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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 24 [Thursday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 24
      Episode 24: Slideshow: http://tinyurl.com/j4zjf

      In the Temple of the Serpent Raxl and Quito are performing a ceremony. "I Raxl daughter of the Priestess of the Temple of the Serpent offer my humble thanks and those of Quito’s, and the man of the Christian God." Raxl and Quito bow. Raxl turns to Reverend Dawson. "You are a minister of Jean Paul Desmond’s God, will you let the devil possess him?" "My job has always been to fight the devil. But only man can save himself with proper guidance." the Reverend says holding a torch. "Then we must convince my Master of the way to free himself from the demon." Raxl says. Matt walks toward the doorway. Raxl stops him. "You must tell no one of this place." "Does Jean Paul not know about it?" "This is the place that he and Jacques Eloi Des Mondes must never find. No one must find it." Raxl says. "I will not betray you or your beliefs." Matt tells her.

      Tim is working on the portrait with Holly sitting for him. Holly is talking about Jean Paul. "He's who he is and he lets you be who you are. That's rare man." "Stop squirming." Tim says walking to Holly and pulling her chin to the side. "Just hold it about there." "Hey, what's bugging you?" Holly says. "You're yapping too much that's all." Holly stands. "Well you could take a few lessons in courtesy from Mr. Desmond. He's not only kind, he's mature." "Holly, do me a favor." "What?" "Just can it."

      Raxl leads the way from the Temple. "Not only my Master is in danger, there are others here who need help. Doctor Carr, the little one." "Holly?" "Yes, it's all spelled out in the cards." "Of course, the tarot cards. Vangie Abbott forecast my arrival here." Matt tells Raxl. "The cards never lie."

      Holly is still moving restlessly. "There you go again." Tim says. "Sorry, I had an itch." "This a complete waste of time." Tim is angrily wiping off his brushes. "Look, I said I was sorry didn't I? Okay so maybe I'm not the greatest model in the world. I've never done this before you know." "Neither have I in painting a sit in for a dead woman." Tim says. "Okay then get yourself another model! Holly angrily gets up. "Alright. Wait I'm not annoyed with you." Tim says. Holly stops and turns back. "Well you're sure taking it out on me." "It's just that... Remember what this all started out to be? Sun and fun." "A payment of a debt." Holly adds.
      "Yea and that's taken care of. But not this." He shakes his head. "Lousy." Tim says. "Tim it can't be that bad." "By a degree in comparison, but it's not that good." "Let me see." Holly asks. Tim quickly covers the portrait. "Take my word for it." "Tim Stanton, you're too much. That was a beautiful sketch you did of Erica at the French Leaf Cafe." "But she sat in for it not you." "Oh there you go again." Holly points her finger at him. "All right, all right you know what I mean." Tim says. "Yea, you're too much of a perfectionist. Tim, don't get hung up in that bag. Mr. Desmond will love the portrait." Raxl and the Reverend come up from the crypt. "If he doesn't?" Holly says. "Then what?" "If he doesn't just have the Reverend get you a road map to the home for wayward artists. He's a specialist for putting away unwanted people." Holly crosses her arms. "He's a specialist in giving help which isn't always understood." the Reverend tells Holly. "What was this
      you were saying of wayward artists?" "The portrait caught a snag." Tim says. Raxl walks to the staircase. She drops tarot cards on the floor. "Come off it Tim. It seems to have joined Jean Paul’s league, he wants it to come alive." Holly says. "Want me to judge?" Matt asks. "Sorry to be cliché Reverend, but this one is my cross to bear." "In that case." the Reverend turns away. "Look Tim, you're going to paint until the light goes, you got that." Holly says to him. Matt Dawson finds the tarot cards and picks then up. "Danger or death." he says looking at the cards. Holly turns and sees Matt holding something. "What's that?" "Raxl dropped two cards." "Hey these look like the cards Vangie Abbott uses for fortune telling." Holly says. "The tarot pack?" Tim asks. "I brought them to Raxl from Vangie." says Matt. "Whose the man?" Holly asks pointing. "According to Vangie, the King of Scepters. The traditional card of ill omen. The other the Queen of cups." Matt
      tells Holly. "Whose she?" Holly asks holding both cards. "I, I don't know." Matt says. "Hey, Vangie and her E.S.P. Let's see if I can find out the answer." Holly says. "Hey, come on let's knock it off,” says Tim. "Come on Tim we're on a break aren't we?" Holly asks. At the Mainland Vangie is giving a fortune reading for a young couple. "It sounds great but you don't expect us to believe any of that do you?" the man asks Vangie. "I don't expect you to do anything. Nevertheless what I have told you is what will be." Vangie says. "I don't know how you know some of those things. But you just make up fortunes, don't you?" the woman asks Vangie. "You can believe that if you wish, but time will convince you otherwise,” says Vangie. "As I said, what I told you is what will be. It's all here in these cards. It's been given to very few to be able to read them. The gift of believing them is given to all. Providing we choose to accept it. But nevertheless the cards do not
      lie." Tim says. "Well let's just get on with it. What's all the fuss about anyway, so Raxl dropped a couple of cards by accident." "I'm wondering if it was by accident." Matt says. "What do you mean?" asks Holly. "Vangie says the cards are symbols that are made to represent the individual. Then the fortune can be told." Matt walks around Holly. Raxl is listening from the top of the staircase. "What individual do these represent, if any? You mean Raxl dropped them on purpose?" Holly asks. Raxl walks down the stairs. "Speak of the devil, Raxl did you drop these?" asks Holly. Raxl rushes over and takes the cards from Holly. "Raxl, what so they mean to you?" Matt asks. "Is it my fortune? Tell me." Holly says. "No" "Come on Raxl, tell me just for kicks." "No, no." Raxl gets upset and walks away from the three of them leaving the room. "Sometimes I don't think she likes me very much." Holly says. "Or anyone at all. Hey Tim, I'll be back in a few minutes." "At the
      most ten minutes more of decent light and she has to split it." Tim complains. "I gather you don't buy it then?" The Reverend says walking up to Tim. "Buy what?" "That Raxl was trying to tell us something, warn us." "With a couple of tarot cards. If she had something to say she'd come out and say it wouldn't she?" "Maybe not Tim." "She doesn't strike me as the shy type." "She could be frightened." Matt says. "She's not alone." Tim tells him. "Then you sense something about this house, this Island. Something evil and perhaps dangerous." "You want an honest answer?" Tim asks. "What else." "Well I sure don't dig the cryonics bit of freezing a body and storing it for the future. Other than that, I'm scared stiff. But if it's one person here who can take care of themselves, it's Raxl."

      Quito opens the Temple for Raxl. "The ancient powers will have to use all their strength to fight the evil we face Quito. Reverend Dawson must realize his help is needed also. When the devil is afoot we are all in danger." Raxl and Quito move forward to the circle. They pass the torches slowly from one hand to the other. "Here me bearer of light, princess of radiance, region of the realm beyond time. The mild zephyr shall conquer the mist, the cooling wind draws heat, bright light dispenses the sirocco, fire burns out the darkness and clear water blows away the vapors. Conjure Woman you are needed in this place. Prince of Darkness cast his shadow before him and you are called forth. Come, come! Oh bearer of light come forth, come forth!"

      "Well that's it, you stalled long enough for the light to be gone. Class dismissed." Tim tells Holly. Holly stands. "Can I see?" She looks at the portrait. "So it stinks." Tim says. "Well your sketch was better, but it does have a certain quality." Tim looks at her. "That's a terrific way of putting it." Tim turns away. "Oh come on Tim, I know it will." "When Jean Paul Desmond brings his wife back to life so she can sit for me." "How can you joke about am thing like that?" Holly gets upset. "About a man who is doing such a beautiful thing for his wife." "Beautiful? What's so beautiful about it?" Tim asks. "His love for her, that's what." Holly says. "And that's so what's weird. Maybe, maybe those tarot cards can help."

      "I place my destiny and all those on Maljardin in the gracious arms of the Priestess of the Temple of the Serpent." Raxl and Quito bow. Raxl turns. "Come Quito." She leads the way from the Temple. "He bugs me that's all." Holly says as she helps Tim put away the art supplies. "Mr. Desmond?" "No, the Reverend Matt Dawson." "Oh I thought your saint has turned to plaster." Tim says. "Jean Paul’s not my saint. Have you ever met anyone quite like him?" "I can't say I have." Tim is walking away from Holly. "I don't think anyone has." "Is that sarcasm?" "Yea and fact." "Tim don't you see what he trying to do for his wife?" Tim looks at Holly. "Except I don't think love has anything to do with it."

      Raxl and Quito exit the door to the Temple. "Light the torches Quito," Says Raxl. Reverend Dawson walks into the crypt. "What are you doing Msieu?" Raxl asks. "Looking for you. I must know about those cards you dropped. Tell me, who do they represent?" "I do not read the cards alone." Raxl says. "I guess the king represents Jean Paul Desmond. But the queen? Who? Holly, is she in danger?" "All are in danger." "You didn't drop those cards by accident. You wanted to tell me something. What?" Matt asks. "All I know is the little one is in danger. The cards never lie. Please, that's all I know." Raxl says as she walks away. Matt stops her with a hand on her shoulder. "Then you must learn more and tell me." "Because you’re hung up about your work don't take it out on Jean Paul and me." Holly tells Tim. Tim is standing, leaning on the post to the railing of the staircase. Holly sits down on the stairs. "Look I said I was grateful didn't I" Tim says as he sits next
      to Holly looking straight ahead. "You think he's flipped, don't you." Holly asks. "I don't know what to think. Except that I made a bad deal." "Well call it off." Tim looks at Holly. "I can't do that. The money is gone, I've got to deliver." "Tim, let's split." "You and me? No that's not my style." Tim turns away. "Well what is your style? Hanging around being uptight all the time. Reaching for impossible things." Holly says angrily. "Maybe." He looks at Holly. "How about you?" "I could find my lucky star if only people would leave me alone." "Me, your mother?" "Reverend Matt Dawson especially."' Holly says as the Reverend walks into the room. "Well what a coincidence. Are your ears burning Reverend?" Holly asks him as he stops next to them. "Why?" "Your name just passed from my lips and there you are. Or did I call. I didn't call did I?" "You may one day Holly." Holly shakes her head. "Not while you live." "My chief concern is to see that you do. In
      happiness." Holly stands. "I'll never need you for that, ever." Holly starts up the staircase. "If you change your mind just yell for help. I'll hear Holly." Tim stands and says to Matt. "She's going through this identity thing. Running eventually knocks the wind out of you, doesn't it Reverend." "It's my decision and my life, okay!" Holly says. "Well good luck." He turns to Matt. "And good luck to you. She's really a groovy kid." Tim walks away. Holly starts to follow him, "Holly, believe me. I'm worried about you,” the Reverend says walking up to Holly. "I don't want to hear about it." She tries rushing away. "Wait. Wait!" Matt yells. "If you want to or not, you’re going to." Matt stands on the first landing looking down at her. "Go on, I'm listening." she says with her arms crossed and her back to him. "No your not. You get behind that wall of hostility where no one can reach you. Holly I'm afraid for you. Afraid your life may be in danger." "Me?" Holly asks
      looking at him. "Yes." "In danger of what?" asks Holly. "If we can talk, really talk without hostility and you deciding I'm wrong before I open my mouth." "Go ahead." "I'm your friend Holly, you must believe that." Matt says. "I'll try." The Reverend walks down the stairs to stand in front of Holly. "Well?"" Holly asks. "What am I in danger of."

      Raxl is in the crypt. "The Christian God can truly guide this man. Help him Little Princess to help those who are doomed to suffer at Maljardin. The cards speak of an evil force." Raxl says.

      "The Queen of Cups?" Holly says. "Raxl didn't say that was me did she?" Holly turns away. "She didn't have to say it Holly." "All of a sudden your a fortune teller." "I know that everything is terribly wrong on this Island. We're all prisoners in this house, don't you understand?" "Jean Paul wouldn't do that. He said we can leave." "But he refuses to say when." The Reverend walks around to face Holly. "There's a sickness on this Island Holly and Jean Paul is part of it. It's a threat to all of us and I'm afraid especially for you." "You're saying I'm in danger from Jean Paul Desmond? Oh padre you're way off." "I hope." Matt says. "Well he's the most wonderful man I know. I trust him as I do my father." "If he's worthy of that trust." "Why do you say that? Because he's sick, is that why?" "It's not a medical sickness Holly. It isn't something you can isolate and treat like measles or appendicitis. What I'm talking about is a spiritual sickness. Dark cloud of
      evil." Matt says looking around the Great Hall. "Reverend, you know something you're too much!" Holly says as she tries to rush away. The Reverend walks after Holly. "Look if Jean Paul says anything to you, anything strange or unusual I want you to tell me about it." Matt says as Holly stops and looks at him. "I'll tell you something, I'm going to ask Mr. Desmond to ship all of you off the Island! Except maybe Tim and me, that's how much of a danger I think he is." Holly turns and runs up the staircase.

      Raxl is in the crypt. "Help, the Bearer of Life to hear me Little Princess. Help the Prince of Darkness to step aside to give way to the region of the Realm of Light. The mild zephyr will conquer the mist, and the cooling wind draws heat."

      On the Mainland, Vangie is sitting looking at the tarot cards. One of the cards seems to worry her. Then she hears Raxl's voice. "The bright light dispenses the sirocco. The quickening fire burns out the darkness and clear water blows away the vapors. Come Princess of Light, come Conjure Woman!" Raxl calls. "You are needed on Maljardin. You are needed on Maljardin!" Vangie sits like she is in a trance, then slowly she lays the card down. "Come Quito, say goodnight to our Little Mistress." Raxl calls to Quito. "When we go together to stand at the alter of the Great Serpent and beg him to deliver us the Princess of Light to destroy this devil and release our poor Master." Raxl bows then turns to Quito. "Quito the Temple." Quito pushes open the door as Raxl gathers the torches.

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