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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 75 [Friday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 75
      Episode 75: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/vlghj

      Irene: "Desmond Hall is shrouded in darkness illuminated only by the pale glimmering of a cold and distant star. One star is high in the heavens on this night. It's cold light brighter than all the others. It is an omen of indescribable evil. For when it is in its ascendancy and the face of the moon can not be seen one man is possessed by an ancient curse. A curse that compels him to destroy, drives him to commit a sudden and violent murder."

      In her cottage Irene pours a glass of wine then adds herbs from a pouch. She walks over to the fireplace and lights candles on the mantel. Holly walks into the room. "Your house is lovely." Holly tells her. "I should have taken you on the grand tour but I thought I aught to finish in here first. Someone may have the bad taste to arrive on time." "Can I do anything to help you?" Holly asks.
      "Everything is done. In my opinion the dreariest part of giving a party is waiting for the guests to arrive." Irene says arranging the flowers on the table. "How many people did you invite?" "Only a few, my friends I'm afraid are a great deal older than you but I'm sure you'll find them amusing." "I'm sure I will," "Well the worst chatter box you'll be forced to meet is me." Irene says walking to the small table. "Will you join me in a glass of wine now?" "Oh please." Holly says walking over to Irene. Irene hands her a glass. "Let me propose a toast. To the future. Holly may it be yours.." Irene sips from her glass. "I have no idea what my future will be." Holly tells her. "I have a feeling it will bring happiness, peace and all your wishes will come true." "Oh really what makes you say that?" Holly asks sipping from her glass. "Oh just a feeling I have." Irene turns. "Oh look the moon." She walks to the window. Holly joins her. "A moment ago it was hidden by
      the clouds. Now the clouds have passed away and it's shining and pure, See?" Holly looks out the window. "Yes." "Perhaps it's an omen." "An omen?" Holly asks looking at Irene. "Of success. Perhaps tonight will be the success I hope it will be."

      In his bedroom Jean Paul looks out his window. He turns away then looks at his hand, the mark is gone. "Raxl." He rushes to the door and opens it. "Raxl!" he shouts. "What is it Master?" "Look at my hand." "It's gone." Raxl says. "What does it mean?" "I do not know." "Does it mean I have finally resisted the curse? Does it mean I have won?" "Perhaps." Raxl tells him. "It must mean that Raxl, it must." says Jean Paul turning away from Raxl. "When did it disappear?" "Just a moment ago. I was looking out the window and I suddenly felt my strength returning. I felt free." Raxl walks to the window and looks out. "The star, the star it's gone." "I know. The moon came out from a bank of clouds and the star just faded away." Raxl walks back to jean Paul. "Perhaps that's the secret." "What do you mean?" asks Jean Paul. "The star must be supreme in the sky or its powers fail. The moon must be dark the evil comes with the dark of the moon."
      "Are you telling me that I'm not free." He looks away from Raxl. "Not yet Master. You must stay in this room throughout the night and no one must come in here."
      Jean Paul turns away. "What about the others? Are they asleep?" "Miss Blair is asleep. Mr. and Mrs. Thaxton are still out. Only young Mr. Desmond is awake."
      Jean Paul turns to Raxl. "And Holly?" "She went to the village to visit Mrs. Hatter your friend. You gave her permission." "Yes. Poor Holly. She doesn't understand that she must keep away from me and I can't explain to her." Jean Paul says sitting on his bed. "You can not." "I told her that I'd take care of her . But she thinks I am rejecting her." "That is the way it must be." "I suppose so." He looks at Raxl. "I am glad she and Irene have become friends." "This Mrs. Hatter. How long have you known her?" "Since I was a boy. Why?" "There's something about her that disturbs me." "What are you talking about?" "Don't ask me to explain, I can't." Raxl says to Jean Paul. "Raxl don't be absurd. Irene is one of the kindest woman I have ever known." "Perhaps." Raxl says. "She is. I'm glad she and Holly are friends. It couldn't be more ideal."

      Sitting on the couch in Irene's cottage Holly finishes her wine. "Let me refill your glass." Irene says taking the glass from Holly. "No don't please. I feel so strange." Holly says groggily. "I feel so strange. My head feels..." "From one glass of wine? Nonsense, but if you care for something else." "Oh no thank you. The wine is delicious. I'll have some more." "Good." Irene says. As she starts pouring the wine a knock sounds at the door. "I'll wager ten thousand dollars I know who that is." She opens the door. "I win my bet." "Bet?" the person at the door asks.
      "Yes I just bet myself ten thousand dollars that you would be the first to arrive. And of course I've won." "Am I that predictable my dear Irene?" "Definitely." Irene closes the door. "You're the only one in Desmondton who is always on time. Some people might consider that a virtue but I consider it a failing."
      Irene walks over to Holly. "Holly this is Waldo Travers. Waldo this is Holly Marshal." "How do you do." Holly says. "Oh it's my pleasure. I must say you are just as charming and attractive as Irene said you were." "Of course she is. Be nice to Waldo Holly. He's our local celebrity." Irene says to Holly. "Really?"
      "Irene is exaggerating as usual. I wrote a few unimportant books which luckily caught the publics fancy." "I detect false modesty. Waldo has made piles of money from his few unimportant books and nobody is pleased with his success than Waldo." "I plead guilty." Waldo says holding his hand up. "Now would you like some wine Waldo?" Irene says. He looks at the wine then at Irene. "Must I?"
      "Luckily I anticipated your answer. I have a bottle of your favorite scotch in the kitchen. Would you mind getting it for me Holly." "Oh no of course not. Excuse me." Holly says to Waldo and Irene, she stands and walks to the kitchen.
      Irene looks at Waldo. "Well Waldo what do you think of her?" "I must congratulate you my dear Irene. She's perfect, absolutely perfect." Irene nods her head with a smile.

      Jean Paul restlessly moves his hands against each other. "If I can only survive this night then I can survive all the others." "You will never kill again." Raxl tells him. "Even if I don't the memory of that girl will haunt me. That poor girl."
      "You must try to forget her." "How can I?" Jean Paul says getting upset. "Her face will haunt me as long as I live. The expression on her face as she died." There is a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Jean Paul asks. "It's Cort." "Tell him to go away." Raxl says to Jean Paul. Jean Paul stands and walks to the door opening it. "What is it Cort?" "The sheriff is downstairs. He wants to talk to you."
      "The sheriff?" "It's about Annie Harrigan the girl who was here the other night. She's disappeared. He wants to talk to you." "Tell him I'll be right down." Jean Paul grabs his suit jacket as Cort walks away. "Master no." Raxl grabs his arm.
      "I've got to speak to him otherwise he'll be suspicious." "You must not leave this room." "It's all right Raxl." "Now remember the moon it must shine." "It's all right I tell you!" Jean Paul says as he leaves the room. Raxl closes the door and walks quickly to the window. She looks out.

      In the Drawing Room the sheriff leans on the mantel of the fireplace. "Sheriff?" Jean Paul says from the doorway. The sheriff turns. "Mr. Desmond?" Jean Paul walks in and shakes the sheriff's hand. "That is correct. What can I do for you?"
      "I'm here to investigate the disappearance of Annie Harrigan. I understand she visited Desmond Hall the other day." "Yes she came to apply for a job. But Mr. Thaxton told her there were no openings." "I see. Did you speak to her?"
      "Briefly." "Did she tell you where she was going when she left the house?" the sheriff asks. "No but there was no reason for her to." "What did she say to you?"
      "Well I'll try to recall."

      Raxl is looking out the window in Jean Paul's room when the star appears. She quickly leaves the room. The sheriff asks. "That's all she said?" "That's all I can recall." "You're sure?" the sheriff asks as he writes in his small notebook. "Yes." Jean Paul says then glances up as the heartbeat starts pounding. "Could Mr. Thaxton add anything? "I don't think so." Jean Paul says lowering his head fighting the influence of the curse. "What's wrong?" the sheriff asks. "Nothing, nothing I..." "You're trembling, you're pale as a sheet." "I'm dizzy that's all." Jean Paul says rubbing his head. "Perhaps you better sit down." "Yes, I suppose so."

      Raxl walks down the staircase to the foyer.

      "Can I get you something?" the sheriff asks. "No, I'll be alright." "I'd like to ask you some further questions." "All right " Jean Paul says. At the doorway Raxl stands and listens, she takes the gun from her pocket.

      Back at Irene's cottage Holly is standing staring straight ahead. "Holly, this is Mr. and Mrs. Pruett. Mr. Pruett is our local banker." Irene says. Mr. Pruett bows to Holly. "Such a lovely party." Mrs. Pruett says. "Yes." Holly answers. "And such beautiful music." Mrs. Pruett adds. "Yes beautiful music." says Holly. "Holly come here." Irene calls to her. Holly walks over to Irene . She is standing next to the fireplace. "Look at the fire." Irene says. Holly looks down. "The fire." "Look at all the colors." "Colors." repeats Holly. "What colors do you see?" "Red, blue, yellow and green." says Holly. "Look for the heart of the fire." "The heart." Holly says. "The very center, the place where the fire begins. Look for it. Find it." "Ah, ah." Holly says. "Keep looking, can you see it?" "Yes I see it. The heart of the fire." "Good." Irene looks up at the others. "She is ready."

      In the Drawing Room at Desmond Hall the sheriff is still asking questions. He and Jean Paul are seated on the couch. "And what was Annie wearing when she came to the house?" "Wearing? A gray coat I believe." Jean Paul says gripping the end of the arm of the couch. "Yes a gray coat. The sheriff writes it down. "Right well that's about it. I want to thank you for your cooperation." They both stand and shake hands. "Of course." Jean Paul says walking quickly to the door, opening it he walks out to the foyer. Raxl moves away from the door as Jean Paul opens it. "Raxl would you see the sheriff to the door. And when you find Quito tell him to come to my room." ":Thank you again Mr. Desmond." They again shake hands. "I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help." Jean Paul says to the sheriff. "Oh Annie will return. Girls like her always do." Jean Paul turns towards the stairs as Raxl hands the sheriff his hat. "Come with me." She shows the sheriff out then turning she
      looks at the staircase worriedly. Jean Paul wearily walks to his bedroom door. He looks down at his hand. 'The mark, the urge the overpowering urge to kill. I couldn't have resisted it a moment longer.' he thinks to himself silently. Opening the door he enters then locks the door. Taking off his jacket he turns towards the bed. "Jean Paul." Cort says. Jean Paul jumps and looks at Cort. "Cort!" "What's the matter?" Cort asks walking towards Jean Paul. "What are you doing here?" "What did the sheriff say to you?" "Why do you care?" Jean Paul asks walking away from Cort. "I care because of my mother." "Your mother?" "At one time Laslo and Annie Harrigan was pretty friendly. Now that Annie Harrigan has disappeared there might be a scandal. I want to prepare my mother for it She's had enough trouble as it is. I don't want her to have anymore." "The sheriff didn't mention any connection between Laslo and this girl." "Are you sure?" Cort asks. "Yes I'm sure, now
      please go I'm tired." Jean Paul says fighting the curses influence becoming very agitated. "What's the matter with you?" Cort says walking closer to Jean Paul. "Nothing's the matter with me. I just want to be alone! I just have to sleep!" he says with his back towards Cort. "You don't seem tired. You seem strange. Did the sheriff's questions bother you?" "Of course they didn't bother me. I just want to be alone now..." The heartbeat grows louder. "Get out of here! Get out! Do you hear me, get out!" Jean Paul shouts. "Okay!" Cort yells back then walks to the door. Opening it Quito stands on the other side. "What are you doing here?" Cort asks.
      "I sent for him. And I told you to go!" "Okay! Okay!" Cort leaves the room. "Quito come here." Jean Paul says. Quito closes the door and walks over to Jean Paul.
      "Now listen to me. I want you to stand and wait outside. I want you to guard this room. I want you to make absolutely sure that I stay inside this room tonight. No matter what happens I must not leave this room. Now show me that you understand." Quito nods his head.

      In Irene's cottage, Irene sets cards around a gold colored bowl. Unlit black candles are sitting next to it.. "Turn out the lights" Irene says. Waldo walks over and turns them off. "Let us take our places." Irene tells everyone. "But the circle isn't complete." Waldo says. "It isn't time yet." Mrs. Pruett says. "The hour is approaching. Before it does the circle must be complete." Irene tells them. "We must begin the preliminary ritual. We can't wait." "I don't like this Irene." says Mr. Pruett. "What don't you like?" "She can't join us, not the way she is." "She must join us. The circle must be completed." Irene says to Mr. Pruett. "But she should come to us voluntarily. She must be prepared." "There wasn't time for that. The coven must be completed tonight." "What if she isn't accepted as she is?"
      "She will be." "We have no guarantee of that." says Mr. Pruett. "That's right we don't." adds Mrs. Pruett. "Are you trying to prevent me from completing the circle?" "We must do this properly or not do it at all." "Those that guide us want the circle completed. Do you remember what happened last time someone tried to break the circle? Do you remember what happened to poor Jennifer?" Irene asks. "Of course I remember. But this is altogether different." "Those that guide us have the powers to destroy us. Do you want to follow poor Jennifer to the grave?" "No." says Mr. Pruett. "Of course not." Mrs. Pruett tells Irene. "Then don't argue with me. Take your places." Irene tells everyone. "Holly come with me." Irene holds out her hand. Holly walks over to Irene to the table. "Sit here."
      Holly in a trance sits next to Waldo. "Holly listen to me. You must follow my instructions, you must do everything I tell you to do. You must not try to resist me. You must submit to my will. Do you understand?" "I understand." says Holly.
      "Good now we will prepare the chalice." Irene says walking over to a small table. She uncovers the chalice and carries it to the large table with everyone sitting around it. "Waldo." She places the chalice in front of him. He pricks his finger and lets the blood drip into the chalice. Irene picks it up, holds it then passes it on. "Janet." Mrs. Pruett does the same. Irene again picks up the chalice, holds it then passes it on to Mr. Pruett. He also adds his blood to it. Irene picks the chalice then adds her blood to it. "We are ready." She places the chalice in the center of the gold bowl that is surrounded by cards. "When the last member arrives we will complete the ritual." Holly stares straight ahead in a trance.

      In his room Jean Paul paces in agony as the heartbeat gets louder and louder. He rushes to the door. "Quito!" Quito steps into the doorway. "Find Raxl. I must see her!" Quito stands and looks at Jean Paul. "Do you hear me! Find Raxl please I must see her. Find her! Go! Do as I tell you! Go!" Quito leaves as Jean Paul closes the door.

      Cort is walking down the staircase as Raxl enters the foyer. "What's the matter with Jean Paul? What's going on?" Cort asks. "Nothing is going on." Raxl says.
      "Something is going on. I can tell and I have a feeling you know what it is."
      "Nothing is going on except in your imagination." Raxl glances up. "Quito?"
      Quito walks down the stairs then signs to Raxl. "The Master wants to see me?" Raxl asks. She rushes up the staircase. Quito follows. "Why did you leave him? I told you to guard him!" "Master!" Raxl calls out opening the door to Jean Paul's room. She rushes to the window. "He's gone!" Quito glances around worriedly. Raxl holds Quito’s hands in fear.

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