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  • Kathy Riley
    Feb 19, 2014
      Hellio Martin,
      Thank you for the research and information.  It is interesting that the three brothers were all accountants.  My father was an accountant as well.  And when his father died in the influenza epidemic in 1917, his wife, my grandmother, worked as a book keeper in order to raise my father (only 2 at the time) and his two sisters.  I guess the number genes got passed on.  I wish I had been more interested in genealogy in the past as I had several business trips to Bristol while working for Hewlett Packard.
      I will pass this information on to my sister who will be quite interested as well.  We are aware of the Canadian branch of the family and of the Tennessee links.  My grandfather was born in Tennessee but died in San Diego, CA.  
      Thank you so much,
      Kathryn Stooke Riley
      Palo Alto, CA


      From: beavis.history@...
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      Subject: Charles WilliamStooke et al
      Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 20:22:58 +0000

      Hello Kathy and welcome!
      Thank you for telling us about your Bristol-born Charles Williaa m Stooke who we had not previously encountered but a little research reveals him to be the second son of the Bristol hotel keeper William Stooke who has already been discussed within this group - but be aware that my previous posting about him was incomplete and will soon be updated.
      In the meantime, I think this is what you are looking for ...
      ANCESTRY - England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906
      Name:     Charles Stokes
      Christening Date:     1 Oct 1815     Christening Place:     Clifton, Gloucestershire, England
      Father's Name:     William Stokes   Mother's name:     Susan
      STOOKE mistranscribed as STOKES, Susan also known elsewhere as Susanna(h), born Preece in Shrewsbury.
      I do not find any reliable record that Charles’ wife Mary Richards had the middle name Florence, but I do find just Mary Richards in three baptismal records:
      Shropshire Parish Records, Atcham BAPTISMS
      June 28 1812 . Mary, d. of John & Maria Richards, of Chilton
      FamilySearch  England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
      Mary Richards  christening 28 June 1812, Atcham, Shropshire, England, father John Richards, mother Maria
      Ancestry  Shropshire, England, Extracted Parish Records
      28 Jun 1812 Mary, d. of John & Maria Richards, of Chilton.
      Baptisms  Shropshire: Leighton, Atcham - Parish Registers, Lichfield Diocese
      Interesting that Mary Richards was born near Shrewsbury, as was her mother-in-law Susanna Preece.  Possibly a marriage of cousins?  But no time to chase that now.
      Health warning: The name Mary Florence Richards appears in several Ancestry user-submitted family trees, only once with a specific birth/baptismal date and always unsourced, so probably one person's error has been copied and pasted.  Some of those trees also have the hotel-keeping father William Stooke married to the wrong Susanna Cox.
      Charles William STOOKE left the family home in Bristol and moved to London, so let’s follow him and some of his family
      Ancestry: London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
      Name:     Charles Stooke   [Accountant]
      Spouse Name:     Mary Richards
      Record Type:     Marriage
      Event Date:     21 May 1840
      Parish:     Limehouse St Anne
      Borough:     Tower Hamlets
      Father Name: William Stooke [Hotel keeper]
      Spouse Father: John Richards [dead]
      Register Type: Parish Register
      Witnesses George Stooke [brother], Charles ????
      Married by License
      Two of Charles' brothers, William Jr and George, were also Accountants in Bristol (before William Jr  took over William Sr's hotel).
      Ancestry 1841 census: Charles William and Mary Stooke living in Hackney, London, with three children:
      Charles Stook     30
      Mary Stook     30
      James Stook     11
      Mary Stook     3
      Charles Stook     10 months
      The actual census image is too faint to read.  The family name was transcribed as STOOK but someone has anonymously "corrected" that to STOCK.  Adult ages were rounded down in 1841 to the nearest multiple of 5 so age "30" is not reliable.
      Births Q2 1841   Stooke     Charles Preece    Stepney
      Preece was his grandmother's maiden name
      Births Q2 1843   Stooke     William Henry     Stepney
      Births Q3 1845   Stooke     George Edward     Stepney
      Ancestry 1851 census: Charles William and Mary Stooke and family living in Stepney, London
      Charles Stocke 35 Clerk to Mercantile firm, born Clifton, Bristol
      Mary Stocke     38 born Chilton(?), Shrewsbury
      Charles Paul Stocke     10
      William Henry Stocke     8
      George Edward Stocke     6
      Arthur Stocke     4
      Frederick Stocke     1
      Mary Daskal     17 Servant
      Transcribed as STOCKE but image looks more like STOOKE
      Obviously Preece, not Paul
      Chilton, hamlet in parish of Atcham
      Ancestry 1861: Bow St Mary, London
      Charles Stooke 45 Census clerk, born Clifton, Bristol
      Mary Stooke     48 born Chilton(?), Shrewsbury
      Chas P Stooke     19 Clerk Bank of England, born London
      Arthur Stooke     13
      Fredk Stooke     11
      Mary Ann Brich 19 Servant
      FreeBMD  Marriages Q4 1865  Hackney  STOOKE Charles Preece & CORNEY Elizabeth Thirza
      Ancestry 1871: Stratford le Bow, London
      Charles Stooke 55 Clerk to East India Merchant, born Clifton, Glos
      Mary Stooke     58 born Chilton, Salop
      Elizabeth S Springall 19 Servant
      Ancestry 1881: Deptford St Paul, London
      Charles P. Stooke     39 head, Clerk Bank of England, born Limehouse, London
      Elizabeth Stooke     41 wife, born Whitechapel, London
      Herbert S. Stooke     13
      Anne M. Stooke     11
      Charles Stooke 65 Clerk
      Mary Stooke     68
      Mary A. Thwaites 18 Servant
      FreeBMD  Deaths Q2 1889   Stooke  Charles Preece  48  Greenwich
      Died quite young, before both of his parents
      FreeBMD  Deaths Q4 1890   Stooke  Mary    77  Greenwich  (the mother)
      Ancestry 1891: Deptford St Paul, London
      Charles Stooke     75 head, widr, R[etired] Clerk to East India Merchants, born Clifton, Bristol
      Frederick Stooke     41 son, Drapery Manager at a Stores, born Stepney, London
      Florence E Phillips 18 Servant
      FreeBMD  Deaths Q2 1897  Stooke  Charles  81     Greenwich  (the father)
      That seems an appropriate point at which to draw a line below the London family.  I did not pursue the two brothers William Henry and George Edward beyond the 1851 census, but did stumble upon both in North America, so you might like to view some of those Ancestry trees I mentioned earlier.  One of them (Alison Lee SPOONER, Owner: sherrioliver1) has the marriage of William Henry Stooke to Hannah Maria Wheeler in Hackney, London, in 1870, his death in Dallas ca 1882, and hers in Victoria, BC, Canada in 1928, plus various descendants born Victoria or Tennessee.  Another trees (Webb Family Tree, Owner: lkb1068b) has descendants of George Edward Stooke who also emigrated to the US and settled in Tennessee, so perhaps the two brothers emigrated there together.  And there are details of UK descendants.  If you don't have access to Ancestry at home or public library, you can reach those same trees by searching for Mary Florence Richards on Mundia - not the most user-friendly interface but it's free.  But, as always, do be cautious of unsourced records!
      The rest, as they say, is history, which you presumably know all about.  There is, of course, always pre-history, which is why we are researching the origins of William Stooke, the hotel keeper, but that will be another posting.
      Thanks for giving me an engrossing afternoon!
      Kind regards
      Martin Beavis
      Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 1:31 PM
      Subject: RE: [stooke] Stooke-Beavis links
      I have traced my Stooke links to:


      Charles William Stooke1 was born on 1 October 1815 in Clifton, Gloucester, England.

      Charles died in 1897 in London, England.


      On 21 May 1840 he married Mary Florence Richards in England. She was born about 1813 in

      Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.
      The son of Charles William Stooke, William Henry Stooke, migrated to America.  William Henry's son was Charles W. Stooke, my grandfather.  And my father was Charles Wesley Stooke.
      Can anybody help me take my ancestry farther back into my English roots or give me more background about who Charles William Stooke was?
      Thanks and regards,
      Kathryn Stooke Riley
      (an American cousin)

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