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577Re: Episode 3

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  • jh11786
    Apr 3, 2004
      I too would be interested in any other details you have
      about "Strange Paradise".

      What's always bothered me is the fact that "Strange Paradise" aired
      as early as the first week of September in the United States while
      it took until late October in Canada. Did they really know that they
      would be changing studios that early in production? I think you've
      said Steve that the studio where the Desmond Hall production took
      place didn't open until January 1970, and most of the United States
      affiliates had reached the climax of Maljardin in December 1960.
      It's really no wonder that US fans often think that Jean Paul
      torching Maljardin is the ending.

      I think that "Strange Paradise" was just unlucky with its production
      history. Any fans the series had would have to wait until production
      on new episodes began, and the U.S. had to fill that space with
      something in the mean time.
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