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5532Mill Of Stonehaven

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  • Margie Pearson
    Dec 30, 2005
      In the early 1700s (1721-1740), if a person listed
      Mill of Stonehaven as his address, did this mean
      that he worked there as a miller or was a tenant?
      There were other families who listed the Mill of
      Stonehaven as their address about this same period.

      Would a person who had several wives be inclined to
      name a child from a later marriage the name of a
      living child from an earlier marriage?

      Would it be likely for a male to become a fisherman
      after living at the Mill of Stonehaven? I believe
      that this particular individual may have been a
      sailor prior to his living at the Mill of Stonehaven.
      Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly

      These questions all pertain to the period 1721-1740,
      and in the general area of Stonehaven.