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67Re: [DEV] STOOKE family in Dawlish

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  • Steve Hayes
    Jun 13, 2014
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      On 13 Jun 2014 at 8:44, Chris Whitehead wrote:

      > I was in the DRO yesterday & had some time to spare, so looked up some of
      > Stookes events in Dawlish
      > Marriages:
      > 28th Oct 1771 James Stooke of Dawlish, Woolcomber married Mary Bargeron of
      > this parish
      > after banns on 6th,13th & 20th Oct.

      Thanks very much for this, and for all the other details you sent.

      > 18th Jan 1790 John Stocke witnessed the marriage of Thomas Gale to
      > Elizabeth Gale
      > & slightly after your timeframe
      > 5th Apr 1791 George Stooke witnessed the marriage of William Bond to Ann
      > Gilpin 31st Jul 1791 George Stooke witnessed the marriage of William Spear
      > to Sarah Mole 9th Jul 1794 Thomas Stooke witnessed the marriage of John
      > Baker to Elizabeth Hunt 29th Jul 1800 James Cook of this parish married
      > Grace Stooke of this parish spinster
      > after banns on 22nd & 29th Jun & 6th Jul.
      > (The clerk mucked this one up. He started writing it on one page with
      > a date of 2nd July,
      > realised his mistake half way through, and had to enter it in the
      > next page)
      > Baptisms 1780-1790
      > William son Edward & Mary Stook born 5th Sep 1782 bap 22nd Sep
      > 1782 Henry son Richard & Ann Stokes born 23rd Aug 1783 bap 20th
      > Sep 1783 John son James & Mary Stookes born 16th Nov 1784 bap 5th
      > Dec 1784 John son Elizabeth Stooke born 8th Dec 1784 bap 9th Jan
      > 1785 "a base child" Grace dau Edward & Mary Stooke born 24th May 1785
      > bap 12th Jun 1785 William son James & Mary Stooke born 10th Apr
      > 1787 bap 29th Apr 1787 Susanna dau James & Mary Stooke born 30th
      > Aug 1788 bap 14th Sep 1788

      One of the questions we had concerned the two Williams.

      A William STOOKE in Bristol gave his birthplace as Dawlish in the 1851
      census. Some researchers assumed that he was the son of James and Mary
      Stooke, but that appears to be wrong, since that child seems to have died in

      A more likely candidate seems to be William, son of Edward and Mary, born in

      The other question, which is more tricky to resolve, is the origin of James
      and Edward STOOKE of Dawlish.

      Both appear to have been woolcombers, and some researchers think they may
      have been children of Edward STOOKE and Elizabeth DINGLEY of Trusham.

      Edward Stooke bap 4 Feb 1732
      James Stooke bap 28 Jun 1742
      both at Trusham

      another theory, concerning James, at least, is that he was the son of James
      STOOKE and Catherine PAINTER, who were married in Dawlish in 1741. There is
      no record of their having a child named James, so the theory is based solely
      on the name of the supposed father being James, and that they must have had a
      son named after him.

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