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  • strangeparadiselibrary
    Mar 2, 2014
      Hey, Strangers!
      In honor of STRANGE PARADISE's upcoming 45th anniversary, I've decided to start posting some SP-related stuff on YouTube.  Basically, when I created my homemade DVD set of the series a few years ago, I also put together some bonus material to accompany many of the disks.  So I'm now in the process of adding these little extras to YouTube, so share with everyone.  The name of my YouTube channel is Maljardin, and anyone who is interested is welcome to subscribe to it.  You'll also find a number of non-SP related videos posted there, but I'm intending to increase the amount of STRANGE PARADISE content in the coming months.  Right now, you can find my SP videos linked here:


      Eventually, I'll also be embedding these videos on www.maljardin.com , but for now I hope everyone will enjoy seeing them on YouTube.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think of them.
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