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3492Strange Paradise: Episode 186

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  • Ron Janick
    Aug 2, 2010
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      * Episode 186a: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/36jdpw*

      *Episode 186b: Slideshow**: http://tinyurl.com/2mgu5n*

      �That�s right Philip choke me. Take my life. Free me forever.� Susan cries

      �See it is what you want isn�t it.� Philip releases her as her eyes close
      and she stops breathing. Susan falls back on the bed. Philip glances at
      Susan then his hand as the Mark of Death disappears. The mark appears upon
      the document. Philip is released from the control of the star and looks
      down. �Susan no, Susan I didn�t want to do that believe me!� He turns
      towards the dressing table and picks up the box with Philippe�s ashes in it
      and backs away from the bed.

      �It is done. The first step is accomplished.� Julian says to Raxl as they
      stand in the Drawing Room. �Do you know where you are leading us?� Raxl

      �There is only one way to go.� Raxl turns away. �But the girl should be
      with us not against us. We do not have the book or the document.� She says
      then turns towards him. �Nothing will be done correctly.� �We do not
      determine how to do it. We merely do what we must.� �But I do not trust...�
      Raxl starts to say as she glances at the doorway. �Someone is coming.� Raxl
      walks to the door as Philip rushes down the staircase. Philip stops at the
      bottom of the stairs and glances around then runs towards the door to the
      outside. Raxl rushes into the foyer. �Mr. Philip where are you going?� Philip
      has his hand against the door with his back to Raxl. �I killed her!� He
      looks at her. �Is that what you wanted?� he asks angrily. �Is that why you
      let me go to her room with the document?� He says as he walks towards
      her. �She
      cannot be!� Raxl says to him. Julian stands in the doorway of the Drawing
      room. �You will come in here with me Philip Desmond.�

      �Oh no I won�t! I�m leaving this house. I don�t want anything to do with
      this house or anyone in it!� Philip says as he walks towards Julian. Julian
      takes out his watch. �This watch protected you before. It will do it again.�
      �Well where was it when I needed it a few minutes ago?� �Don�t mock it.�
      Julian says to Philip.

      �Why didn�t you protect me from the Mark of Death as you promised you

      �The night is not over. Come inside.� Julian says to him as he holds the
      watch in front of Philip. �We will plan our next step.� Philip stares at
      the watch becoming calm. �That is better. Julian says as he touches Philip
      on the shoulder. �We will now proceed.� Philip walks into the Drawing Room
      as Julian puts his watch in his pocket then follows Philip. Raxl walks to
      the doorway then turns and glances up the staircase.

      Susan lies on the bed as Cort walks into her room. He walks over to her bed.
      �Susan, Susan?� He calls out as he kneels down and touches her arm. �Susan
      what happened?� He shakes her. �Oh my God!� he says as he touches her face
      and neck. Susan stirs. �Susan can you hear me!� Susan opens her eyes then
      closes them. �I heard church bells ringing. I felt the flames on my flesh
      but I wasn�t afraid. I do not fear to die.� �What are you talking about?�
      Cort holds her by the shoulders as she sits up. Susan glances around. �Then
      I�m not dead.�

      �Of course you�re not dead.� Susan puts her hand up to her head and moans.
      �But I was prepared for death.� Susan says as she stands with Cort�s help.
      Susan looks at Cort. �When he came for me I was eager to receive him.� �What
      so you mean when he came for you? Who came?� Susan looks away. �I�ve been
      cheated again.� �Who tried to kill you?� �Philippe he was going to save me
      from...� Susan says then sits in a chair. �Philip? Oh of course the star.�
      �No not Philip, Philippe.� She says looking at Cort. �Who�s Philippe?� Susan
      stands and steps closer to Cort. �Never mind you don�t understand. I was so
      tired.� Susan says as she touches her neck. �I was reading about the
      execution and then everything happened so quickly. Something went
      wrong.� �Well
      what went wrong?� Cort asks. With a look of panic Susan sits on the floor.
      �They�re going to punish me Cort! You�ve got to hide me please! They�re
      going to punish me!�

      Cort squats on the floor next to her. �Who�s going to punish you?� �My

      �Well who are they?� Susan looks away. �The world is full of enemies. They
      come upon you in the dark. They bribe you with promises of happiness that
      never comes true. And then they make threats!� Susan says then looks at the
      floor. �If you don�t do what they say they�ll hurt you.� Susan says looking
      at Cort.

      �Yes of course. You�ll be all right. Can you stay here for just a minute?�
      Cort asks as he pulls her to her feet. �No, no I can�t, they�ll find me!�
      Susan says as she grabs Cort�s hand. �I�m going down to get my mother and
      she�ll put you to bed.�

      Susan pulls away from him. �I don�t want to go to bed Cort.� �Now listen to
      me Susan, you�ve had a frightening time.� Susan shakes her head. �No that�s
      not true! You don�t understand.� She looks away from Cort. �For the first
      time in my life I�m free. And if I don�t hide from them they will take me
      back again.� �But if you are free you don�t have to hide.� Susan looks at
      him. �But I do! If they know that I�m free they�ll take me back.� She says
      as she touches his arm. �But I�ve got to find a place to hide Cort. You must
      know a place I can hide.� �Well I could take you to the tower room.� Cort
      says to her. �Nobody must see us. Nobody!�

      �Wait a minute.� Cort pulls away as he looks out the door into the hallway.

      Susan disappears. Cort turns back towards Susan. �There�s no one out
      there.� Cort says then stares at the spot he had last seen Susan. Walking
      across the room he looks around, then he goes to the bed and picks up the
      document. He lays it back on the bed. �Susan?� Cort calls out as he looks
      around the room.

      Philip stands at the window in the Drawing Room. He looks at the sky then
      turns towards Julian. �The star is gone.� �Of course it has. You have done
      what you came here to do.� Julian says to him. �What do you mean?� �What
      was your purpose in coming to Desmond Hall?� Philip turns away from Julian.
      �To remove a curse from my people.� �It is done.� Philip gives a laugh.
      �It can�t be.� Julian steps up to him. �Summon your friend the mask. Send
      him your signal. He will know.� Philip shakes his head and walks away from
      Julian. �He doesn�t hear me anymore.� �Try him, or shall I?� Julian says as
      Philip stands and looks out the window. �He won�t answer you.� Julian
      stares at Philip. The sound of the drum echoes in the room. �Orendo?�
      Philip calls out. �Ask him.� Julian says to Philip.

      �Orendo are my people content? Is their suffering over? Have they been
      freed?� Philip listens to the drum. �Thank you Orendo.� He says then closes
      his eyes and bows his head. Raising his head he turns towards Julian. �How
      did you do that?�

      �That is my secret and yours.� �My secret? What do you mean?� �You freed
      your people just now when you went upstairs.� �Oh that can�t be! That�s too
      high a price to pay!� Philip says to Julian. �The price has been paid. You
      and your people are free.� �But I killed her!� �Do not say that again to
      anyone. The price you paid to free your people is the secret you carry to
      your grave.�

      Raxl walks up to Cort. They are in Susan�s room. �What are you doing in
      here?� Raxl asks. �I heard a noise and I came in to...� �Well where is
      Miss Susan?�

      �I don�t know. � Cort says as he looks away. �But she was here?� Raxl

      �Where?� Cort asks as he looks at her. �When you brought the book up to
      her.� Raxl says as she turns towards the bed. �Here it is.� Raxl says as she
      picks up the book. �This is the book you brought up to her isn�t it?�
      �Yes.� Raxl glances back at the bed. �And here�s the document.� She says
      picking it up and looking at Cort, �Where�s Miss Susan?� �I don�t know.� Raxl
      walks up to him. �But you did speak to her.� Cort steps away. �She said she
      wanted to hide from her enemies.�

      �Did she seem strange in any way?� Cort turns towards her. �She said she
      was free now for the first time in centuries. I don�t know what she said; I
      couldn�t understand what she was talking about.� Raxl steps closer to Cort.
      �These enemies, did she say who they were?� �She just said that they are
      all around us. In the corridors, everywhere watching for us.� Cort says as
      he looks at Raxl. �Did she name them?� �She mentioned someone by the name
      of Philippe.� �What did she say about him?� �She said he wasn�t an enemy.
      That he was going to protect her from them.� �And then she left?� Raxl
      asks. �No I went to the corridor to see if anyone was there and when I
      turned around she was gone.� Cort says as he walks to the door then turns
      and faces Raxl. �But she couldn�t have.� Raxl says stepping across the
      room. �I tell you she was. I don�t know where she went!� Raxl walks to him
      and touches his arm. �Search for her. She cannot wander around the corridors
      of this house in her condition.� �Raxl what�s wrong with her?� �Find her,
      we will talk later. Go to the secret room, she may be there.�

      Cort nods to Raxl then walks from the room. �The box.� Raxl says to herself
      as she looks around the room. �The box it�s gone! She must have taken it
      with her.� Raxl says then looks away.

      Susan stands in front of the skeleton in the secret room. �Oh Philippe the
      years of our separation are coming to an end. We will be face to face again
      as we were promised.� Susan turns. �But you must help me. I don�t know how
      to come to you. Guide my hand, lift my spirit to you. Don�t keep me waiting
      any longer. I welcome you, I welcome death. I embrace my fate.� The door
      begins to open. Susan turns towards it. �Philippe? I am waiting.� �Susan
      are you in there?� Cort calls out. Susan disappears as Cort enters the room
      carrying a candle. �Susan?�

      Philip sits on the couch as he hears the church bells ringing and glances

      �What is it?� Julian asks. �Those bells again.� �They are ringing out your
      destiny.� Julian tells him as his vision blurs. Philippe is sitting in a
      chair glancing up. �What is it my son?� Monsieur La'Combe asks. �Those
      bells again.� �Do you fear judgment?� �No I fear death but not judgment. I
      don�t want to die and I don�t want to leave Susanne.� �Then tell the truth.
      It�s not too late.� �Grand pe�re La�Combe shall I purchase my happiness at
      the price of your name.� Philippe says as he stands and looks at his
      grandfather. �It is your name as well.� �You and I know better than that
      Monsieur La�Combe. I am not a Des Mondes. I am the son of the King.� �I
      don�t want to hear it.� Monsieur La�Combe says as he turns away from
      Philippe. �You see it is to be better to be known as the son of a demon
      witch rather then the bustard son of the King.� Philippe says as he sits
      back down. �Jacques knows doesn�t he?� �Forgive my brother Monsieur
      La'Combe it�s not an easy life to be the older brother of the mysterious
      favorite of the King. Oh if Jacques has chosen to forget my illegitimacy by
      embracing corruption it�s my fault.� La'Combe turns back towards Philippe.
      �Your�s?� He asks holding the top of Philippe's chair. �For being what I
      am, who I am. My life has been a penance from my birth. I didn�t realize
      that it is Jacques who is being punished not I.� �Is that why you do not
      deny his accusations?� �His accusations save me by giving me a martyr�s
      death.� Philippe says as his vision blurs. �What is it?� Julian asks
      Philip. �Those bells again.� �They are ringing out your destiny.� Julian
      says as he looks at Jacques� portrait. Philip stands and walks to the
      window and glances up at the sky. �Don�t keep looking at the sky. Your star
      will not return.� Julian says as he stands behind Philip. Philip turns
      towards Julian. �There were two stars there earlier tonight.� �The other
      one was Susan�s. Her part in our lives is finished. You cannot change that.�
      �But she lies upstairs dead!� �Does she?� Philip glances at the door.
      Julian turns and sees Raxl standing in the doorway. In her hands are the
      document and the book. �Where did you get those?� Philip asks. �From Miss
      Susan�s room.� �Did she see you?� Philip asks her. �She�s not there. She�s
      gone and she left these behind.� Raxl says as she walks into the room to the
      desk and sets the book and document down. �She can�t be gone! She�s got to
      be there!� �Go and see for yourself.� Raxl tells him. Philip glances at
      Raxl then walks from the room. Raxl turns to Julian. �The girl is gone.� �She
      waited of this moment for so long and now she cannot face it.� �But we
      cannot continue without her.� Raxl says to him. �We must try. Give me the
      document.� Julian tells Raxl. Raxl walks to the desk and pick up the
      document and carries it to him. Julian takes it and turns towards Jacques�
      portrait. He walks up and holds it next to the mantel. �Look upon this
      covenant sealed by your mark. Look upon it and restore it.�

      Philip stands at the window in Susan�s room looking at the sky when Cort
      walks into the room. �What are you doing here?� Cort asks Philip. Philip
      turns and looks at Cort. �Where is she?� �She�s disappeared.� �What do you
      mean?� Philip asks. �I came in and found her unconscious on the bed, she
      had fainted.� �Is that what she told you?� Philip asks as he walks across
      the room. �No she said she was reading then everything went black.� Philip
      turns and looks at Cort. �Then she is not dead.� �Of course she isn�t. Wait
      a minute she said the same thing.� �What did she say?� Philip asks as he
      steps closer to Cort. �She said she was ready to die, eager to die but she
      was cheated again.� �And you let her leave after saying that!� Philip says
      grabbing Cort by the arm. �I went into the hallway to see if anyone was
      there and when I had turned around she had vanished.� �Why!� �Because she
      said she wanted to hide from her enemies.�

      Philip shoves Cort away and turns away. �From me. Oh poor Susan.� He says as
      he walks across the room. �No not from you but she mentioned you.� Cort
      says from the back end of Susan�s bed where he had fallen. Philip walks
      back towards Cort. �What did she say?� Cort stands and walks closer to
      Philip. �I think it was you, she called you Philippe. Is that you?� �No, no
      it can�t be!� Philip says as he walks away from Cort. �She said it wasn�t
      you.� Cort says as he looks at him. �I just had to find out if I could
      believe her.� Philip turns and sits on the window seat. �Why wouldn�t you
      believe her?� Cort walks across the room and sits next to Philip. �She said
      some fellow named Philippe was going to save her from her enemies.� Philip
      stares at the floor. �What�s the matter?� Cort asks him.

      Philip looks at Cort. �We�ve got to find her!� �I told her she would be
      safe in the tower room. She�s not there.� �Are you sure?� Philip asks as he
      turns towards Cort. �I�ve looked all over for her.� Cort stands. �I can�t
      find her anywhere!� Cort stands and starts to walks away. �Cort just a
      minute.� Philip calls as he comes to his feet. �Did she have the book and
      the document with her?� �No Raxl came up and got them.� Philip turns away.
      �Then Raxl does know she disappeared.� �Yes, yes I told her the same
      story.� �She never told me anything about it. Why did she want to keep it a
      secret from me?�

      Julian faces Raxl. �And there was no sign of the snuffbox? Julian asks. �None
      I looked throughout the room.� Raxl says then turns away. �Only the book and
      the document remained.� �Then she still has it. Is that possible?� Julian
      says to Raxl.

      �But if she had it with her she could not resist being by our side.� Philip
      stands outside the door of the Drawing room and listens to Raxl and Julian�s
      conversation. In his hand is the small box. �May I have the box please?�
      Susan says to him from the staircase. �It belongs to me.� Philip glances up
      at her. �Susan then you�re not dead after all.� �You know that better than
      I do. You should have killed me. That�s why you were sent to mer.� Philip
      steps closer to Susan. She reaches out for the box, Philip hands it to her.
      Susan glances at the box then at Philip. �You can have it back later if you
      still want it.� Philip backs away as Susan disappears. �Susan! Susan come
      back!� Philip cries out rushing towards the stairs. Julian and Raxl walk
      out of the Drawing Room. �What�s going on out here?� Julian asks. Raxl
      looks at Julian as Philip looks at them then back at the staircase.

      Summary by Debby Graham & Slideshow by Ron Janick

      Ron and The Boston Babes:
      Bella & Daisy

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