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Re: Stone Family of Old Bute-Halifax and Franklin Counties North Carolina

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  • BillJ
    ... It has been nearly a year or longer since I wrote the upper portion of this subject matter. Since then I have found that Bute County was actually formed
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 19, 2010
      --- In stonefamilyhistory@yahoogroups.com, "BillJ" <cheap_papa3000@...> wrote:
      > All has become a lot clearer and more evident in the research of
      > William Stone, Sr. of Bute County, Halifax District of North Carolina in the year 1754 to 1780. He was born to William Stone and his second wife, Elizabeth Roberson-Stone of Amelia county, Virginia in 1734. He was the tenth child of William Stone and the seventh child of Elizabeth
      > Roberson-Stone. William Stone of Amelia county was first married to Elizabeth Dennett-Stone who born three children before her death in 1717.
      > Evidence of the birth of an illegitimate son fathered by William Stone, Sr. by Mary Green of Amelia county, Virginia exist. It appears that Mary Green was the sister of Henry Green who was married to William Stone's, Sr.'s sister, Lucy Stone. Mary named the child William and gave him her last name. It is apparent that because of the scrutiny of the religious minded people that Mary would relinquish the child to it's father.
      > William was about the age of 21 years when his son William Green was born and fled to North Carolina following his brother Phillip who had moved and settled in the Johnston county area. Phillip would later move on down into the Spartanburg-Greenville area of South Carolina. William after coming to North Carolina possibly with Mary would meet Alicia Hurst, daughter of John and Mary Hardey-Hurst of Duplin county, North Carolina. They would marry and it is apparent that baby William Green was to be raised by Alicia as her on. Mary may have died or even may have given up her son for some reason as stated above. Alice and William married about 1754 and by 1755 Alice gave birth to her first son they named Jonathan Stone. Born by the year 1757 was their daughter Mary no doubt named after Alice's mother, Mary Hardey-Hurst. Alice would die shortly after giving birth to Mary. William Stone, Sr. who we found out now was using the first of his name Johnould meet and marry Peggy Merritt of Bute-Halifax county. By the year 1760 Peggy would give birth to John's third son, John B. Stone. By the year 1763 John William Stone, Jr. was born. Another daughter was born between John and their last son, William Merritt Stone born in 1765. The "Last Will and Testament" of Phillip Hurst and Peggy Merritt's father help establish these facts.
      It has been nearly a year or longer since I wrote the upper portion
      of this subject matter. Since then I have found that Bute County was
      actually formed from a part of Granville County in 1764. In 1779 Bute
      County was formed into Franklin and Warren Counties and ceased to
      exist. Halifax County was formed from Edgecomb County in 1758. In 1774
      the southeastern part of Halifax County was combined with part of
      Tyrrell County to form Martin County. Edgecombe was formed from
      Bertie County in 1741. All this means that Capt. John Stone came into
      Edgecombe County sometime in the latter part of 1753. It was actually
      in Edgecombe County that he met and married Alice Hurst. It was in
      Edgecombe County they had their first two children, Jonathan Stone
      born in 1755 and Mary Stone born in 1757. It is more than likely
      that Alice died giving birth or shortly after the birth of Mary in
      1757 just one year before that section of Edgecombe County became Halifax County in 1758. This means that although having property in
      Bute County, Capt. John Stone lived in Halifax County until the year
      Franklin County was formed from Bute County. He therefore moved his
      family into the newly formed Franklin County by 1778/79.
      Capt. John William Stone was the son of William Henry Stone, Jr., that
      married Elizabeth Dennett from Rappahannock-Amelia County, Va.,.
      Capt. William Henry Stone, Sr. and his wife, Sarah(Howard)-Stone
      who lived on Totuskey Creek in Old Rappahannock County was Capt. John
      William Stone's grandfather. Col. John Stone who was married first to
      Mary Nelson and later to Sarah Wildley-Fleete-Walker was the father of
      Capt. William Henry Stone, Sr.,. Col. John Stone's father was George
      Stone, the immigrant to America from England to Jamestown Colony. He
      was married to Mary Vernon. George's parents were Thomas Stone and
      Elizabeth Lufkyn (Lufkin). Thomas had a brother name John Stone.
      John is the father and line of Gov. William Stone of Maryland so that
      Thomas is his uncle. Thomas and John's parents are Richard de Croston
      Stone and Isabelle Girdler. Richard's parents are William de Twist
      Stone and Elizabeth Bradley. William's parents are John Stone and
      Margery Cornwall. John's parents are David Atte Stone and Katherine
      (possibly=Cobb)- Stone. David's father is John Atte Stone, Sr.,.
      John Atte Stone, Sr. father is Walter Atte Stone II while his father
      is William Atte Stone I and his father is (Philip)Atte Stone II while
      Philip II's father was Walter Stone I and his father was Philip Stone
      born in 1265 in Great Bentley,Tendring,Essex,England. Much work and
      effort has gone into finding my line and I would like to thank all
      of those who worked with me on this project.
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