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4384Re: [Strange Paradise] Avant Maljardin - Part 2

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  • gothick42
    Dec 6, 2012
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      Hi Barbara,

      The problem with SP is that the backstory, and a lot of the continuity, was changed or outright abolished during the final 13 week story arc on the show. I think in some ways that the period around the time of the Key of Life and Susan's arrival was when the show "jumped the shark." I still enjoy watching it, especially for the performances by Colin, Cosette, Jack Creley and a couple of the other regulars (Pat Moffatt is a personal favorite), but the abrupt changes in some of the characters, what their past actions and loyalties had been, etc. makes it difficult at times to take seriously (just speaking personally).

      I haven't had time to read your entire story but it seems you are trying to reconcile the earlier version of the continuity with the later stuff given out in the last 13 weeks. I think one of the problems was that most of the shows during the last couple of months were written by someone who did not seem to have the required knack for writing strong supernatural drama. Sometimes these episodes are like watching a tennis match as the same ball bounces back and forth again and again with the same dialogue, barely rewritten scenes, etc. anything to fill up the content of another half hour.

      Just giving my views... I do admire you for trying to perform what I would call "salvage work" on the final period of the series!

      Best, Steve
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