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52Re: [stooke] Various Trusham data

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  • Steve Hayes
    Mar 23, 2014
      On 23 Mar 2014 at 16:43, beavis.history@... wrote:

      > It is evident from the HayStook.pdf and the Hayes tree on TribalPages that the
      > Stooke family originated from the parish of Ashton before arriving in the
      > adjacent parish of Trusham, while remaining in Ashton and other nearby
      > parishes. The Trusham Family History webpage has a listing of Trusham
      > baptisms between 1559 and 1703 with a first occurrence of Stooke (Willm, son
      > of John) in 1619. http://www.trusham.com/Census data/Census menu.htm

      That link didn't work for me. Will look more closely later.

      My Stookes certainly originated in Ashton, as the earliest ones were all
      there. But I haven't been able to find connections with Widecombe and
      Christow ones, even though the latter were quite close.

      Here is a list of Ashton Stooke baptisms:

      Stooke, John Bapt: 3-Aug-1592
      Stooke, Mary Bapt: 16-Sep-1686
      Stooke, John Bapt: 27-Dec-1687
      Stooke, William Bapt: 23-Feb-1692,
      1691/2 OS
      Stooke, Ann Bapt: 22-Apr-1729
      Stooke, George Bapt: 18-Mar-1733
      Stooke, Mary Bapt: 18-Jul-1733
      Stooke, Thomas Bapt: 28-Dec-1734
      Stooke, James Bapt: 22-Sep-1736
      Stooke, Elizabeth Bapt: 31-Mar-1738
      Stooke, James Bapt: 2-Feb-1740,
      1739/40 OS
      Stooke, Thomas Bapt: 19-Oct-1742
      Stooke, George Bapt: 2-Feb-1745,
      1744/5 OS
      Stooke, Martha Bapt: 12-Dec-1746
      Stooke, Francis Bapt: 6-Oct-1748
      Stooke, Grace Bapt: 12-Jun-1750
      Stooke, Thomas Bapt: 1-Oct-1767
      Stooke, Elizabeth Bapt: 14-May-1769
      Stooke, James Bapt: 1-Mar-1771
      Stooke, Mary Bapt: 30-Dec-1773
      Stooke, John Bapt: Nov-1774
      Stooke, Thomas Bapt: 3-Aug-1775
      Stooke, John Bapt: 8-Jun-1777
      Stooke, Francis Bapt: 31-Jan-1786
      Stooke, Simon Smallridge Bapt: 4-May-1788
      Stooke, Edmund Bapt: 24-Oct-1790
      Stooke, George Bapt: 7-Apr-1793
      Stooke, Ann Bapt: 29-Sep-1795

      > Steve: That list of Trusham baptisms does not include the Edward Stooke born
      > 1701, son of Edward Stooke and Mary Furlong, who married Elizabeth Dingley.
      > Presumably he was born and baptised at Ashton like his siblings, but died at
      > Trusham.

      I'll need to check that further.

      > According to the 1838 Tithe Apportionment Records on the same page, a John
      > Stooke was tenant of Priston farm (allegedly occupied in 1645 by the "old John
      > Stooke" in the Bag of Gold story) while a Thomas Stooke was tenant of
      > Vinnicombe's Farm and owner of other land. The census details on the same
      > page suggest the Stooke family were no longer resident in Trusham by 1861.

      I think that because many of them lived between Ashton and Trusham they may
      have taken their kids to be baptised in either place, as the mood took them.

      > I have not, however, made any connection between the Stooke of Trusham and the
      > Stook/Stooke/Stuke of Bovey Tracey and Lustleigh, nor made any progess with
      > the origins of (my) Joseph Stooke who married Jane Crediford (parents of
      > William Stook who married Charlotte Drake).

      I've found some Stookes in Bovey Tracey, but none that connect to those.

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