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  • Jonathan
    Oct 1, 2009
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      I have news for everybody... SCREAM is now DUSK...
      Just thought everybody should know...
      Jonathan Michael Reiter
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      From: Curt
      To: strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 8:35 PM
      Subject: Re: [Strange Paradise] SP and SkaryGuyVideo.com

      Well, I'm sure that the set we orchestrated isn't the only batch of STRANGE PARADISE episodes recorded from Drive-In Classics (particularly as they wound up running the show for several years). However, ours is the only set that I can verify captured every single episode available thru DI-C's broadcasts, and recorded them in their proper sequence. The actual recording was done by a very kind video collector up in Ontario named Chris Brown. Oddly, he hates STRANGE PARADISE, but he was fabulously diligent about recording every installment of the series in exchange for a DVD recorder I sent him. We all owe him a huge debt of gratitude, as the set would have never come into existence without his hard work. I'm sorry to hear that some of the episodes have a greenish tinge on the completed DVD set. That may be a flaw in the broadcast masters, but it may also be an anomaly of the recording as the commercials were being removed from the set. I believe some color correction was done to try to tweak some of DI-C's more washed out prints, and that greenish hue in the darks could be a by-product. Oh well, perhaps some day Chiller or Scream or some other channel will air the series again, and we can do a comparison to see how the masters are holding up. We can certainly hope.

      --- In strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com, kathryn de roet <benegesseritwhore@...> wrote:
      > You're kidding! You guys put this collection together originally? I had no idea, seriously. I just sort of 'found' the guy by netsurfing. Wow! I'm a little blown away...
      > --- On Tue, 9/29/09, Curt <strangeparadiselibrary@...> wrote:
      > From: Curt <strangeparadiselibrary@...>
      > Subject: [Strange Paradise] SP and SkaryGuyVideo.com
      > To: strangeparadise2@yahoogroups.com
      > Received: Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 8:09 PM
      > Thanks for mentioning SkaryGuyVideo, Kathryn, as that brings up a subject I've been meaning to mention. Let me start by saying that I'm glad that there is ANYONE that Strange Paradise fans can turn to for copies of episodes, and I understand that when a series remains commercially unavailable the only way fans can acquire recordings is thru "grey market" sources. Having said that, I find it a bit galling that SkaryGuy is making money off the hard work done by various members of our own group. I have no idea who actually runs SkaryGuyVideo, but he has developed a small business selling video recorded from television broadcasts, and his Strange Paradise set is nothing but a duplicate of a 39-disk set put together by members of this Yahoo group.
      > Without wishing to belabor the point, this community went thru a lot of effort (and no small expense), to make sure that digital recordings of the Drive-In Classics broadcasts were archived, to replace the old multi-generational vhs copies which had previously been floating around. I'm aware of three people in particular who channeled resources into getting a DVD recorder sent to Canada, spending countless hours editing commercials from recordings, and locating a few snippets of footage left out of the Drive-In Classics broadcasts to restore to the set. As a fan group, we're very lucky that this much effort has been put into preserving our beloved series.
      > So, I'm personally of two minds about the recordings available from
      > SkaryGuyVideo. I hate to see someone who did none of the preservation work actually turning a profit simply by sticking a disk in a duplicator and hitting Record. However, I also realize that the ultimate goal in archiving the recordings was to get them out to the fans, and someone has to distribute them. And since we're talking about copyrighted material, that can be a ticklish issue. If SkaryGuy is willing to stick his neck out, and his prices aren't too exorbitant, perhaps he is the best option in the current situation. But the thought of it still stings. Do enough of us have DVD duplicating capabilities these days to do an old fashioned "recording tree" distribution system so that we could all get copies of the set without putting money into the pockets of a video pirate?

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