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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 40 [Friday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      {My computer or my DVD application is acting up...when I capture photos from the DVD, instead of capturing them in landscape form its using portrait...so they are rather distorted. Until I can solve this problem I will still be posting them. Once its fixed I will re-submitt corrected versions of these slideshows. Thank God its Friday, I couldn't deal with another day like the ones' I've had this week. RJ}

      Strange Paradise: Episode 40
      Episode 40: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/z47b7

      Vangie is walking with Matt. "Raxl thought she remembered the ancient symbols written in the sacred sand. It would have led us to the conjure doll and silver pin, which would have returned the devil from whence he came." Vangie tells Matt. "Perhaps she just wished it was the right symbol." "Or perhaps it was your disbelief in our beliefs that obliterated it." "A symbol wiped from the sand and Raxl's mind. I’m a minister Vangie not a magician. I don't know anything about conjure dolls, symbols or what ever ancient symbols your talking about." "But you do Reverend Dawson. Except that you do not accept them. Those very spirits selected you to be at the séance, the spirit of the Great Spirit. Probably you are a lesser evil than the others, but never the less a disruptive force." Vangie says then looks away. "There is nothing ahead of us now but terror." Vangie walks away. Tim walks down the staircase, Matt is standing at the bottom. "Hi, have you seen Holly?" Tim asks.
      "Holly, she was here about five minutes ago." Matt says. "You seem worried. Where do you think she's gone?" "She was talking about a way to escape from this place by a secret tunnel from the crypt." "Oh that was just Holly in one of her crazy guessing games." Tim tells Matt. "I may have led her to believe it was more than that." Matt says turning and walking towards the entrance to the crypt. He stops and turns to Tim. "If Jean Paul Desmond in his present state finds her down there where his wife is resting..."

      Jean Paul is in his secret room watching the crypt on the monitor. He turns on the recorder. "Erica my sweet wife, until the day comes when science restores you to me, can release you from the cryonics suspension colder than ice, as cold as my empty life, I will continue trying to contact you through a séance. You must know the great effort I am making to protect you but was the evil of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes enough to prevent us from making contact at the séance that failed Erica? Believe me I fought him with all my strength, I held him at bay but he could not have got through unaided. These people in this house Erica, I’ve been thinking about them. Are they in consort with the devil? Which one prevented me from hearing your sweet voice again my Erica?" Jean Paul turns towards the monitor. "Which one? If I knew ..." Jean Paul sees Holly in the crypt. Angrily he turns the monitor off then the recorder.

      In the crypt Holly is arguing with Quito. "No Quito, I'm to afraid of other things to be afraid of you. Quito I want to be your friend. Look, when someone pushed me down those stairs it wasn't you was it?" Quito shakes his head no. He tries to push Holly to get her to leave the crypt. "No, I won’t go. Quito I need a friend. I need help. Help me please."

      Tim and Matt are discussing Holly whereabouts. "She must have gone down to the crypt. If Jean Paul finds her there or Raxl..." Matt says. "Holly will be in a real mess." Tim says. They turn and start walking towards the crypt. "Hold it right there gentlemen." Jean Paul says from the staircase. Matt and Tim walk back towards Jean Paul. "Didn't you know the crypt is off limits?" "We thought Holly Marshal might be down there." Matt says. "It's off limits to her as well." Jean Paul angrily walks to the crypts entrance. He stops and turns towards Matt and Tim. "Reverend Dawson, Mr. Stanton I'm beginning to realize that you have not fully grasped my ruling. Now to each and every one of you this is most important. And how important you will all find out." Matt looks away. Tim is looking at Jean Paul.

      In the crypt Holly is pleading with Quito. "Quito listen to me, somebody did try to kill me. Do you believe that? " Quito nods his head. "Who? Do you know who?" Holly asks. First Quito nods then he shakes his head no. "Look the picture of Erica Desmond, you said it looked like me, when someone slashed it with a knife do you think they meant me?" Quito shakes his head no. "Well they did. Then there was the accident at the séance. Well I wasn't there, maybe next time I will be there." Quito looks around nervously. "Oh Quit, if you like me help me I won't tell about Erica Desmond and the cryonics capsule. I know that would bring in the police and I wouldn't do anything to hurt Mr. Desmond. Take me across to the Main Island. Hide me in the supply boat. Nobody will find out, I promise you that." Quito shakes his head no. "Well then show me where the secret door is down here. I know there is one because Reverend Dawson told me there was." Quito signals for Holly to
      leave. "No I won’t go if you don't show me the door I'll stay here until you do!"

      "Everybody!" Jean Paul shouts.

      Quito puts his hand over Holly's mouth.

      "Everyone within the sound of my voice. Everyone come to the Great Hall, do you hear me!" Jean Paul shouts. Matt and Tim look at Jean Paul with a questioning _expression on their faces. "Everyone in this house, this is Jean Paul Desmond calling. Come to the Great hall!" Jean Paul walks to the crypt entrance. "You too Holly Marshal!" Vangie and Elizabeth walk down the staircase to join Tim and Matt. "Now once and for all you will all get the message!" Jean Paul says angrily.

      Holly looks at Quito. "I can't go up there now. Mr. Desmond sounds like he's in a real fury. If you won't help me find the secret way I'll have to try to find it." Holly says walking up to Quito . As she tries to go around him, Quito grabs Holly and lifts her off her feet.

      In the Great Hall Jean Paul stands in anger. Alison is sitting in a chair. Vangie and Elizabeth sit on the couch. Matt and Tim stand between them. They are all facing Jean Paul. "You appear to have something very important to say Reverend." Jean Paul says to him. Matt walks towards Jean Paul then stops. "Yes." "Important for all of us to here? Well we are listening." "I have work to do in the lab Jean Paul. Your work. It's you who called us not Reverend Dawson." Alison says to Jean Paul. "Alison you will soon hear what I have to say." "It seems to be your opportunity to entertain Reverend. May I suggest the Song of Sullivan." Elizabeth says with a smile. "This is a serious matter Mrs. Marshal!" Jean Paul tells her. Elizabeth stops smiling. "Isn't it Reverend?" "Very serious because you have gathered us all here to make accusations." "Us Reverend?" "Or threats." "Or perhaps even more on such an important occasion, no generalizations. Now you said us Reverend
      Dawson. Who am I to accuse? Surely at least one." "I would accuse you! You are the Master of this house, self appointed law on this Island." "That is correct Maljardin is my domain." "And your responsibility, you have abandoned that. Now I appeal to you to recover it, so that we retain some order and sanity around here!" "I abandoned responsibilities, that requires an explanation!" Jean Paul says angrily. "We all appreciate the terrible shock you had when your wife died. We understand why you want to preserve her in cryonic suspension, your wish that she might live again." "Live, she will live again." "Very well we hope so." "It is much more than hope, it's science!" "All right than we understand! We may not agree but we understand why you keep us here as prisoners. But what can you allow to happen where you are the law. Doctor Menkin who was serving your wife died almost immediately after she did. Who can say how he died. There your control on this Island begins
      to disintegrate." "I don't think so." says Jean Paul. "Matt I don't think you should pursue this any farther. Jean Paul is obviously very distressed.' Alison says. "Oh no let him speak." "I don't imagine my comment would carry any influence but." Elizabeth starts to say. "No it would not Mrs. Marshal." says Jean Paul. "Well go on Reverend." "A great many strange things have happened on this Island that you do not control or do you? The terrible happenings at the séance, the chandelier falls and it's blamed on the devil. And you accept these superstitious reactions! All your views which is driving us beyond reason. Were you in control when someone could take that unsuspecting girl Holly Marshal and throw her down the stairs?" "Oh now we are talking about Holly." Vangie and Elizabeth glance at each other. "Holly and all of us!" says Matt angrily. "Yes all of you and I hope all of you were given to understand that no one, no one must do anything to interfere with
      the care and protection of the cryo capsule!" "Were so terrified and desperate that we will try anything!" Alison tells Jean Paul. "No one must interfere with Erica!" "You talk as though you are driven beyond the bounds of sanity!" Matt says. "No one, not you, not anyone! Jean Paul shouts at Matt. "Driven to try anything, to do anything!" Matt says angrily. "Don't you understand me!" says Jean Paul. "Don't you understand? As you are driven you are driving us! Perhaps to violence!" "Are you threatening me Reverend?" "I don't threaten anyone but you threaten all, even Holly Marshal who is certainly no threat to you!" "She could be to Erica, oh I know that she is down there in the crypt right this very moment. She could be a threat to the protection of the cryonics capsule and thereby destroy my Erica!" "Holly would never intend that!" "I don't care what she intended, what she does is what matters. None of you seem to understand that. That is why I intend to make
      perfectly and absolutely clear to each and every one of you that you all do understand!"

      Holly is sitting on the steps of the crypt listening to Jean Paul. Quito is pacing across the floor. "Quito did you hear that?" Quito nods. "I don't know what's going on here any more. Jean Paul Desmond is like two different men. I'm even afraid...that he will kill somebody." Quito shakes his head no. "If he hasn't already. Oh Quito would you help me if you could?" Quito doesn't give an answer. "Would you?"

      Alison stands and walks over to Jean Paul. "I'm very sorry Jean Paul but I don't really have any more time to listen to this." "Find the time Alison."
      "To listen to what? Your opinion of Holly Marshal. Matt’s opinion of you. Every bodies’ opinion of each other. I've heard all this before." "But not what I'm about to tell you Alison." "Well save it, I've got work to do in the laboratory on Doctor Menkin’s experiments. I'm not in the mood to cater to your whims." Alison says then starts walking away. "I said stay Alison." Jean Paul demands starting to get angry again. "I'm sorry. You're a fool Jean Paul." Alison says then leaves the room. "Alison will regret that as will anyone else who prefers not to hear what you all must know!" The others in the room glance at each other. "Including Dan Forrest, my absent loyal friend and trusted attorney who didn't even bother to answer my call. Now he above all should be here because he was the last one to be seen at the cryonics capsule before it almost failed. And that is not going to happen again!" "It was an accident. He was looking for the missing cyanide." Matt tells
      him. "When a devil works through a man what he does is not an accident." Vangie tells them. Matt looks at Vangie. "Now you say the devil possesses Dan. A few moments ago it was suggested that I was the evil one." Matt turns to Jean Paul. "Is that how you intend to keep control of events on Maljardin?" "Accident or evil, the results could still be the same. If the cryo capsule is damaged Erica could be disturbed." "And it could happen as long as evil if free to roam." Vangie says. "Are you evil Reverend?" asks Jean Paul. "On the contrary. I'm only seeking to restore a little logic around here." "I see. Using no more homilies from the Holy Writ. Have all your sacred words fled you Revered?" "I wasn't thinking about religion." "Vangie is, are words spirits Vangie? Can sacred words flee when the devil enters? I had to fight an alien influence that destroyed my chances of contact with Erica. Vangie certainly resisted. Now who was the link to evil? Alison Carr who if
      I'm to believe her, loved her sister. Quito whose only thought is devotion to his Mistress. That leaves you who completed the chain Reverend Dawson. What do you say. Is the devil of Maljardin in his Holy Reverence?" "This is insane?" Matt says angrily as he turns away. "What do you say Vangie? Could the devil enter and destroy the séance through Matt Dawson? If he has used him once could he be used again?" "I can't say that." Vangie tells him. "What can you say?" "Because he is a man of the cloth, a religious man he made the contact, because of his disbelief in the spirits the chain was weakened and the contact breaks. I would say that whenever the devil is loose anything or anyone can be his tool." "And I say that whatever prevented me from making contact with my Erica will not happen again at the next séance." "Now you build another opportunity to shake all reason. And when will that be?" Matt asks. "When Vangie feels she has recovered her strength. Now about
      this someone in the crypt, I intend to impress on all of you what you fail to understand. That no one is permitted down there! Now I must impress that on Miss Marshal!" Matt and Tim glance at each other then they look back at Jean Paul.

      Holly stands up. "I think he's coming down." Holly steps down and walks over to Quito.

      "Now you will see what will happen to those that intrude on Erica's resting place!" Jean Paul walks angrily towards the crypt. Matt grabs Jean Paul's arm. Tim walks over to help Matt. "Leave her alone." Matt says. Jean Paul jerks his arms free. "Leave me alone!" he yells turning towards them. "But Holly was driven to desperation as we all are!" Matt yells back. "What do you say Mrs. Marshal? Do you have anything to plea in defense of your child?" Jean Paul asks. Elizabeth stands and walks over to the three men. "You're right to be angry, Holly always has been impossible. I can't forgive her but I hope that you can." With an angry look Jean Paul walks to the crypt entrance. He turns and gives everyone an angry stare then heads down the stairs.

      Holly stands next to Quit as Jean Paul walks down the steps. "All right Holly, you wanted to come all the way down go ahead." Jean Paul points into the center of the crypt. Holly steps off the bottom step of the stairs. "Guard her Quito." Jean Paul says as he walks over to Erica's capsule. Holly and Quito follow. Jean Paul checks the capsule then the gauges. "She came no where near the cryo capsule? She touched nothing?" Quito shakes his head no. "No instruments?" Again Quito shakes his head no. "Then what were you doing down here? There are some people who would like to destroy Erica's capsule thereby destroying Erica's hope for life, thinking then I would have no more reason for keeping them here. Or to keep the secret from the meddling authorities. Now what were you looking for Miss Marshal!" "I didn't touch that, I want you to bring your wife back to life." "Then what were you here for?" "Looking for a way out! Trying to get away from this. I can't stand it
      anymore!" Holly turns away as she cries out. Jean Paul stalks forward towards Holly. "I'm going to have to make an example of you." he says with a murderous look upon his face. Holly glances up at him. "I was only looking for a secret door." "I found you here once before, I warned you then and now I find you here again. I have no choice in what I must do so that Erica will be safe from all the others." Holly shakes her head. "Mr. Desmond, I don't understand you. You brought me down here the last time. You asked me to help you find the secret door, you did. Don't you remember?" Jean Paul stares ahead in thought.

      Alison stands in the Great Hall holding Doctor Menkin's notes. Elizabeth, Tim, Matt and Vangie stand around her. "But who was in the laboratory, did any of you go in there today? I must know." Alison asks. "I assure you I’m not interested in your experiments." Elizabeth says stepping away. "Where is Jean Paul?" "Down in the crypt, where none of us are permitted." Matt tells her. Alison rushes to the crypt.

      Jean Paul stands looking at Erica's capsule. "Don't you remember Mr. Desmond? You did bring me down here, it's the truth. Tell him Quito, you were here." Quito nods his head. Jean Paul is staring straight ahead. "Jean Paul!" Alison says rushing up to him. She shows him the notes. "I've just fully realized that these are part of Doctor Menkin’s missing notes. Jean Paul grabs them from her. "The experiments are cellular reconstruction. According to these dates it covers one of the missing six weeks." Alison says. "One week nearer to life for my Erica. You found these in the laboratory?" "Yes, it's so confusing. You know I turned that place upside down and couldn't find them anywhere and there they were on the lab table!" "I wonder who put them there?" Jean Paul asks. "That's what I was wondering. Nobody has been down there except for you. Where did you find them Jean Paul?" "I'm the wrong one to ask. But I know who will answer. Guard these with your life.' Jean
      Paul says handing the folder back to Alison. He leaves the crypt. Alison puts her arm around Holly and leads her out of the crypt.

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