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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 69 [Thursday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 69
      Episode 69: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/ybvj82

      Laslo: "Over the low hills that border Desmond Hall thickening clouds and wind advance the dark night with the threat of storms. And as the clouds move close to the town of the ancient house they seem to bring with them a growing fear that should have vanished in the flames of Maljardin."

      In Holly's room Raxl closes the windows against the wind. She sees a note, picks it up then reads it. "Holly, Holly." Jean Paul calls opening the door to Holly's room. "She has gone down to the village." Raxl tells him. Jean Paul enters and closes the door. "Did Quito go with her?" "No she went alone. She left this note." Raxl says handing the note to Jean Paul. He opens it and reads it. "Pay a call. Well on whom? The only person she knows in Desmondton is Irene." "Then you approve?" Raxl asks. "Well Irene is a very old friend." "I hope so Master." Raxl turns and looks out the window. "There is a storm rising. I don't like the sound of the wind. Ugly clouds crossing the moon." Raxl turns to Jean Paul. "Have you noticed the star?" "The star?" "The only one visible. It burns alone in the sky. Red like fire and it seems to pulsate like a living heart." Raxl says turning away from the window. "Oh I fear Master. It is a sign of danger." "Danger to whom?" "To
      everyone under this roof tonight. Especially to you Master. It speaks of death." Jean Paul walks to the window and looks out. He sees the star and stares at it. Thunder starts crashing. "You must beware tonight Master." Raxl says. "Mr. Desmond.." Emily calls out. There is a pounding coming from downstairs. Jean Paul looks at Raxl. "What was that?" "I do not know." Raxl tells him. Jean Paul leaves the room as Raxl once again looks out the window.

      Emily stands in the foyer, someone is knocking at the door." Mr. Desmond." Emily again calls out. "Somebody." Jean Paul walks down the staircase. "Miss Blair?" "There's knocking at the door. I didn't know if I should answer it or not." "It's not a very pleasant evening. "I'll answer it." Jean Paul walks to the door and opens it. "Well it's about time...Oh you must be Jean Paul Desmond." A young woman stands in the doorway. "I didn't expect, you know a personal meeting." "Come in." Jean Paul says. She enters the foyer as Jean Paul closes the door. "It's so chilly and dark." she says to Jean Paul. "I'm sorry you were kept waiting." The woman steps forward. "You're a gentleman like..." she stops when she sees Emily. Jean Paul steps forward. "Oh Miss Emily Blair, Miss?" "Oh I'm Annie Harrigan. Miss Annie Harrigan." She says walking to Emily "Hello." "Hello Miss Harrigan. Well if you'll excuse me Mr. Desmond I'll go back to my work." Emily walk back to the Drawing
      Room. Annie turns to Jean Paul. "You are Mr. Jean Paul Desmond aren't you?" "I am." "Does she work for you that one?" "Oh no she's just studying here." Jean Paul says with a smile. "Well that's a relief. You see I came to see Laslo. He knows me where I work and I was hoping I could get a job. You know work here. Because you're here you know with all your friends and everything." "Yes." Jean Paul says. "So there must be a lot of work here." Annie says walking away a few steps. "And Laslo knows the kind of work I do and so forth. I'm a waitress." Jean Paul smiles. "I doubt we have any need for a waitress Miss Harrigan. "Annie. Oh I do other things. Open the doors and even house work if the house is nice enough." She says as Raxl walks down the staircase. Jean Paul sees Raxl. "Well my housekeeper manages most of the work." "Can I see Laslo." Annie asks quietly. "Raxl will you announce that Miss Harrigan is here." Raxl bows and walks away. Jean Paul and Annie
      watch her walk away. "Wow but I do want to work here. I really admire Mr. Philip. He uses to come into the cafe and he always seemed like such a gentleman. Like I'm sure you are. You're married though aren't you?" Jean Paul stops smiling. "No I, my wife died." "I'm sorry. I mean we all have to have somebody you know. Oh boy this is such a beautiful house and everything." Annie says happily. "The stairs and the pictures. Oh I know there are some people who say it's spooky but I always knew it would be beautiful." Laslo steps into the foyer. "Oh good evening. I did not know we were expecting you Miss Harrigan." "I just decided to drive up here that's all. Mr. Desmond has been very nice to me." Jean Paul walks over to them.. "Annie’s been looking for employment. Perhaps Ada could use some help." "I'm almost certain she couldn't." Laslo says. "Annie turns to Jean Paul. "It's okay you don't have to stay around. I can handle this myself." "Well it's been a pleasure
      meeting you Annie." Jean Paul says shaking her hand. "Thanks. Thanks a lot." Jean Paul walks away. Laslo grabs Annie by the arm. "What are you doing here?" "You said someday you would get me a job here." Annie says pulling away from Laslo. "I don't recall it." "I guess there are a lot of things you don't want to recall." "I want you to leave now." "Who's Ada?" "My wife." Laslo says to her. "I guess we don't want to see her do we? Or maybe I should see her alone sometime." "Get out. If you come back here I will not be responsible for what happens to you." he says grabbing her arm and forcing her to the door. Annie again pulls away. "You promised." Laslo walks by her and holds the door open. "Please go I will see you again I promise." "You better." she says walking to the door, she turns to Laslo. "Oh say goodnight to my friend Mr. Desmond for me. Tell him you'll be seeing me." She turns and walks away. Laslo closes the door, then walks to the Drawing Room and
      puts his ear against the doors eavesdropping on Jean Paul and Emily.

      Jean Paul and Emily are looking through some of the books. Jean Paul is standing and Emily is sitting at the desk. Thunder and lightening crash outside. "I really must go before the storm breaks." Emily tells Jean Paul. "I have to show you something first." she says turning the pages of a book. Jean Paul glances at Emily. "That is if I can find it. It's a picture of you." "Of me Miss Blair?" Emily smiles at him. "Is it too soon to ask you to call me Emily? Miss Blair sounds so much like a Head Mistress of a forbidding girls school. Here it is." Emily picks up the book. "Did you know you look exactly like one of your ancestors?" Jean Paul looks at her then down at the book. The lights go out. "Oh dear the electricity. Just a moment." Jean Paul says lighting a candle. "There that's better." Emily moves the candle closer to the book. "You see." Jean Paul looks down at the picture then looks away. Jacques laughter echoes in the room. The picture is of Jacques Eloi Des
      Mondes. Jean Paul stares straight ahead. "What is it? What's the matter?" Emily asks. Jean Paul lets out a deep breath. "I'm aware to my resemblance to Jacques Eloi des Mondes." "Did I do something wrong?" "He is not one of my favorite ancestors." "Oh." Emily says looking down. "It's a personal preference that's all. Well since the power is off it looks like you won't be able to do much more work tonight." Jean Paul tells her closing the book with Jacques picture in it. "As much as I hate to, I must be leaving." Emily says standing up. Raxl walks in with a candelabra. "Is everything all right Master? I brought you some candles." "Oh then you can help Miss Blair find her things she's leaving." "There's a power failure throughout the town. From the upper windows there is nothing but darkness." Raxl says to him. Jean Paul looks at Emily. "Then you must stay." "Master." "Raxl prepare the proper room." "You're very kind but I can find my way out I'm sure." "No.
      Not on a night like tonight. It's must too dangerous driving along those cliffs." He turns to Raxl. "Raxl will you prepare a room for Miss Blair." "Thank you Jean Paul." "For you Mademoiselle." Raxl says handing Emily the candelabra. "I shall follow it." "Goodnight." Emily says to Jean Paul. "Sleep well." Raxl waits until Emily steps out of the room before facing Jean Paul. "I have warned you Master of the evil that will happen here tonight. The evil star it has appeared." Jean Paul walks to the window and looks out. He turns. "Raxl." She has left the room. Turning back to the window Jean Paul opens the window. The wind blows as he looks at the pulsating star. Thunder and lightening crash outside as he hears the heartbeat. Jean Paul covers his ears and turns from the window. "No! No! That's in the past, it's over, it's done gone!" He shouts. "It's done." he says lowering his hands and turning to the window to close it. "Do you enjoy thunderstorms?" Laslo asks
      walking into the room. "I didn't see you. When did you come in?" "Just now, did I frighten you?" Laslo asks. "No." "I brought you a light. It will probably be morning before the power is fixed in town. That's the trouble with these village people, they don't know how to work. I sent the girl away, the Harrigan girl." "She seemed eager enough to work." "Well she's not the kind of person you would want in Desmond Hall. She has a poor reputation in town if you know what I mean. I wouldn't want that sort of woman near Ada, so I sent her on her way. Which is what I wished you had done with the other young lady. I understand she is staying the night. The Blair woman." Laslo says. Jean Paul is staring straight ahead. Then he turns and looks at Laslo. "Yes, yes she's staying the night. In her letter Philip invited her to stay as long as her research was necessary. I think we should follow Philip's wishes." Jean Paul says walking away from Laslo. "I don't think that would
      be wise. Just as it isn't wise to allow her to rummage through the Desmond Family archives." "It's hardly rummaging through . This is a serious research." "Into your family secrets." Laslo says. "What do you mean family secrets?" Laslo walks around the room. "Every family has secrets that should stay hidden." "I'm tired of secrets. Hiding and fear." says Jean Paul walking towards Laslo. Laslo has stopped at the desk and is looking through one of the books on the desk. "You know there are secrets that should remain hidden." says Laslo. "Nothing should remain hidden unless you have something to hide Laslo." Laslo looks at Jean Paul. "Me? No I'm not a Desmond." "What do you mean?" "I mean that even so distinguished a family have certain things in its past that should remain hidden where they belong in these books." "Books are meant to be read. And Emily has my permission to research here as long as she wishes without anyone interfering. Is that understood?" "Of
      course if you've made up your mind." Laslo says to Jean Paul. "I have." "Anything you say Jean Paul. Goodnight." Laslo says picking up the lamp. "Goodnight." Laslo turns. "You're not coming to bed?" "No, I think I'll sit and watch the fire." "Goodnight." Laslo tells him and walks out of the room. Jean Paul turns towards the desk. The book turns its pages to Jacques picture. Jean Paul walks to the desk and looks at the picture. The Mark of Death has appeared on it. Jean Paul glances up in torment. He shakes his head. "No!" he screams and covers his ears with his hands. He turns and rushes to the window and opens it looking at the star. "No!" Reaching out he closes the window and locks it. He turns away. "No, no! I won't let it happen. I won't let it happen, I won't let the mark soil my hand like it did the last time. I will not kill! I will not kill again!" Jean Paul says fighting against the curses influence. He looks at his hands, they have no mark, he turns and
      walks over to the fireplace and leans against the mantel looking into the flames. "The fire, the fire on Maljardin was to have destroyed it all. It was destroyed!" Jean Paul says. "Jacques has no power over me, nor the devil who controls him and sealed me with the mark! I reject him! I defy him! I am a free man! Free." Jean Paul lays his head on the mantel in misery. He raises his head and walks towards the desk. Reaching out he opens the book then slams it shut. Picking it up he holds it over his head to hurl it into the fireplace. Raxl rushes over to Jean Paul. "No Master." she says grabbing his arm. "It will do no good." Jean Paul lowers his arm and looks at Raxl. "I will burn every trace of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes in the world. Every picture, every letter, every memory he has left to me." "And still it will not destroy him nor Satan who commands him. Master rest, I know the forces that are trying to reach you and we will fight them together you and I." Jean Paul
      walks away from Raxl and sits down tiredly in a chair and throws the book to the floor. "We will keep vigil through the night. So long as this star of evil shines through the clouds. We will stand guard together. I will stand guard with you." Jean Paul shakes his head. "I don't want this. I'm not spending my life fighting a curse I don't deserve. I don't deserve this!" Jean Paul says looking up at Raxl. "What living man deserves the curse that befalls him. Master they are all asleep. No one knows about this but you and I. You must go to your room and lock the door. I will send Quito to stand guard. We will light up the room with candle light so that it would seem like day and blot out the star. And I shall send forth curses against the beating heart of Satan." Jean Paul is falling asleep in the chair. Raxl looks at him. "Master listen to me." "It's hopeless. I'm tired." "You must fight." "Leave me alone Raxl. I must be alone." Raxl kneels down next to Jean Paul.
      "Master heed me, If you submit and the Mark of Death appears on your hand you'll be controlled by the forces of hell. And the heart beat will grow louder and louder and louder! Until you Kill!" "Alone, I must fight this thing alone!" Jean Paul tells Raxl. "Now leave me be Raxl. I said go!" Raxl stands. "I obey Master. But may the Gods protect you." Raxl leaves the room. Jean Paul sits in the chair with his eyes closed. Opening his eyes he reaches for the book and picks it up. "Die Jacques Eloi Des Mondes and take all your devils with you!" He stands and throws the book into the flames. It falls out. Again Jean Paul throws it into the fire. Jacques laughter echoes around the room. Jean Paul raises his head. Over Jacques laughter he hears someone knocking at the door. He picks up a candle and tiredly leaves the room and walks to the front door and opens it.. "Mr. Desmond I'm so glad it's you." Annie says walking in. Jean Paul closes the door. "I kept knocking but nobody
      came. I was hoping it would be you that answered the door." "It's me Annie." "You see my car got stuck along the cliff road near that old Gate House. I tried to fix it but I don't know anything about cars. Could you help me? I... Come with me." She says taking his arm leading him outside. "Maybe we can see it from here when the lightening comes." Jean Paul stands and stares at the star. He tries fighting it's influence. Jean Paul turns towards Annie. "Mr. Desmond? I thought a Desmond like you would help me and when the car is fixed maybe I could drive you into town and we could have a drink or something. You and me." Jean Paul smiles. "I'll help you Annie. Come." He leads Annie away. Back in the Drawing Room Jacques laughter fills the air. The picture from the book lays on the floor. It light on fire and burns..

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