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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 39 [Thursday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 39
      Episode 39: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/pr83g

      Quito enters the mansion carrying a barrel. Reverend Dawson watches as he carries it to the crypt. Seeing something on the floor he bends down to check it out. "Sand. What are they doing down there now burying the dead," Matt says then walks over to the entrance to the crypt.
      In the crypt Raxl is checking the gauges of the cryonic capsule. Vangie stands in the crypt behind Raxl. "You must eat Vangie." "Yes, the Conjure Woman needs new strength." says Vangie. Raxl leads her to the stairs of the crypt. Quito walks down carrying the barrel of sand. "Fresh sand, washed by the sea?" Raxl asks. "Untouched by death?" Vangie asks. Quito nods his head. "Yes." says Raxl running the sand through her fingers. She looks at Vangie. "Come, you must eat now." They start up the stairs when they see Matt’s shadow. "Remember Quito no one is to disturb the capsule where lies our Mistress in peace. If any should try our Master says the price is death." Quito nods then looks away. Raxl and Vangie climb the stairs, Matt rushes up before them.

      Walking into the Great Hall he approaches Jacques portrait. "The dead possessing the living, sick minds, sick souls or truth?" Matt asks aloud. "You know Raxl it sucks all the power of the mind and the body. Vangie is saying to Raxl as they come from the crypt. "The body will be nourished, restored and the mind alert. The Master has ordered another séance." Raxl says. "Raxl! Vangie! Another séance! Why? To make sure this time someone will die or all!" Matt says angrily. Vangie and Raxl glance at each other. Holly walks down the staircase. "Jean Paul Desmond has ordered the séance Reverend Dawson, he will contact his Erica. He must!" Raxl tells Matt. "It was only through the blessing of God we lived through the first one!" "Or the blessing of the Great Serpent." "I thought when we survived that falling chandelier with some sanity intact we wouldn't take any more chances." Matt says walking towards Vangie and Raxl. "It was loosed by the devil." Raxl says. Matt
      shakes his head. "This certainly is a delusion of mind and soul. I heard you Vangie talking to Jean Paul Desmond discussing a three hundred year old man as a disruptive spirit at the séance." "I was in a trance, I don't recall." Vangie says to Matt. "Don't you recall how sick you were after the séance." Holly asks as she walks down the stairs. "Doctor Carr said you were in a cataleptic trance." "Was it Jean Paul Desmond that the Conjure Woman spoke to or the devil?" Raxl asks taking a few steps towards Jacques portrait. "The curse of Maljardin Jacques Eloi Des Mondes." "Yet you go blindly playing with these terrible forces." Matt says walking behind Raxl. "Because you do not believe we must fear?" Raxl asks turning towards the Reverend. "Vangie there can be no séance if you refuse. You are the only medium here. Don't do it. Or else the prophesy might come true." says Matt. "That I will die on Maljardin? What the spirits have decreed can not be changed." "My
      prophets have also spoken! They have sown the wind, they shall reap the whorl wind." says Matt. Vangie puts her hand to her head. Raxl walks over to her. "Excuse us." Raxl leads Vangie away. Matt takes a few steps after them. Then he turns towards Holly. "Holly, we must do something!" "I don't want to. I'm scared Well who knows maybe they are right." Holly says walking past Matt she walks through the Great Hall. "Holly please listen to me. Don't be a fool, I know you're tying to escape from this Island." Matt says following her. Holly turns towards him. "Did Tim Stanton tell you that? So it's true you can't trust anybody on this Island." Holly walks over to a chair and sits. "You've got to trust somebody." Matt says. "I know Dan Forrest and Tim are planning it, Tim wants to take you along." "Well Mr. Desmond agreed to let us all go free, so why should we try to escape?" Holly asks. "He no sooner said it then he changed his mind." "What!" "Jean Paul Desmond’s
      moods are as upsetting as the witchcraft on this Island."

      Raxl lays a plate of food in front of Vangie. "No Raxl I can't force it down." says Vangie. "The body has suffered much. You must be strong. Reverend Dawson is right about the changes in which he doesn't believe in. It would be better if we can make the next séance safe." Raxl says as she sits at the table next to Vangie. "Safe for the Master, safe for the spirits he wishes to contact and for his loving Erica. But the devil can intrude again to destroy either of them or both. What can we do to protect them from this evil?" Raxl asks. "You know Raxl. There is only one way." says Vangie. "Find the hidden conjure doll and the silver pin with which to pierce its temple and imprison the devil on Maljardin. Quito and I have searched everywhere." Matt is standing next to Holly’s chair. "Dan Forrest says we must all work together. He's right." Matt says walking to the fireplace. "I agree with that but I don't want anyone to betray Mr. Desmond’s secret." Holly says standing
      and walking to Matt. "About his wife I mean." "I can't vouch for the others but if we are to save ourselves it's not to physically escape. That treacherous channel is sure death." "But there is no other way." Holly says. "We can start trying to restore our sanity, by trusting one another." "It would be good if we could but what of the rest of them? I don't want to feel like that but I just can't help it." "And I can't help sensing that somebody wants to harm somebody here. I only hope who ever it is doesn't set you up all over again." Raxl stares at Vangie. "Does the Conjure Woman imply that it's just not an evil spirit that could bring us harm?" "I know it Raxl, as you do to. Just as we both knew that it also may bring death." Matt and Holly walk towards the Dining Room. "What's the matter?" Holly asks. "She can not eat." Raxl says. "Who can around here. I don't even know why we even try." Holly says as she sits next to Vangie. Matt sits across from Vangie.
      "Try to eat something Holly." "Oh I can't" "Why can't you eat?" Vangie asks. "My stomachs churning around all the time." Raxl pours Holly a glass of juice. "From fear of the conjure Woman?" asks Raxl. "When you were in the cafe on the Main Island I offered to help you. I would hardly harm you now." "I don't know who I'm afraid of." Holly says. "We all have great fears. To much happens that is unknown," Raxl says. "Or is caused to happen. Raxl do you work for Jean Paul Desmond or does someone work for you? Someone who causes these things to happen." asks Matt. "Raxl knows no truth If you know..." Raxl tells Matt. "All I know is I'm asking you is not to let Vangie conduct another séance! Every time something strange happens here it happens to the tune of witchcraft. There is somebody real here trying to kill real people! And making it look like spirits or devils are causing it!" "Miss Abbott don't cover up for whoever it is with another séance. You're just going
      to give him or her another chance to hurt somebody again." Holly says upset. Vangie looks down. Holly rushes from the room. Matt gets up and follows her. Holly sits on the stairs near the Great Hall.. Matt stands next to her. "We finally agree Holly." "Are we ever going to get out of here? Holly asks.

      In the Dining Room Raxl talks to Vangie. "Ignore them Conjure Woman, the Master's will must be done. He will contact his Erica. No one can change his need for that." Raxl says. "In a way they could be right. Perhaps the devil is working through everyone here." says Vangie. "Then that would mean even greater danger." "Especially to Jean Paul." says Vangie as she looks up at Raxl. "If the devil were banished no one would be in harms path." "There might be a way.' Vangie says coming to her feet. "No, you must eat first." "I can't." Vangie says then walks away. Raxl grabs her hand. "But if you are without strength at the séance you might die." "I will die when I die. Come."

      Down in the crypt Quito stands guard over Erica's capsule. He hears someone coming. Turning he brings his hands outward, then he sees Raxl and Vangie. Lowering his hands he walks over to them. "The freshly washed sand , is it prepared?" Raxl asks. Quito nods. "Between the two of us it may be possible to obliterate all evil!" Raxl says to Vangie. Turning to Quito. "Remember Quito no one is to interrupt. Not even the Master himself." Raxl and Vangie walk over to the box of sand. Quito crosses his arms and stands guard. "Freshly washed sand untouched by the hand of the devil." says Raxl. "Which might perhaps destroy him!" Vangie says as Raxl runs her fingers through the sand.

      Holly is sitting on the steps in the Great Hall as Matt paces in front of her. "Destroy the devil. That's what they are trying to do." says Holly. "While we just go on wondering about spiritual superstitions.. Psychologists might have other words to describe the illness that permeates this place." Matt tells Holly. "Whatever words you use it's still scary." "Raxl and Quito yes, even Vangie believes in the devil. It made me wonder, I almost did myself. That's the real sickness here on Maljardin. If we can somehow cure that the devil and the danger will suddenly evaporate!" Matt tells Holly. "I'll buy that gladly."

      Raxl is running her hand through the sand. "When you were in the séance you did not know. You were in a trance. You did not know that the spirit warned us that there was an evil presence at that séance. But it was written here." Raxl looks at the box. "In the ancient language?" asks Vangie. "You read it so well, I know so little. They spoke of the conjure doll and the silver pin which would destroy the devil and return him to the eternal flame. Where they were hidden I could not tell. I could not read!" "Do you remember the symbols?" asks Vangie. Raxl looks at her. "Try to write them." "May the Great Serpent guide my hand well." Raxl says as she draws in the sand. Quito stands with his arms crossed, then glances at Raxl and Vangie. "First I remember." Raxl says as she draws a figure in the sand. "A man." Vangie says watching Raxl. "Not a real man, a doll an effigy, an instrument." She says as Raxl continues drawing. "Symbols have many words but one meaning." Raxl
      tells Vangie. "A piercing instrument but not a weapon. The silver pin!" says Vangie. "The first message was left to us by a friendly spirit who came to the séance to save us all." "What spirit? I don't remember. I felt only the devil." "What spirit, perhaps Erica Desmond." Raxl says turning towards Vangie. "Who we so sought to summon. Who at the next moment might have spoken had not the devil interfered." "Yes Erica might have well been there within a hands touch of the husband who sought to call on her through me with such agony and grief. I've never felt such vibrations of such love and sorrow. There would have to be a response, Erica would be compelled to reply. Raxl, now write the symbols you could not read." Vangie says to Raxl. Raxl concentrates on the sand. "Why didn't you preserve them. Then there would be no doubt." Vangie says to her. "That was my will." Raxl tells her. "What changed your will?" "I don't know, I carefully covered the symbols but still
      they vanished." "Who came near the box?" "I, Quito and the Master." "Unless he was controlled by a force stronger than himself. Raxl you must remember those other symbols if the devil is to die."

      Matt is still pacing in front of Holly. He glances at the entrance to the crypt. "Stop pacing so much and forget all that mumbo jumbo." Holly says to him. "That's what I'm trying to do." He stops next to Holly. Holly stands. "Well forget about saving souls too. I mean for real, pretend you're an engineer or something." "I am. I was a minister." "Forget it, try imagining something else." Holly says as she steps forward. "Try to imagine a way out of here." "Like restoring every ones sanity especially Jean Paul Desmond. It would serve more realistically and rapidly." Matt tells Holly.

      In the crypt Raxl asks Vangie. "Can you read it yet?" Vangie shakes her head no. She then takes the stick from Raxl. "Perhaps it was like this." she says drawing in the sand. "I can not tell." "That would be fire an all consuming fire.' "From hell, but that would destroy us all." Raxl tells Vangie. "No, no that makes no sense. We must be wrong, we must try again." Raxl draws again. "NO, Raxl no!" "It was like this!" "A vessel of the sea, a great vessel with weapons. A ship that destroys.' Vangie says. "The pirate vessel of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes when he seized this Island centuries ago." "The conjure doll that doomed him would not be on the ancient ship of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. Wait a minute." Vangie grabs the stick and starts adding symbols into the sand. "Was it perhaps like this?" "Now think Raxl because if this was the symbol we may hold the séance in safety. Think Raxl! Concentrate, was this the symbol?" Raxl closes her eyes. "I wish it to be!"
      "No Raxl no! It must be! Think!" "It its the symbol I saw!" "Or is it the wish of a deceiver Raxl?" "The devil!" Vangie nods. "He seems to be everywhere. He may even be here." Raxl and Vangie make a sign to the Great Serpent. "Read it, let us destroy the devil who would destroy us all." Raxl says. "A vessel without wind, without oars. Guided by a faithful spirit through all dangers. If that is the true symbol?" "Faithful spirit?" Raxl says. "Quito." Vangie whispers. "The vessel?" "The supply boat!" Vangie says. "Yes the supply boat. We will search it again!" Raxl and Vangie rush to the stairs. Raxl stops and looks back at Quito. "Quito remember the Masters warning. No intruders."

      Holly walks away from Matt. "I told Tim I might know a way to escape from here." says Holly. "Your imagination again Holly, and it could be a danger." "You saw Raxl disappear down into the crypt, she had to go somewhere. I imagined a secret tunnel and I imagined it leading out of here." "Holly I will do anything I can to help you. But even if you find..." "Find what Reverend? " Holly asks. "So I was right there is a secret way." "I give my word not to reveal it. But I can tell you even if you found the secret door it leads to further imprisonment nor freedom." Holly walks away from Matt. "Well so that's the end of that little routine. Funny Reverend I've even tried to imagine you as a man." Raxl and Vangie rush through the room. Matt calls out to them. "Vangie there's something I want to ask of you.' "No, not now please. The devil has had his own way with us long enough. Let him feel terror for a change." Raxl says as they stop, then they walk out the front door,
      Matt turns and looks at Holly. After stepping outside Raxl tells Vangie. "If we can only find the hidden conjure doll and silver pin. We will hold in our hands the means and the power to destroy that devil who has put a curse on this house and the Master of it!" Raxl sadly puts her head down. Vangie puts an arm around Raxl's shoulders.

      "Follow them Reverend, some things happened and maybe this time we will find out what it is." Holly tells Matt. Matt heads for the door. Holly glances at the crypts doorway and runs towards it. Entering she runs down the stairs. She walks towards Quito. "Hello Quito." Quito shakes his head no pointing back towards the stairs. "No, I wont go away! I came to see you." "Quito reaches out for Holly. "Quito no!" She ducks and runs behind Erica's capsule. She turns and looks at Quito. "You have to help me. Quito everyone says you like me, almost as much as Erica Desmond." Quito signals for Holly to leave. "I wont go! I can't be afraid of you. Quito you've got to help me!" Holly says backing away. Quito again signals Holly to leave. "No, you wont hurt me you can't. Quito you can't!" Quito has both hands out with his fingers spread.

      "Conjure Woman I only wish it were the correct symbol. But another disruptive force obliterated the reality of it." Raxl tells Vangie sadly. Matt walks up behind Raxl and Vangie. Raxl looks at Matt. "Perhaps you , you and your disbelief in our true beliefs. The boat has been searched many times, nothing is there. Nothing is ahead for us now, but horror." Raxl says in tears. Vangie leads Raxl back indoors. Matt follows as he closes the door.

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