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  • Ray Hennessy
    Dec 14, 2005
      I think the middle name is could be either of the
      MOTHER's or GRANDMOTHER's maiden names.
      In other words the baby is given one of the maternal
      Grandparents' surnames as a middle name. Less
      frequently it is the paternal Grandmother's.

      My wife's middle name is GRAY which was her
      maternal grandmother's maiden name. This habit
      was common in the Longside area of north east
      Aberdeenshire and tended to run in families.

      Sometimes, a middle name could indicate the child
      was born out of wedlock and the father's name was
      put there, for the record!

      There are, of course, many other reasons for putting
      a middle name in. Forenames would usually be to
      respect an important member of the family who
      otherwise might not get such an accolade [e.g. a
      younger sibling of the parent/grandparent]

      If the middle name is an obvious surname, it can be:
      an ancestor [as above]
      a distant important relative [hope of inheritance?]
      a best friend - usually the father's friend
      an employer or primary tenant of the farm
      a local worthy, e.g the Doctor, Minister, Dominie.
      [in one case the Minister's son's name in full]
      the Laird
      a national figure [we've "Rutherford" but know not why!]
      a Parish or locality name [often for foundlings]

      To sum up, it may be significant and is worth looking
      for in previous generations. However, it may not have
      direct significance so treat with caution!

      Best wishes

      Ray Hennessy

      ---Original Message---


      If she has a middle name in Scotland it was very
      often the Maiden Name. Do try that.

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