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Re: Thanks, Alphones and Jan Edward

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  • Keith Seddon
    A message for Kevin: The Discourses you got off the internet is, I think, the Elizabeth Carter version. The Manual, Handbook or Enchiridion is there somewhere
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 1999
      A message for Kevin:

      The Discourses you got off the internet is, I think, the Elizabeth Carter
      version. The Manual, Handbook or Enchiridion is there somewhere as well.

      I can recommend the extensive revision of the Carter version done by Robin
      Hard. It's in a cheap paperback edition. If you like cheap books, this is
      for you. If you prefer quality hardbacks that don't go brown in one week
      and fall apart in a fortnight you'll need a dose of Stoic patience. (This
      edition includes the Handbook.)

      THE DISCOURSES OF EPICTETUS, trans. Robin Hard
      Everyman, 1995, ISBN 0-460-87312-1

      If you want scholarly support for Epictetus, try

      EPICTETUS DISCOURSES BOOK 1, trans. Robert Dobbin
      OUP, 1998, ISBN 0-19-823664-6

      This is a quality hardback that is durable enough to last at least until
      you've figured out what Epictetus is saying, and what Dobbin is saying
      about it all in his commentary which is longer than the text he is
      commenting on. You don't so much read a book like this, but study it. It's
      taken me three months of get to Chapter 4 of Book 1, reading the
      commentaries as I go.

      For reading like a regular book, try:

      SENECA, Moral Letters to Lucilius. This is great.
      Penguin do an edition called LETTERS FROM A STOIC. It has about half the
      complete text. Seneca's aim is to apply Stoic moral doctrine directly to
      daily life. Not that Epictetus isn't doing the same thing. But Seneca wrote
      for someone reading him. Epictetus was written down by Arrian -- Heavens!
      wouldn't he have loved a ballpoint and a huge jotter pad! -- in the context
      of a talk following a lecture, and this material doesn't 'read' as well, I
      am inclined to think.

      Try Marcus Aurelius as well. Many editions. The Grube (?) that Jan has
      mentioned is very good (from Hackett).

      Once you've got some stuff under your belt, you may enjoy Long & Sedley's
      volume one of their THE HELLENISTIC PHILOSOPHERS. (Yes, Jan, this is
      Cambridge U. P.)

      Live with honour,


      > From: Kevin McGrane <kevinmcgrane@...>
      > To: stoics@onelist.com
      > Subject: [stoics] Thanks, Alphones and Jan Edward
      > Date: 29 March 1999 4.07.am
      > From: Kevin McGrane <kevinmcgrane@...>
      > Alphonse & Jan:
      > Thank you both for the response regarding my reading
      > list.
      > I do not know who translated my "Discourses", for I
      > got it off the net. http://www.classics.mit.edu
      > It's a treasure of Greek/Roman classics, but the
      > edition of the "Discourses" is rough.
      > I will have to depend on English translations. I
      > neither read nor write Greek. I can make my way
      > through French, Russian, and Latin, but so what?
      > I suppose that makes Seneca accessible... so long as
      > he didn't write in Greek.
      > I resently got a CD-ROM called Library of the Future.
      > It has about 5000 titles of "classics" for $25.00.
      > I'll search through that for matches to your lists.
      > In any event, thank you both for the directions. It
      > will keep me busy for a long time. I am a software
      > sales rep, married, 3 children ages 20, 12, & 9. My
      > wife has gone back to school and is about 20 hours
      > away from a BS in Biology. My point: we're a real
      > busy household. So, I can only hope to increase my
      > knowledge of stoicsm through personal reading.
      > Best regards,
      > Kevin
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