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  • Rachel Cavic
    Jan 3, 2011
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      Hey Becky!

      I too have seen the eps on youtube and that's what got me hooked. There is a
      site where you can get the eps of SP...but can we list it here? Honestly,
      just google Strange Paradise episodes and you should see it. I wouldn't burn
      DS eps for anyone though because that is commercially available for people
      to rent or buy unlike Strange Paradise.

      I'm almost finished with the Maljardin story arc and can't wait to find out
      what happens at Desmond Hall. I've become such a fan that I've started up a
      RPG that crosses Strange Paradise with Dark Shadows but so far I've only
      found one person who wants to join in with me. So you are so right! This
      show definitely needs more fans. :-)



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      Hi Toni
      my name is Becky and I'm new to this group but have been a long time Strange
      Paradise & Dark Shadows fan.
      I watched ALL the Maljardin episodes they have on youtube and I'd love to
      thank the person who uploaded so many episodes to youtube! only one person
      has uploaded Strange Paradise to youtube so it is really hard to find for
      does anyone know if it will be on television in the US anytime in the near
      future? or where the DVDs can be purchased of the entire series including
      Desmond Hall after the Maljardin episodes?

      we need more Strange Paradise fans to help the SP community grow.It is a
      wonderful show as is Dark Shadows!
      I have quite a collection of Dark Shadows and would love to burn some DVDs
      for anyone who has any Strange Paradise they can burn and trade with me or
      maybe any of the Dark Shadows episodes I might not have.

      Nice to meet all of you here!

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      > Hello all and Happy New Year! I'm Toni and I'm a new fan of SP, but I'm
      > a devoted fan of DS!!:) I'm currently watching SP on YouTube and
      > enjoying it VERY much!!
      > I'm looking forward to meeting lots of SP fans!!!!
      > Take care,
      > Toni
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