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STRANGE PARADISE: Episode: 2 [Tuesday]

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  • Ron Janick
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick. ~Ron/Bella~
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      Summaries written by Debby Graham . The slide presentation is the work of Ron Janick.
      Strange Paradise: Episode 2
      Episode 2: Slideshow: http://s57.photobucket.com/albums/g230/ronbella/STRANGE_PARADISE/?action=view¤t=SP_EP_02.gif&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch2

      Raxl reaches out to Jean Paul. "Msieu Desmond the doll and pin please." Jean Paul strolls by her and Quito carrying the voodoo doll and pin. Raxl looks at Jacque's tomb and wonders if her master is Jean Paul Desmond. Jacques in Jean Paul's body enters the Great Hall, bows in front of his empty portrait then laying on the couch laughing. "Free, It's great to be alive. Free, but this time you, my little effigy and you my silver sword of sheen will never shackle me to the temple again. But to destroy you would be to destroy myself." Jacque is speaking to the doll. "So you (the doll) and you (the silver pin) can never meet. I must find a hiding place. Raxl is in the crypt talking to Erica's casket. "Msieu Desmond loved you so, that he can not except your fate. By denying the will of God he has sold us all to the devil. The ancient spell is broken." Raxl turns to Quito and tells him they must get the doll and silver pin. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes belongs in hell,” she says
      to herself. Raxl leaves the crypt to look for Jean Paul. Walking up the stairs she goes to Jean Paul's room and knocks on his door. "Msieu Desmond? Msieu Desmond." "What is it Raxl?" Jacques answers. "The doll and pin." "What about them?" "Do you have them?" "Why?" "So I can drive the silver sword through the temple..." "Raxl!" Jacques shouts. "Raxl witchcraft is a dead art. Life today is in the hands of the doctor. Now leave me. I must rest,” he says smiling; he is holding the doll as he sits on the floor against the door. Raxl walks down the staircase and meets Quito. "He must rest. No Quito not me nor you or Jean Paul Desmond or dear Erica in that coffin or anyone else that comes to the Island, until we free ourselves of that devil." Back on the mainland Alison Carr takes a seat in the cafe. She meets Vangie Abbott who works in the cafe and who is also is an old friend of Dan’s.

      Raxl leaves the mansion to look for the doll and pin around the boathouse. Quito goes with her. Jacques comes out of Jean Paul's room. Looking around the Great Hall he notices things that have changed since his time. He walks out of the room. Raxl and Quito are back in the mansion. Raxl goes up to Jacques portrait. "Jacques Eloi Des Mondes as sure as that canvas grips your image our search will never end until your soul is sealed in hell. That I promise you." Raxl and Quito head up the staircase to the bedrooms. Jacques enters the Great Hall looking up the staircase. "Poor Raxl. Promises, promises, promises."

      Alison is sitting at a cafe table when a young man comes up to her. He tries to talk her into letting him draw her picture. He shows her his collection of drawings. Alison finds a picture of her sister Erica. She asks how long ago he did the picture. He tells her a couple of weeks ago. Alison tells him she is worried because she has not heard from her sister in a while. "What gets me is how you can possibly worry about one of the richest woman in the world." Tim tells her. "Mr.?" "Stanton, but I prefer Tim." "Tim, I'm Doctor Alison Carr." "Your a doctor?" Tim and Alison discuss Jean Paul and Erica not being seen on the mainland for a couple of weeks. Their discussion turns to money. "Money isn't everything." Alison tells Tim. "Tell that to the ugly at the bar. He's after one hundred sixty- two pounds of flesh. All me." Tim tells Alison about his mother's sickness and death. "I borrowed three thousand dollars and can't even pay the interest on it. Six hundred a
      month. The man at the bar has been sent to retrieve the money one way or another."

      Jacques is down in the crypt finding a hiding place for the doll and pin. He releases Jean Paul and enters the portrait. Jean Paul himself again walks up to Erica's coffin opening it. "Erica my beloved. I'll make you live again as fast as money and medical science makes it possible. Tomorrow my darling the people from the cryonics society will be here, then you will be safe until we are ready to arouse you, to bring you back to life." Jean Paul bend down and kisses her. "Goodnight my darling, sleep well I love you." As he is closing the lid he sees Quito and tells him to bring more dry ice.

      Alison is now worried about Tim. He gives her the drawing he made of her. He then walks to the bar; the thug grabs Tim by the arm. Alison wants to come to his rescue but Vangie stops her, telling her not to interfere. Alison wants to call the police . Vangie tells her there have been no laws broken. Alison comes up with a plan for Tim to paint a portrait of Erica, telling the loan shark that Jean Paul Desmond will pay Tim seventy-five hundred dollars. He tells them he will wait a couple of days to collect. Tim is wondering where he can run to this time. Alison confesses, "I was stalling at the beginning. Can't you do it?" "Well yes but I don't have the name to expect a price like that. What if Mr. Desmond decides against me?" "Erica won't let him. She can talk Jean Paul into anything, and she would do anything she could for me."

      Raxl descends the staircase. Jean Paul is standing facing a dark fireplace holding a glass of brandy. "Midnight Msieu." "Thank you Raxl." he puts the brandy down. "Tell Quito to wake me at six. He and I have to take the boat to the Cryonics Society and pick them up there." Walking up the steps he sees Quito. "Quito places the ice carefully. Don't disturb Mrs. Desmond." Raxl comes up to Jean Paul. "You must try to rest." "Rest, I don't think I ever will until I have my Erica back to life." Jean Paul continues up to his room. Raxl goes to the crypt and speaks to Quito. "At least for the moment Msieu Desmond seems himself. Jacques Eloi Des Mondes cannot run free. We must send that devil back to hell. We have to find the doll and destroy it." Raxl tells Quito to open the secret door. Going to the wall Quito puts his back against it and a door pushes in. It opens to a dark tunnel. Raxl and Quito enter carrying torches.

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