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4535new material in our Files section

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  • strangeparadiselibrary
    May 26, 2014
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      Hey, Strangers!  I haven't made any official announcement of this yet, but some of you may have noticed that for about the last month I've been adding new material to our Files section.  So far, I've uploaded about 30 items, and many more are coming.  These are all photos, advertisements and other images relating either to STRANGE PARADISE or to the performers who played in the series.  I've begun adding individual folders to try to organize the files. When I'm done, each performer while have his / her own folder containing material relating to his career.  There will also be a folder containing ads for SP, another containing magazine articles, etc.  This is going to be an ongoing project for many, many months (maybe even a couple of years), but please feel free to peek in and watch the effort in progress.  A lot of this material will wind up on www.Maljaridn.com eventually, but for now I thought posting it here would be another nice way to celebrate the series' 45 anniversary later this year.  Enjoy the clippings and pictures!  -Curt