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951Re: what's the current episode on 'Drive in Classics' (May 1, 2006)?

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  • raxlrules
    May 1, 2006
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      Episode 22 :)
      A thunderstorm is lashing the island of Maljardin and Holly, somewhat
      frightened, dashes up the stairs...
      Did you want a summary of the storyline so far?
      I don't wish to reveal any spoilers so I'll stop now.
      I became addicted in the fall of 2005 and am watching the begining of
      the series for the first time :)

      --- In strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com, "RH" <rh009@...> wrote:
      > Hello y'all, I became addicted to watching SP on Canada's 'Drive in
      > Classics' channel since about winter 2005 (while living in Montreal).
      > I'm now in Virginia, USA for work, and don't get the channel.
      > However, I am having my family back home tape it for me everyday.
      > Just out of curiosity, for those you do get 'Drive in Classics' -
      > where in the plotline are they up to right now (today being May 1,
      > 2006)? My family are not fans of the show, so they wouldn't be able to
      > tell.
      > Thanks!
      > RH
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