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  • strangeparadiselibrary
    Mar 27, 2014
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      Hey, Strangers!  I was contemplating a random topic recently, and thought I'd throw it open here to see if it has ever struck anyone else.  As I mentioned in another recent post, I've always found SP's descriptions of the death of Jacques sketchy at best (and a bit puzzling).  The flashback in Episode One clearly ends with an implication that Jacques is going to push his wife from the cliffs on Maljardin, but at least one later iteration of the event claims that he was exceptionally devoted to Huaco and killed himself after hearing of her death.  This contradiction aside, we are left with the solid statement that Jacques DID die, and hence his body was interred in the family crypt.  So when Jean Paul opens his coffin in that first episode, why doesn't he find any sign of Jacques' remains?  All he finds is the conjure doll (no bones, or anything else to indicate that a body was ever there).  Likewise, when Jean Paul opens the cryo-capsule around the tenth week of the series he finds, not Erica's body, but the conjure doll.  I realize that the doll had been hidden from Raxl and Quito, but we KNOW that Erica was sealed into the capsule, as we actually saw that happen on screen in Episode Four. So what became of Erica's body???  Whether you believe it was really Erica who returned to Jean Paul a few episodes later, or a demon in the guise of Erica (as Jean Paul eventually claims), we still don't know how her physical form vanished from the capsule.  And is it a coincidence that in two separate instances the remains of a member of the Desmond family are missing from their place of rest, each time with the conjure doll substituted in their place?  I have no idea where the writers were trying to go with this, but I can't help feeling that there was originally some significance to it all which, due to the changes in writing staff around Week Ten, was never explained.  Anybody else have an opinion on this?