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  • Curt
    Nov 1, 2009
      That's a very reasonable speculation, and I wish the situation were that simple, but I'm afraid it's not the case. If you view those episodes late in the run of the series, Harding Lemay was pretty scrupulous about beginning each episode with a recap of the final scene from the previous installment (to pull the audience back into the action). In the current syndication package, there is very discernibly a gap in the slot for #171. In fact, each time Drive-In Classics reached that point in the rotation, they aired an episode out of sequence from several weeks earlier in the run. But then when they picked up the next day with #172, the opener did not match up with the end of #170, and characters make references to events that occurred after #170, but prior to #172. So #171 is definitely not just a skipped number in the sequence. A piece of story belongs there, but it is missing from the syndication package (at least, in so far as Drive-In Classics presented it). To further confuse matters, a print bearing slate marker #171 was recovered last year, but it appears to be the same episode which D-IC aired as #170, so there is still a break in the storyline between it and #172. So Episode #171 is a tremendous mystery in several respects. Perhaps someday we'll find out more about the "lost" episode, but for the moment we're still in the dark.
      P.S. You are correct in thinking that an installment of STRANGE PARADISE was preempted though. According to www.strangeparadise.net, the CBC did not air the show on Christmas Day of 1969. But this would have been months earlier than Episode 171 (around Episode 48 or so).

      --- In strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com, sprules_1999 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > This may have been talked about on here before, but I've been thinking about the so-called "lost episode." I know that "Dark Shadows" would skip episode numbers if there was a preemption of some sort (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.). That's why "Dark Shadows" last episode is numbered #1245, when in fact there were only 1225 episodes produced (there were 20 preemptions during the series' run). Is it possible that there were only 194 episodes produced of SP, with a number being skipped somewhere along the way? Just a thought. Any ideas?
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