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  • strangeparadiselibrary
    Mar 27, 2014
      Hey, Chris.  I didn't realize you were joining us from Australia.  Sadly, I don't know whether or not STRANGE PARADISE ever aired there, though I have been able to document that it DID play internationally.  Most everyone is aware that it aired in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries, but not too terribly long ago I also found references to its playing around various parts of the Caribbean.  Cool to think that, if Maljardin were a real place, it could have received broadcasts of STRANGE PARADISE.  BTW, this is a bit off topic, but there was a wonderfully low-budget horror anthology that was shot in Australia just a year or so after SP wrapped production.  Its title was THE EVIL TOUCH, and it was a 30-minute drama hosted by Anthony Quayle.  I know it's hardly likely to surface again these days, but if a miracle ever occurs and you hear of it airing over there, please let me know.  It's quite an intriguing little chiller.  And it even has a very round-about connection to SP.  EVIL TOUCH was created by Mende Brown, whose brother Himan Brown produced THE CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER in the mid 1970s.  And, of course, it was on THE CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER that Ian Martin resurrected the basic plot of SP's Maljardin storyline for his radio play "To Die is Forever."  Interesting how all these vintage horror productions link up, one way or another.
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