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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 31 [Monday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 31
      Episode 31: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/zckwl

      In the crypt the cryonics chamber starts hissing. Dan is down in the crypt, he sees steam pouring out of the cylinder with the gauges. Dan tries stopping it, but turning knobs doesn't stop it. He rushes out of the crypt into the Great Hall, to the staircase, hollering for Alison. When she doesn't answer he rushes to the laboratory. "Alison!" he yells rushing through the doorway. "What is it? What's wrong?" "Erica! The cryonics capsule, something’s happened to it." "No, no!" Alison rushes past Dan, heading for the crypt. Alison and Dan rush into the crypt. Alison works on the chamber. Finally the hissing and steam stops. Quito watches them from across the room, he is hidden by an alcove. "There was a short I think." Alison tells Dan. "Is it ruined?" "The cryonics freezing?" "Yes." Dan says. "I don't know, we will soon find out. If it is ruined and Erica is doomed to eternal death Jean Paul will hold us all accountable! What were you doing down here?" "I was
      looking for the missing poison." "But I told you Raxl already searched the crypt for the missing cyanide." says Alison. "That's what she says, but I don't know if I trust her or that zombie." Quito walks out of his hiding place, he clenches his hands into fists. Dan and Alison walk out of the crypt to the Great hall. "First Holly Marshal is pushed down the stairs by some character unknown and now maybe the same one has tampered with the cryonics capsule." Dan says to her. "Perhaps you inadvertently crossed the wires." 'You're saying one thing and implying another." Dan says walking away. Alison follows him. "Look Alison, I did not deliberately do it!" Dan stops and faces her. "Then this must have been a malfunction." Alison walk to the doorway that leads to the lab. Quito has come up from the crypt. He is standing next to the staircase watching Dan and Alison. Dan stops Alison. "I don't buy that either. We are all in danger here, even the dead." Alison and Dan
      walk through the doorway. Quito is still watching them.

      On the Mainland Vangie is talking to Jean Paul. "Even the dead are being disturbed by your strange obsession." "I must have Erica back. Don't you understand that Vangie? The cryonics process is my only hope." "But everyone has told you it's success if ever is in the far distant future." Jean Paul nods. "And now even you are telling me." "Perhaps there is a possibility for a new life for Erica but..." "It will happen. I made that vow the day my darling wife was stricken in spite of God!" "Thereby releasing the evil from the past." says Vangie. "Witchcraft? Vangie sometimes I wonder if it all isn't too real."

      Raxl stands in front of Jacques portrait. "If Mr. Forrest did not tamper with the Mistresses capsule, then this devils evil is growing even more powerful." Raxl turns to Quito. "Quito we must find the doll and silver pin before Jacques Eloi des Mondes possesses us all!" Quito covers his face with his hands in fear. Raxl reaches up to his hands. "The Master must be protected from all demons. From the past and in the present, especially the witch who seeks to own him."

      Elizabeth walks back to Jean Paul's table. "So if you want contact with Erica now, spiritualism can reveal the truth from the other side." Vangie tells Jean Paul. "Would you be willing to go to Maljardin to conduct a séance? Even though you feel that there is where you will eventually die?" Jean Paul asks. "Many others beside me has died fighting evil. Some offering good, some sort of..." Vangie tells Jean Paul as she notices Elizabeth standing near the table. Vangie stands. "I must make arrangements." Jean Paul also stands. "Excuse me." Vangie says then leaves. "Did I hear something about a séance? How exciting." Elizabeth says taking a seat. Jean Paul looks at her. "It is not a game Mrs. Marshal." He sits down. "The two of you seemed to be in another world. I didn't want to intrude. Perhaps I should have Quito take me back right now." "He has returned to the Island. We have no alternative but to wait." "Otherwise you would let me go." asks Elizabeth. "Back to
      Maljardin only." Jean Paul tells her. Elizabeth looks away.

      Raxl is walking down the staircase to the Great Hall, she then walks through the doorway to the lab. Alison is at work in the laboratory. She takes notes from a drawer when a small notebook falls out of them and lands on the floor at her feet. She bend and picks it up. As she is looking through it Raxl walks through the doorway. Alison sits on a stool reading the notebook as Raxl walks up to her. Alison jumps. "Oh Raxl, I was expecting Mr. Forrest." "It is he I have come to talk of." "Why?" asks Alison. "His continuing arguments with the Master. Prying about where he should not be." Raxl looks away. "There are many things around here Raxl that needs explaining, Mr. Forrest is just looking for some answers." Raxl looks at Alison. "In the crypt? The dead do not speak." "He was looking for the cyanide." "But I have searched! Or does he not trust me? Quito heard." "Raxl, now listen. So many things have been happening around here that we're all at the point none of
      us can take another’s intention for granted. Good or bad." Raxl looks at Alison. "Not even Mr. Forrest?" "Do you think he purposely tried to ruin the cryonics process?" "I looked, you know those gauges are carefully checked and accidents like this just do not happen." "It's a machine Raxl. It can break down!" "Or can be made to." "I know Mr. Forrest too well to even remotely suspect him to do such a thing," Alison says getting upset. "I don't know Mr. Forrest that well nor does Quito." "Why? Is Quito going to do him some harm?" Raxl doesn't answer. "Where is Quito?" Alison rushes past Raxl. She stops when Raxl answers her. "Double checking the gauges to be sure nothing like that ever happens again." Dan walks in the doorway, he walks up to Raxl putting his hands in his pockets. "Hello Raxl, I didn't know you were interested in lab experiments too." Raxl turns and looks at Dan. "I'm interested in all experiments." she says then quickly leaves the room. With
      a smile Dan tells Alison. "I've never seen her like that before." "Neither have I. Dan, do me a favor Don't make anymore waves around here."

      Quito is in the crypt checking the gauges. "Quito before you return for the Master and Mrs. Marshal we must trace our every step until the conjure doll and silver pin are recovered. We will begin here with the devil himself, Jacques Eloi Des Mondes." Raxl walks over to Jacques crypt. Quito pulls the casket out.

      "Let Raxl think whatever she wants! I'm after facts!" Dan says angrily. "If the cryonics process is ruined, Jean Paul will be after you!" Alison tells Dan. "I did not do anything to the capsule!" "Well I think we adjusted it in time." Alison says in a calmer voice. "It's bad enough I'm a prisoner on this Island. Now I'm being regarded as a criminal!" Dan says angrily then leaves the room.

      Jean Paul looks at Elizabeth. "Excuse me." He stands. "I have to check if all the supplies were picked up by Quito." As Jean Paul walks out he passes Vangie. Vangie walks around the room when Elizabeth stops her. "You know Mr. Desmond so much better than I." "Yet I barely know him at all." says Vangie. "You also find him a man of strange complexities?" asks Elizabeth. "Because he lost the woman he loves more than life itself. More than anyone’s life."

      Raxl is in the Great Hall searching the fireplace. Not finding anything she stands and walks through the room. Quito walks in. "No success?" Raxl asks him Quito shakes his head. "No doll and no pin in the fireplace." Raxl looks back at the fireplace, then looks at the staircase. "The rooms, all of them." she tells Quito rushing up the staircase. Quito follows.

      Alison is in the lab looking over the notes from the small notebook. Dan walks in coming up to her. "I came to apologize Alison. I'm sorry I blew up the way I did." He says putting his hands on her shoulders. "Oh that was all right, we're all on the verge of explosion." Alison says. Dan drops his hands. "Dan, look at this." Alison hands him the notebook. "What is it?" asks Dan handing it back. "Doctor Menkin's notes. Erica was my sister, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm loosing my memory?" "Well, what does it say?" "Perhaps I'm making to much of this. You know Doctor Menkin was working on cellular chemistry, reproduction, construction and so on. Well he made a lot of experiments here, they were mostly failures." "Failures at what?" Dan asks sitting on the stool. "Look I'm a lawyer, you have to brief me." "Well you see a living cell can multiply and differentiate. In fact it can recreate a whole body that it feels it belongs to. From these notes here Menkin was
      trying to discover the process of recreation of the human body." "But he died before succeeding." Dan says. "Well all I know is he didn't discover anything six weeks before Erica’s death." "But why stop there?" Dan asks. "Because every experiment and note from there on, is missing." Dan glances at the notebook, then looks up. "Cyanide missing, experiments missing, Erica dies, Doctor Menkin dies. And you tell me not to make waves." Dan stands up and walks over to Alison. "What do you think is going to be missing next and who do you think will be the next to die?" "Dan the intrigue you build is beginning to frighten me." "It's not intrigue it's truth." "There's got to be a file . It's got to contain the story of Erica’s death." Alison says walking up to the file cabinet. "What are you saying, now you're not sure how she died?" Dan asks walking up to her. "Well I don't know. I never saw the body." "You're not talking about murder again are you?" "I'm just saying
      I don't know. But I do know I'm going to stay here on Maljardin until I find out." Alison tells Dan. "You think Jean Paul is concealing something?" "No comment." Alison says walking away from Dan. She leans on the center lab counter. "Well if there was a candidate for murder, Doctor Menkin was the lucky one." Dan says standing next to Alison. "I don't know. I never saw his body either. And I'm not sure he wasn't murdered."

      Raxl and Quito walk down the staircase to the Great Hall. They walk to Jacques portrait. "Where is the doll and silver pin that curse you? Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, the evil you are spreading belongs sown in your soul for all time. And it will be. It will be!" Thunder and lightening crash on the Island.

      On the Main Island Vangie hears the thunder and jumps up. "If there is a storm coming up our trip will have to be delayed." Elizabeth stands and walks up to Vangie. "And the séance?" "Perhaps the spirits are not willing yet." "Or is the flesh weakening Miss Abbott?"

      In the Great Hall Alison and Dan walk in. "I need a drink." Dan says picking up a decanter. "Dan that's brandy not sherry." Alison tells him. "The stronger the better. Want one?" "No thank you. My mind is clouded enough as it is." Alison says sitting down. "You know if I were a doctor I would want to look into Raxl's brain to find out what she really believes, thinks and knows." Dan says. "I am a doctor and I'd hesitate." "Afraid of what you'll find out?" "Exactly." says Alison. "Like where the missing cyanide is, or Doctor Menkin's notes." Dan says walking to the fireplace, carrying his drink. "Dan, don't joke about things like that." "That's just what I'm not doing, although you seem to think I'm going around doing the whole cloak and dagger bit." "Dan, supposing Erica was murdered?" Alison asks rising to her feet and standing next to Dan. "And Doctor Menkin." "Why do you think I made such an issue of Erica's death certificate? To this day we're not sure one
      was ever filed." "Jean Paul said that Doctor Menkin issued one and he said that more than once." says Alison. "There is only one way to make certain and that is to inquire with the authorities. Which is exactly what I'm going to do just as soon as I get off this blasted Island. If I ever do." "Your doubts grow." "Two deaths, what's one more. Especially to a man with a power fixation." Dan tells Alison walking around her. "You seem more and more convinced Jean Paul is at fault." "Whether he can control it or not is what I'm concerned about." "I'm not sure I follow your convictions." Alison tells Dan. "Are you certain you're not or is it no comment again." Alison turns away. "Dan, there are some sea caves about five hundred yards from the cove." she says walking a few steps. "When did you find that out?" "In a book of legends that Raxl leant me. It would make a good hiding place." Walking up to Alison, Dan says. "In a sense we're going in a search to a place that
      Raxl chooses to send us to." "Dan why must you insist on making everything seem like some sinister trap?" "Because everything seems to have a sinister aspect to it."

      Jean Paul and Elizabeth are sitting drinking coffee. "Do you think she will be long?" Elizabeth asks, then looks at Jean Paul. His mind seems to be far away. "Jean Paul?" "Hmm, what?" he answers looking at her. "Do you think she will be long?" "Well the storm has subsided, we're in no rush. Quito hasn't returned yet, and Vangie needs time. She needs to pack for a few days." "Oh, just for a few days?" Jean Paul looks at her. "That seems to please you." "It should complement you." "Should? Why?" "I feel already I have enough competition on Maljardin." "Competition? For what?" Jean Paul asks angrily lowering his coffee cup. "For you." Jean Paul looks away. "Or rather for your attention." "I haven't that much attention to give." Jean Paul says putting his cup and saucer on the table. "I feel I really haven't had a fair chance to attract it." Jean Paul clutches his temple in pain. Jacques ring appears on his hand. As Elizabeth watches him she becomes upset.
      Jacques smiles as he lowers his hands. "What was it, I thought you were ..." "It's all right, it's just a headache my darling." Forgive me, now what was it you were saying?" Jacques says. "That I really haven't had an opportunity to attract your attention." Jacques smiles. "Oh I assure you will. And the pleasure will be all mine." "I was worrying about Miss Abbott and that séance." "Ah yes, she seems to fancy that she can make contact with Erica." "You mean you really don't believe in that sort of thing?" "Disembodied spirits?" Jacques laughs. "I'd stake Jean Paul Desmond’s life, virtually every day." "You talk as if you're another person." "Well what's one more life more or less. It doesn't even matter whose life. Take your daughter for example. Before she's twenty-one and inherits all those millions." Elizabeth looks at him, shocked at his comment.

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