'll be missing Jean Paul. Noticeable missing."

      In the Drawing Room Helena wraps Quito's hands. "Quito don't draw your hand away. Your hands have to be bound. These are very serious burns and the ointment won't hurt you." Jean Paul enters the room and sits on the back of the couch. "Helena?" "Raxl is with Mrs. Thaxton, they have gone shopping for the wedding. And I'm playing Florence Nightingale." Jean Paul smiles. "You are suited to the part." "How did Quito get these burns?" "There was a fire. Quito beat it out with his hands. A fire in the kitchen." Jean Paul says as he looks at Quito. Quito glances at him. Helena watches Jean Paul, then looks at Quito. "You're a very brave man Quito. There, done." "You may go now Quito." Jean Paul says as he touches him on the shoulder. "Rest in your room." Jean Paul stands and guides Quito to the door. "Come." "Jean Paul?" Helena calls out to him." "Yes, just a moment dear." he says then follows Quito from the room and closes the door behind him. "Quito you are to leave
      Mr. Thaxton alone. You must not bring any harm to him because it will bring trouble to us. At a time we don't need trouble." Quito looks at Jean Paul and nods. Turning he walks away from Jean Paul. Jean Paul walks back into the Drawing Room. "I just told Quito to rest." "Yes I know that dear. You told him that in here." Helena says with her back to him as she rolls the extra bandages. "Jean Paul you weren't telling me the truth were you? Quito did not hurt himself putting out a fire in the kitchen. Jean Paul we've got to tell each other the truth. There are too many frightening things happening." Jean Paul takes her by the shoulders and turns her towards him. "Darling those frightening things. You shouldn't be hearing about them."
      "But I won't to." She throws herself into his arms. "It's as if everything is against us. It's as if something, everything is trying to stop us from getting married."
      "Darling." He kisses her. "I'll decide whether or not to marry you. Without any interference and I shall marry you tomorrow afternoon. Now the minister is being called and the family will be here. And there will be no interference believe me. Do you believe me?" Helena smiles. "Yes." She then pulls away and walks away from him. "And when the ceremony is over. Champagne is poured and everybody is celebrating how should we drink our toast Jean Paul? In these?" She picks up the silver goblets. Jean Paul rushes over to her and takes the goblets from her. "No." He sets them back on the table. "I see." Helena says as she turns away. "There are things you aren't telling me." Jean Paul walks up behind her. "Helena what was on the note that came with the goblets?"
      "Nothing. I told you it was blank." "Then don't you think there are some things you are not telling me." "There was a card. It was signed Erica." Jean Paul stares at her. "Oh Jean Paul." Helena says as she turns and walks into his arms. "You mustn't pay any attention to those things. I won't let this influence us. I promise you. Those goblets will never be used. They will never be filled."
      Helena glances down. On the table the goblets are full with wine. "Jean Paul?"
      He turns and looks at the table as Laslo walks into the room. "Well, well I've come upon a tender moment. The prospective bride and groom. Have I congratulated you Helena?" Jean Paul glances at Helena. She is staring at the table. "Helena?" "Yes." She looks up at him. "I was congratulating you." Laslo says to her. "Congratulations are never in order for the bride Mr. Thaxton. It makes her sound like she has won a race or a victory." "To wed a Desmond is a victory of sorts. Ah a cup of wine ready." Laslo says as he picks up a goblet.
      "Don't drink that." "No?" Laslo says as he lifts the goblet. "I said don't drink it!" Jean Paul says as he grabs the cup taking it away from Laslo. "Why not?" He says glancing at the table. "Oh I see matching vessels for the bridal couple."
      "Yes." Jean {Paul says as he holds the goblet." "A lovely sentiment. Then we should be sure tomorrow at the wedding when we all lift our glasses that you two will drink out of your silver chalices." Helena looks at Jean Paul. "I'll take these away." She collects them. "And the wine?" Laslo asks. "Will be thrown out."
      Laslo walks to the couch and sits down. "What a waste." Jean Paul looks at Laslo. "Laslo are you feeling better?" "Of course, of course. When one undertakes a mission for a friend the suffering involved is not important. And you are my friend Jean Paul." Jean Paul walks around the couch. "Desmond Hall almost burnt to the ground." "But it stands." Laslo tells him. "Why would the Serpent want to threaten me? Why would anyone want to threaten me on my wedding day?" "Well one can't be too careful. You see Jean Paul this house seems to be influenced by the esoteric. I'm almost beginning to believe it myself. I do hate necromancy and the occult. I find it childish and absurd as tales of witchcraft. But if a friend can be made happier." "It does not make me happier or Quito." "I just can't imagine what came over him can you? Choking me, I had no indication." Cort stands in the doorway. "No indication at all? That's strange." Cort walks into the room and stands next to
      Jean Paul. "There are a lot of people who would love to kill Laslo." Laslo stands. "My stepson indulges in childish tales himself." "I'm not a child and we'll soon see who is the child." Cort tells him as he crosses his arms. "Cort please I don't want to see you angry. Tomorrow we must all be happy. Now since you are in line for the Desmond fortune it is obvious you should be chosen to be the best man. Will you consent to that?" Cort glances at Jean Paul. "Sorry cousin. My stepfather thinks I'm not a man. It doesn't matter if I think I am a man or not. And it would be very presumptuous of me to be the best." "Then the answer is no?" "The answer is no." Cort says as he turns and walks out of the Drawing Room. Laslo walks up to Jean Paul. "I hope when you have children if you have children they do not break your heart as that boy does mine. However I can not help being fond of him the little devil. Ada has ordered an early supper tonight. No celebration, no party, we
      all want you to have a good night sleep Jean Paul." Laslo says as he walks out of the Drawing Room.

      Jean Paul enters his bedroom and turns on a lamp. "No lights please. I prefer the dark." Jean Paul looks around. "Helena?" She laughs. "Helena? Really Jean Paul my husband." Jean Paul spins around and looks at the mirror. "Erica!" "I'm Erica. Yes who else? Who else would visit you the night before your wedding? To wish you well." Erica's reflection shows up in the mirror. "Erica! What do you want?" "To be with you for a little while. While you are still my husband." "I am not your husband! You are gone! Dead!" Jean Paul shouts at her. "I know. How sad for me. But not for you Jean Paul. You found somebody else. That warms my heart, it really does." Jean Paul looks at her. "You haven't appeared to me to wish me well. You want to stop the marriage!" Jean Paul shouts. "What a bizarre idea. I want you to marry her Jean Paul. She pleases me. I'm very close to Helena hasn't she told you? I want you to marry her Jean Paul. Haven't I proven it? Didn't you receive my
      gift? Marry her Jean Paul then lift the silver goblets and drink a toast together for eternal love Jean Paul. To eternity."

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