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45Re: [stooke] The Stookes from Milverton, Bristol and Stamford

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  • Camilla Brandal
    Feb 24, 2014
      Hi Steve
      The Stookes at Halse in Somerset are "my" Stookes - they are also listed at Milverton - which is the next village over.
      and I have just discovered another 20 Stookes connected with Henry (who we thought only had 2 children but actually had 5).....

      On Saturday, February 22, 2014 8:48 AM, Steve Hayes <hayesstw@...> wrote:
      On 18 Feb 2014 at 2:02, Camilla Brandal wrote:

      > My name is Camilla Brandal and my granny was a Stooke so I have a whole new
      > branch of the Stookes for you from Milverton in Somerset which goes like
      > this:-
      > Robert Stook married Sarah Appledore in 1772 - he was a shepherd and awarded a
      > prize of 2 sovereigns for completing a continuous 50 years of service for his
      > employer. They had John Stook - who was a shoemaker. John (born 1816) then
      > married Jane Stook (b1814) and had 7 children. They changed their name from
      > Stook to Stooke.

      Thanks very much for that.

      I've just managed to collect a lot of information on my Somerset Stooke
      family -- they were from Ashton in Devon, and settled at Chaffcombe in
      Somerset in about 1810. By the end of the century most of them were spelling
      the sname "Stooks".

      I've also noticed a Stooke family at Halse in Somerset, but haven't really
      investigated them -- any connections with yours?

      Steve Hayes
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