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46Descendant of William Stooke, York House, Clifton, Bristol

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  • Marilyn Boden
    Mar 2, 2014
      Hello everyone,

      I’m the latest member to join your group, researching the Stooke family history.

      I’m Marilyn Boden, nee Stooke, and have traced my ancestors back to William Stooke of Clifton in Bristol. My father was Richard Berrett Stooke, 1916 - 1981. Dad was the second son of Frederick Arthur Stooke, 1879 - 1947. Fred was a chemist/pharmacist and practised under the name of Bevan and Stooke, Harwich.

      Fred was the eldest son of Arthur Stooke, 1847-1927. who was a chemist Assistant. Arthur was born in Limehouse, London and died in Romford. He married Emma Willett Worley.

      Arthur was the 4th son of Charles William Stooke, 1815-1897. Other sons included Charles Preece Stooke, William Henry Stooke, George Edward Stooke and Frederick Stooke.

      I have started from a nil base, as I never knew my grandparents or anything about dad’s family history, so can offer little in the way of family photos before Fred Stooke.

      I have traced my Stookes back using Ancestry, via census, BMD etc. Never knew so many Stooke’s existed!!

      Keep researching!

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