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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 25 [Friday]

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  • Ron Janick
    With Monday, Labor Day, I m off work and don t have internet access at home...so Monday s episode will be posted on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!
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      With Monday, Labor Day, I'm off work and don't have internet access at home...so Monday's episode will be posted on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!
      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 25
      Episode 25: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/g8o7k

      On Maljardin a storm is hitting the Island with thunder and lightening booming outside. Jean Paul sits on the couch with his head bowed and his hands clasped. He stands and walks over to the table to pour himself a drink. When he finds out there is no ice he rings for Raxl. Quito appears. "Quito, I need more ice. And Raxl, where is she?"

      Raxl is in the Temple using the tarot cards. Backing away she raises her arms, then drops to her knees, crossing her arms she bows.

      Vangie lays down the tarot cards. Crossing her arms she says. "If my fathers gift is strong in me and if the Great Serpent so wills it may I be lifted to the ancient Temple to help in the fight against evil." Vangie is wearing the Conjure robes. She lies down upon a bed.

      Jean Paul in the Great Hall seems agitated. "You're very quiet tonight but not Mother Nature. I wonder what is disturbing her so?" Jacques asks. "Maybe you are. Maybe she's declaring war on all demons." "Tsk, Tsk wooing and warring, a family heritage." says Jacques. "I could do without the family heritage and ancestors like you." Jean Paul turns toward Jacques portrait. "Without me you may be doing without yourself. Who knows, you and I could be one and the same." "I am not a devil!" says Jean Paul turning away. "Self declaration, self incrimination." says Jacques. Jean Paul raises his glass to his mouth. "And don't drink so much. It dulls the senses." Angrily Jean Paul turns around. He draws his hand back to throw the glass when Quito walks in with the ice. "You would have missed anyway." Jacques tells him. Quito settles the ice bucket on the table. Jean Paul puts his glass down near the stairs as Holly walks down the staircase; She's dressed for bed. Quito
      holds up a glass. Holly tells him she would like a ginger ale. Jean Paul looks over at Holly, then down at his glass. He picks it back up. Quito hands Holly her drink. She thanks him. "You make an excellent bartender." "But it's only ginger ale." Jean Paul says as he walks up to her. "Anything stronger and I couldn't sleep. Not that I do sleep anyway." Holly says as she walks to the couch and sits down. "Sleepless nights seem to be the vogue around here." Jean Paul says. "I'm afraid." Holly tells him. "Of what?" Jean Paul asks as he squats behind the couch. "Of going to sleep. Every time I come close to closing my eyes I think about the weird dreams I've been having lately. Then all of a sudden I'm wide awake and scared all over again." "If Doctor Carr is still up, I'll se is she can suggest a sleeping pill for you." Jean Paul says standing, then walking towards the staircase. "No thank you, I'm not much of a pill taker." Holly says. Jean Paul walks to the
      table and pours a drink. "Here try this." He hands her the glass. "What is it?" "Just a little sherry. To sleep and not to dream." "You know you remind me more and more of my father. Shakespeare was one of his favorites too and that line was one of his favorite lines." "Strange isn't it. I too have had to live with some bad dreams. Shakespeare and all the great writers have been a sort of comfort to me." Jean Paul says as he pours himself another drink. "You seem to have everything that money can buy. I guess even possessions don't make a man sleep easy do they." Holly says. Jacques portrait goes blank. With a smile Jacques asks. "Do you my fair child? It all depends whether the man is the possessor or the possessed." He sits next to Holly. "I think I know what you mean. I don't even have that money yet and it's already caused me trouble." "Well why don't you wait child. If you really want to sleep I have something for you." Jacques pours liquid into Holly’s
      drink. "What is it?" she asks. "Oh just a family brew for what ails you. Now if this pending inheritance is such a burden to you why are you so determined to prevent your mother from controlling it?" "I think if she controls it she controls me to." "Your mother strikes me as a perfectly delightful woman." says Jacques. "To each his own." Holly lifts her glass to Jacques in a toast. "Is that Shakespeare?" "Updated by Holly Marshal." says Jacques. Elizabeth is standing on the staircase watching Holly and Jacques. "Let me put it this way, if I appear to be witchy, it's only because I am." Holly says standing. "But what a lovely little witch." "But only about my mother. Everything she has if I can take it I will." Holly tells him. "Fair or foul as they say." Jacques says as he takes a drink. "I guess you think I'm a pretty crummy daughter. Well you're right. I just can't seem to help myself." Jacques sits back down with a smile. "When you get down to the nitty
      gritty I guess that's it all right. Anything my mother wants I'll take it from her if I can and visa versa." Holly tells him. Jacques stands next to Holly and puts his drink on the fireplace mantel. "That sounds like total declared war to me." "Would you like to see my scars?" Jacques laughs. "Well lead us not into temptation, no that isn't from Shakespeare, is it?" Elizabeth stands and listens to Holly. "For one so lovely, you seemed to have developed the ability to hate very well,” says Jacques. "Practice makes perfect." "But one who hates can also love." "I haven't had much practice in that department." Holly says. "Well you'll learn." "I'm sure my daughter will make an army of fortune hunters very happy when she does learn." Elizabeth tells them from the stairs. "Mrs. Marshal, does insomnia seem to be occupying the entire household." Jacques says as he walks toward her. Elizabeth walks the rest of the way to meet Jacques. "Elizabeth, Mr. Desmond."
      "Forgive me. Can I offer you something to help calm the nerves?" Jacques asks. "What ever Holly is having is fine with me." "I see. Mother and daughter share the same tastes." Jacques fixes her a drink. Holly walks up to them. "You get zero on that one Mr. Desmond." "But we could call it a bulls-eye couldn't we. They both look the same. A drink Madame, ah Elizabeth." Jacques hands the drink to her. "If you don't mind I think I'll drink mine in my bedroom." Holly says then walks away. Elizabeth steps toward the staircase watching Holly rush up the stairs. Turning she says, "I must apologize for Holly." "Please don't, for one so young she is truly delightful." Jacques says walking up to Elizabeth. "But we should bear in mind Holly is young." says Elizabeth. "Well is youth a disadvantage?" "It has its handicaps." Elizabeth says sitting down on the couch. "Well let’s drink to us." Jacques says sitting next to Elizabeth. "Who have overcome those handicaps?" "Drink
      to my old age before I reach it?" she asks him. Jacques laughs. "To the fact that you are no longer a child." "I'll drink to that." Elizabeth says. As they raise the glasses to their mouths a loud scream comes from upstairs. Holly runs down the staircase. "I opened my door and he was right outside." Holly says as she leans on the railing. Quito is behind her on the stairs. "Quito come here! What were you doing? Why were you outside Miss Marshals door?" Jacques asks. Quito crosses his arms, his hands are in fists. "Guarding her." Quito nods. "Against what?" Quito shakes his head and shrugs. "He doesn't know and I don't think we should believe him anyway." Holly says. "Nonsense Holly, why should you doubt Quito?" Elizabeth asks. "Oh, perhaps he and Raxl believe that the devil is roaming around this great house." Jacques says. "I'll believe it when I see it." Elizabeth says. Jacques turns to her and smiles. "Now I'll drink to that. A toast to the devil." Holly
      and Quito glance at each other. Elizabeth looks away with a stunned look. Jacques shrugs. "Or whatever." He takes a drink looking at Elizabeth.

      Elizabeth walks to the couch after Holly goes back to her room. Jacques is standing in front of the fireplace. "Poor girl, she was exhausted." Jacques says. "Or acting it. Ever since her father died, virtually overnight she changed from a sweet shy child to an impossible shrew. We were really a very happy family before..." "Holly told me you did lots of things together. That you traveled a great deal." "Yes of course, even then I suppose there were signs. Winter before last she refused to go on vacation with us. Wanted to spend Christmas in the cold snow instead of the warm sand. So we went on ahead without her. But of course she ruined the trip for us." Elizabeth tells him. "How unfortunate." Jacques says. "Couldn't we change the topic of conversation from the no-no generation. I'm very board with their beads, bells and songs of love." "Elizabeth you sadden me." Jacques says walking towards her and sits down. "A woman as lovely as you should be so stoic of matters
      of the heart." "I was talking about the young. To them it's a matter of to much to soon." "Ah then you'd make rules for them but not for us?" "You and I are old enough to make our own rules, Jean Paul." Jacques puts his arm around Elizabeth.

      In the Temple of the Serpent, Raxl is still bowed down to the floor; she rises up to her knees, then raises her arms outward. Vangie appears on the sacrificial altar. She uncrosses her arms and holds them upward.

      Jacques ring disappears. Jean Paul jerks his arm away from Elizabeth's shoulder. "Jean Paul, Jean Paul what is it that seems to mesmerize you?" Jean Paul quickly stands. "Forgive me." He stands and holds his head. "Are you not feeling well?" "It's nothing really. It's a sudden migraine. Three hundred years ago that's what they called it." "Migraine?" "Migraine today." Jean Paul says in pain. "You poor man, is there anything I can do to help?" Elizabeth asks walking up to Jean Paul. "If it persists Doctor Carr will give me another analgesic." he says turning away. "Fortunately, generally it doesn't last too long." "Until then?" Elizabeth asks. Jean Paul looks at Elizabeth. "There's nothing anyone can do."

      Raxl helps Vangie from the altar. Vangie turns and looks at Raxl. "Why have you summoned me? You know the cards have warned me my death will come on Maljardin." "But I could not come to you. Together we may have the strength enough to fight off all danger." Raxl says. She walks over to a small fire with a cup of herbs and potions. "This will give you strength." "But I want to live. I've given up the old ways." Vangie tells Raxl. "There are times when the way of the ancients are the only way to protect us,” says Raxl. "From what?" "We will know the answer to that tonight. This I do know, the evil that walks on Maljardin does not walk alone. I think this night it might have found a mate." Raxl says then raises the cup. "Drink!"

      Elizabeth holds a glass out to Jean Paul. "Drink, it may help." Jean Paul looks away from Elizabeth.

      "Drink or we are helpless." Raxl tells Vangie. Vangie reaches out and takes the cup.

      Jean Paul turns then walks to Jacques portrait. As he is starring at it, it goes blank. Elizabeth watches Jean Paul with concern. Jacques stretches. "You know sometimes I really feel, if one can inhabit another body one can get rid of a headache completely." he says then walks towards Elizabeth. "The headache of course, not the body." "Well I can see you got rid of yours." "Completely as if I had taken over another body." Jacques says. "Don't the natives believe that such things are possible?" Elizabeth asks. "Oh some are so superstitious they believe men can turn into wolves. But that I have to see." Jacques says as he walks away. "Surely some superstitions must have some bases in fact." Elizabeth says walking toward Jacques. "Well if there was any foundation in this case, my name isn't Jean Paul Desmond." "I wonder. Could I ask a great favor of you?" "A favor?" Jacques asks. "You know my daughter respects you very much. A word from you can be worth more than
      a thousand from me." "Just what word do you have in mind?" "You know so much about money and the responsibility of it." "Yes." he says watching her. "I think you can convince Holly to allow you to lift some of the burden of it from her shoulders." Jacques turns towards Elizabeth. He leans on the fireplace. "May I ask why? Or is that a pertinent question, or have you a mind that the money burden should go to your shoulders. You carry it if I can carry it off." Elizabeth looks away.

      Down in the Temple Raxl talks to Vangie. "Ever since my Little Bird died the Master has not been himself. He seems to be wearing the face of two men." "There have been many strange tails told about the death of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes,” says Vangie. "Who is to say what is true. Just as the past forms the present, the present may alter the past,” says Raxl turning away. "Well it's true, you've seen Jean Paul when he seems to be not himself." Vangie says as she walks up to Raxl. "Many, many times. But it is only when evil is in the room. Evil that is spreading across Maljardin. Ever since the silver pin was released from the conjure doll's head. I can control it no longer." "I am here now. I'll give you what strength I can. But it may be the last time." "But you are the Conjure Woman!" "My father gave me all the strength he could, but I am not as strong as he. My Island needs me too, there are many strange vibrations." "But evil is everywhere! I can not do it
      alone!" Raxl says. "Our spirits will be fused through the tarot cards and the pentagram. But more than that I cannot promise. You must find your help here on Maljardin, not only from the outside." "Well if it must be, it must be." Raxl walks to the altar. "Do you see what the cards say?" "I see two protectors, Mathew Dawson and Dan Forrest." "But they are not as strong as this one." Raxl points to a card. "Who is she?" asks Vangie. "I can not tell. Your powers of the cards are much stronger then mine. Who, who?" Turning to Vangie. "Please take my hands. Together we will have the strength to find out." Raxl and Vangie hold hands "we must have the strength. As they concentrate, through the candle comes the image of Elizabeth Marshal standing in the Great Hall. "The witch is..." says Raxl. "Yes, the mother of the blond child. Elizabeth Marshal. Watch her carefully Raxl, she's dangerous."

      Elizabeth tells Jacques. "The danger I face is your misunderstanding my intent for Holly." "Perhaps, but you must forgive me Elizabeth I'm not feeling quite myself this evening." "I'm trying to understand these changes in you." Elizabeth says walking away. He walks behind her. Elizabeth starts up the staircase. "By tomorrow I'm sure you will." Jacques says. Elizabeth stops on the steps. "Hopefully. Goodnight." Jacques looks at his ring. Thunder and lightening rumble and flash. He turns and walks toward his portrait. He releases Jean Paul. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, I want to speak to you." "I am in possession now, and I shall wear the body." "It seems the powers have shifted, you've gone back to where you belong against your will." Jean Paul says. "A slight skirmish, but the war is just beginning. Nighty night, sleep fitfully. It's bad for the nerves." Jean Paul walks to the staircase, he looks angrily back at Jacques portrait.

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