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Composition Wizard

Does anyone know if there are other wizard styles (*.swz) out there on the net? As a registered user I've download all the ones from Arturia. Except for 'hard
Oct 9, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] Digest Number 118

Rob, 1) No one really uses the hall - in over 2 years I have never seen any activity there (which isn't really their fault) 2) Arturia technical support for
Larry Briley
May 30, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] Storm Hall

Rob, Unfortunately the 'Storm Hall' is pretty much a bust....occassionally someone will pose a question, such as you have, but entries into the Hall are
May 30, 2005

Saving rewire configuration

Hi When I'm working with Storm rewired I can not save the channels configuration so I have to do it everytime I open my project. Is it like supposed to be
May 30, 2005

Storm Hall

I have been trieing to log onto the storm hall for tips and tricks and news file share etc.. I can connect but their appear to be no information. can enybody
May 30, 2005

Rewire issue

Hi I'm working in a project using Storm3 rewired with Cubase SX (Cubase is the mixer) and, everytime I open my Storm song I need to go to Settings/Audio
May 18, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] New Storm user

Many thanks for your replies. Better late than never :-) jamie barnhart gave me one solution but that is a strange way to work. Is there any Storm wishlist? I
May 18, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] New Storm user

One could save the pattern as a song making importing impossible but then again does one start with rythym, harmony or melody? you'd have to start with your
Kevin Bantz
May 2, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] New Storm user

I'm not quite shure what you mean w/saving new hork patterns. if you are trying to create new patterns for one song just choose a pattern number, hit clear,
jamie barnhart
May 2, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] New Storm user

Well....I'm Storm 2 and have a Mac....but oh well....now what was the original question? I'll try to help if I can....as you can probably tell this list is
Apr 29, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] New Storm user

Sorry, forgot to mention it... Storm 3, PC ______________________________________________ Rui Barata Quality Engineering Tel. +351 241 899 800 - Fax. +351
Apr 27, 2005

Re: [Storm Users] New Storm user

Which Storm are you using and what platform? vid
Apr 27, 2005

New Storm user

Hi I'm new to this group and a new Storm user also. I need help in creating new Hork patterns and save them. I run the help but could not find any answer. How
Apr 27, 2005

Questions about Storm 3 for Mac

Howdy I saw Storm 3.0 in my local Guitar Center flyer for $119 with a free MIDI controller (after rebate) which sounds like a good deal to me. Before I take
Neil I.
Feb 24, 2005

Re: Hey !

Yes, or it would be nice if they even had their forums setup. I'm also suggesting that Arturia develop a standalone Hall in their feedback poll, as I don't
Jan 12, 2005
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